2019 Sizzle Reel – Fox and Friends – CNN – DR.OZ – GMA – Today Show

Cherie Corso Reel 2019 from Cherie Corso on Vimeo.

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Macelleria Italian Steakhouse-Pelham’s Sizzling New Spot for Fine Dining

Grand Opening with Mayor Chance Mullen and owner Anthony LaLa, models dressed in Re’Malhi
Photo credit Richard Derrick Sticks Holmes Deez Filmz
Celebrity guests Author Delvon Johnson & Singer songwriter Corey Andrew
Guests and staff had a blast!!

The heatwave did not stop Pelham’s most elite from coming out to celebrate the grand opening of one of the hottest new dining spots in town, Macelleria Italian Steakhouse. https://www.macelleria-pelham.com The event was packed wall to wall with the who’s who in Westchester County.  Even the Mayor of Pelham, Chance Mullen and his lovely wife made it out, despite the sweltering heat, to experience this prestigious event.

Photo credit Richard Derrick Sticks Holmes Deez Filmz

The red carpet, which was held in front of the new restaurant, consisted of a ribbon cutting ceremony which was hosted by the Mayor. Shortly after the ribbon cutting, the press swarmed the red carpet to get some candid shots of the event. “It was truly my pleasure to help Tony launch his beautiful steak house, I know he will be very successful, because he has the institutional knowledge and knows how to treat people well, I already feel like family. ” said Cherie Corso,http://cheriecorso.com media influencer and queen of experiential marketing known for sprinkling her glitz and glamour on a event that was just enough to make it a true success.  There were even models, and beauty queens wearing international designer Renuka Re’Malhi ,http://remalhi.com who took part of the fabulous event.   Cherie made sure the color schemes of the gowns worn by the models were red, gold and black, matched up to accent the colors of the establishment.

Photo credit Richard Derrick Sticks Holmes Deez Filmz

 In addition, celebrity author, stylist, producer, and tv personality and host of his own talk show Fashion Etc, Delvon Johnson http://www.delvonjohnson.com also took the crowd by storm in another stunning Renuka Malhi design. Johnson has his two novels currently on the market entitled, Love Yourself First, and Mirror Mirror, which takes you on a journey into the ups and downs of the fashion industry filled with drama.  Celebrity publicist and CEO of Labelleladiva Enterprises https://www.facebook.com/pg/LabelleladivaEnterprisesLLC/about/?ref=page_internal, Yvonne Forbes, who has worked with celebs including Mya Rudolph, Andrea Mayberry, and The Voice’s Christopher Weaver, graced the crowd with her presence, as did writer from Instinct Magazine, Corey Andewhttp://www.coreyandrew.com  Andew is also known as a Grammy voting member, vocalist, and a BMI songwriter that scored a Billboard hit, Dance Floor Emergency. As a media brand and social media influencer, the list goes on and on!. The red carpet was just about as hot as the weather was on this historic day in Pelham, NY.

Inside, the wait staff wasted no time making sure that guests were experiencing the top-quality food, drinks and service at Macelleria’s.  The delightful appetizers, made by Chef Joe Fusco,http:// @Chefjfusco included lamb chops, jumbo shrimp cocktail, Canadian bacon, crab cakes, and raw oysters with lemon wedges just to name a few.  Owner, Tony Lala, spared no expense when it came to the top shelf open bar and the wonderful array of food being served. “You no longer have to go to Peter Luger’s anymore, come to Macelleria!” he says, describing himself as a “meat master”, as Lala dry ages all of the steaks personally.

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Celebrity Star studded Art & Fashion Show sells Westchester Mansion!


Contract signed two days after Creative Marketing event, people experienced the property in real time and it created a buzz!
Finishing the day with live performance of new song “Fashion” Couturier Designer Re’Mahli
Red Carpet Step and Pose
Catherine Testorf creator of Insight Artspace, Cherie Corso, Montgomery Frazier , Madonna Williams owner Glamsense Diva Beauty Bar, Carol Pezone, Pop Star Aaron Paul, Myriam Spiral CEO Alhambra Lifestyle , artist Luciana Pampalone, Sona Davidian owner of Mc Clellan Sotheby’s Intl Realty, Chase Bank with
Paul Anthony Mantia designed this bathing suit model by Elaina Waldman
Luciana Pampalone, modeled gold robe by Alhambra photo by Maurice Pinzon


Celebrity couture Art & Fashion Show create a story around estate to sell property! 

Professional Model Julia Marie Corso

Pelham Manor, on Wednesday June 26, 2019. Pelham resident Cherie Corso, creative  Marketing guru  & Media Influencer, in collaboration Carol Pezone of Mc Clellan Sotheby’s Intl Realty, created a Manhattan style level show in a “for sale” gorgeous  Estate Property that was for sale in Pelham Manor NY  Good news 2 days after the event the contract was signed. 

The purpose of the show was to highlight the property bring new people to Pelham in a fun unique special way to create a realtime experience for people to envision themselves in the home and talk about it,  plus social network the experience to their friends with a  red carpet “step and pose” as the paparazzi took their photo.  Realtors attended and loved it, it’s the talk of the town.

In less than 2 weeks, Cherie Corso put together her energy, connections and, talents, to create an amazing collaboration which brought together fashion, art, and travel; just magic ! Hosted by International pop star, Aaron Paul who dazzled the crowd with his talent and sequence pants. Gio Delavicci co stared in movie “ John Wick”  was the celebrity guest who kindly took pictures with everyone: “ I love the town of Pelham, I’ve filmed several TV shows there …”, said Gio. 

 Guests were able to see a poolside fashion show presented by Couturier Designer Re’Mahli, as seen during the Fashion Week in London, wowed the wowed the VIP crowd.  DJ playing poolside some fresh, “Every Girl” inspired fun colorful and summery clothes from local merchant Madonna Williams owner of Glamsene Divas Beauty Bar  using professional models casted by  Yvonne Forbes CEO Labellediva. Photos were taken  everywhere  all surrounded by the art, fashion and celebrities.  

From nature to art, from fashion to music, all perfectly blended together … such a special moment and experience for all of us. 

Artist and fashion photographer, Luciana Pampalone, modeled in front of her own mixed media leaves photography. Delvon Johnson, stylist  and author walked the poolside runway in Hermes.  Catherine Testorf, local resident and creator of InSight Artspace, loves to work on unconventional art installations and curated a show around the pool.  “To interact, to share, and to collaborate with other art expressions is part of our broader life experience” in Catherine’s own words. Light food, Moroccan delight by Alhambra Lifestyle gave everybody a taste of Morocco.  

Montgomery Frazier and Aaron Paul closed the show performing their new song “Fashion” which will be released on July 8 in New York, just brought down the house! It was a spectacular day that invitees are still talking about.

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“Paris in Pelham” Success! Art & Fashion

Catherine Testorf, CEO of InSight Artspace and Cherie Corso, collaboration with L’adresse NY was a big success! Guests cheered and loved the interactive art exhibition experience pairing color and style between vibrant paintings and contemporary fashion. The fashion show had models ranging from teen to mature women. Professional teen model, Julia Marie Corso walked the runway followed by Julian Testorf carrying artwork coordinating with her fashion. The crowd gasped when the beautiful Loretta Illustrato strutted down the catwalk wearing all white followed by more artwork. Other models were professional musician Ani Gregorian Resnick, who rocked the little black dress. Nadege Franken, pilates expert also graced the runway in style. It was a beautiful evening that transported invitees to PARIS for the evening. Art functions as a bridge between people, and is needed in our world. Everyone at the home of Catherine Testorf had smiles on their face while they enjoyed the experience. Friendships were made and memories created, the creative way of bringing people together was the brainchild of Catherine Testorf & Cherie Corso, who love people, art and making new friend. Men women and children were captivated by the art, French food, international guest and creativity, they are looking forward to the next mind-blowing event. 

Models wearing L’Adresse

Professional world class Model Julia Marie Corso & Model with artwork Julian Testorf
Art & Fashion on the runway modeled by Julian Testorf and professional model Julia Corso

 L’adresse NY brought thethe latest boutique trends from Paris, with a fashion show surrounded by the work of talented women artists, discover a selection of clothing from Parisian designers. Everyone loved the art, french food and a chance to buy remarkable works of art and to shop for a little something that you will not find anywhere in the States. Quotes from guest
“when I got home I looked at my walls and wanted to buy all new artwork” “I felt so relaxed and happy after the event, it must be the artwork & wine and fun people, felt like I went to Paris.”
Artist: Maizianne statement :

 It is about my perception of the person, but most of the time the reflection and translation of my deepest –sometimes unknown- thoughts, moods and feelings. Each piece is unique. 

I want the viewer to identify himself with the subject and associate personal memories or feelings to what is viewed” . Artist: Maizianne statement

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Classic New York Beer & Wine enjoyed by all at NYFW

Sip and see, that what we all did at Small Boutique Fashion week. The guest enjoyed sampling beer and wine sponsored Gary Sze Kong of https://the1wine.com  and http://classicnewyorkbeer.nyc/


President and Founder


Gary Sze Kong, J.D., was born in Fujian, China. After graduating from middle school in Hong Kong, he immigrated to the United States alone at the age of 16. When he was 19, he purchased his first apartment building through a sheer reliance on his own efforts and hard work. In a strange new land, Mr. Kong first started as a handyman in an American restaurant. As a 16 year old, he understood that in order to live he had to integrate himself into this new environment – and to do that, he had to work harder and do more than others.

Sent from my iPhone

This outlook on life impacted how he would develop in his professional life, as he went on to attend the New York University School of Business, and then eventually graduate with a Bachelor of Laws, Master of Laws, and a Juris Doctor from the Law School of the Southwest International University.

Mr. Kong, armed with his professional training and expertise, began work in the life insurance industry. Eventually, through his own perseverance and personal determination, he was able to gain enough know-how in insurance marketing and law to become Assistant Solicitor, thereby becoming noticed by Avelino & Nitkewicz, LLP, a prominent law firm in New York City. It was in this capacity that Mr. Kong began to involve himself in a number of industries such as real estate, building materials, and storage. Through a series of shrewd investment home loans, he purchased properties all throughout the five boroughs of New York City, eventually forming Kong MGT, Inc., which to this day owns more than 90 percent market share of land titles in Flushing, New York.

The company currently has eight subsidiaries that own and manage more than twenty properties in New York, Texas, New Orleans, Nevada and other states – from commercial centers like hotels and malls to residential dwellings like condominiums and houses.


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I believe Jordyn Woods! Travis Scott NYC is waiting for you!

The drama, I never thought I would even be commenting on this until it hit my household. YES, this weekend is the long awaited Travis Scott concert at the Barclays in Brooklyn. I hear that Kylie Jenner is upset so Travis Scott canceled Buffalo concert and flew from NY back to LA. He even might be canceling his concert at the Barclays. Listen to me, Travis Scott, you worked to hard to get to this point, compartmentalize and get out there and give these kids a good show.

Let’s everyone calm down, we all know Tristen Thompson is a player, right now he does not want to be tied to one woman. Jordyn welcome to real life, maybe it’s time you stop living in Kylie’s guest house and get a place of your own. As for Khloe, your a single Mom, work on your business and give yourself a little time. As for Kylie & Jordan, I think you need to take a pause and redefine your friendship and time will heal. Travis Scott don’t get caught up keep making music.

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Nicki Manaj or Cardi B? I just had to ask Dr.Dre what he thought Plus little gossip


Wow, we were on Page6  in the New York Post with this The famous music video shot by Bryan Griffin in Pelham. While waiting for my hair and makeup to be done, at Glamsense Diva Beauty Bar http://www.glamsensedivas.com/ I interviewed the legenary MTV Dr. Dre, I liked his answer and his advise to Nicki and Cardi keep creating and stop fighting, he also stated that the artist dont't win when they fight with each other. The only people who win are the promoters selling T-shirts!This was my first music video and it was fun. I enjoyed is the creative people involved. Our  talented Pop star Aaron Paul, http://www.aaronpaulmusic.com  who is a multi-talented singer, songwriter, model, and fashionista was prepared with 7 outfit changes, from, hats, shoes, boots, rings and makeup. One ring even flew off his finger while he was dancing. He was stylish and a amazing talent to watch singing and preform theatrics of the video. FASHIONABLE & FIERCE duo Yvonne Msdivadazz Forbes and Delvon Johnson  Fashion Etc Midday Edition FB Live added pizazz to the room. Teen model Julia Corso  instagram  some fun pictures @juliamariecorso, Stacy #12shadesofbeauty,  Pictures tell the story.

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International Pop Star and MTV Legend Doctor Dré film music video in Pelham, NY 

AARON PAUL and MTV Legend Doctor Dré film music video in Pelham, NY 

Glamsense Diva Beauty Bar http://www.glamsensedivas.com/ located in Pelham, NY is in the news again, the store will be the stylized stage for Aaron Paul  directed by MTV's Doctor Dré new music video. I hear it's going to be a very glamorous set with models of all ages  including NYFW teen model Julia Corso,  with other top celebrity models and fashion talent. A live performance by Arron Paul http://www.aaronpaulmusic.com is a multi-talented singer, songwriter, model, and fashionista whose illustrious career spans three decades on two continents. Aaron’s gift for music announced itself at an early age, and by his teenage years, he had assembled a local group which performed all over his native London, UK. Aaron was discovered by the legendary Simon Cowell, who brought him into the nascent boyband Worlds Apart as its frontman. The group skyrocketed to worldwide fame, making Aaron and his band mates household names. After performing with Worlds Apart for several years, Aaron emigrated to New York City, where he worked as a fashion producer, Broadway casting agent, and interior designer. Recently, Aaron has reemerged as a critically-acclaimed solo artist and Us WeeklyFashion Cop. In 2018, Aaron reached stunning new heights when he performed at world-famous Carnegie Hall and com- pleted his latest album, Dance.

FASHIONABLE & FIERCE duo Yvonne Msdivadazz Forbes and Delvon Johnson  will also be filming Fashion Etc Midday Edition FB Live

Aaron is also a highly sought-after host for various run- way shows during New York Fashion Week, where his eye-catching ensembles, live performances, and stage presence captivate audiences at such major events as Small Boutique Fashion Week and World Fashion Pa- rade. Aaron graces the runway with his customary grandeur, as fashion industry professionals, media, and models converge on the Big Apple from all over the globe. Aaron’s expertise as a host and stylist ena- bled him to earn his badge as one of Us Weekly’sFashion Cops, critiquing the best (and worst) celebrity attire at gala happenings like the Grammys and Os- cars. Appearing alongside today’s top names in music, film, and TV, Aaron and the Fashion Police are trend- setters in contemporary apparel, and standard-bearers of style. Aaron’s extensive experience as a fashionista has prepared him well for this marquee role at the cutting edge of modern vogue.


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Mississippi designer on her way to greatness, NYFW then PFW soon in your closet!

Mississippi designer on her way to greatness, NYFW then PFW soon in your closet!

NEW YORK, NY – SEPTEMBER 08: A model walks the runway during the EFABB show At New York Fashion Week Powered By Art Hearts Fashion at The Angel Orensanz Foundation on September 8, 2018 in New York City. Model Julia Corso (Photo by Meera Fox/Getty Images for Art Hearts Fashion)

I love this designer, Marnita Miller  she is the creative genius behind the much-buzzed-about EFABB COLLECTION. Her designs are bold, yet practical. Her use of vibrant colors and unique fabrics create a classic, sophisticated, trendsetting style that is sure to get noticed. Her tailoring skill has gained her a following in the south. 
As a high school graduate this Mississippi-native had high hopes of attending Parson School of Design in New York City but when tragedy struck her family years before, her dreams were met with much reluctance.

Yet, never giving up Marnita’s love for design bloomed into a reality through EFABB COLLECTION when finding her muse in her first granddaughter. It’s her baby, and every piece created is birthed from the heart of this designer with joy, love and endless hours of happiness. She infuses sophistication and wear-ability with hopes of making everyone wearing her designs feel absolutely FABulous….. the collection was so well received and highlighted at NYFW, she was asked to show in PARIS! The entire process, of creativity and pictures from her collection modeled by my daughter Julia Corso, @juliamariecorso showed in VOGUE. Ladies and gentlemen this is proof again to never to give up on your dream. Efabbcollection is more then clothing its a lifestyle.

NEW YORK, NY – SEPTEMBER 08: A model walks the runway during the EFABB show At New York Fashion Week Powered By Art Hearts Fashion at The Angel Orensanz Foundation on September 8, 2018 in New York City. (Photo by Meera Fox/Getty Images for Art Hearts Fashion)
Marnita’s journey has taken her to New York Fashion Week twice with Art Hearts Fashion and her popularity continues to grow amongst editors and consumers who savor the versatility of her designs.

Marnita’s desire is that her designs will develop styles that will assist in transitioning kids to adolescence teen years. The clothing line range from kids size 6-12 and teen adolescents sizes 2-8. 

Marnita introduced her boys line at Art Hearts Fashions in New York in 2018 and it was well received. This boys line also include designs that are gender neutral. NEW YORK, NY – SEPTEMBER 08: A model walks the runway during the EFABB show At New York Fashion Week Powered By Art Hearts Fashion at The Angel Orensanz Foundation on September 8, 2018 in New York City. (Photo by Meera Fox/Getty Images for Art Hearts Fashion)[/caption]

To connect with the Designer:  email: e.fabboutique@gmail.com IG: @efabbcollection

NEW YORK, NY – SEPTEMBER 08:  A model walks the runway during the EFABBcollection show At New York Fashion Week Powered By Art Hearts Fashion at The Angel Orensanz Foundation on September 8, 2018 in New York City.  (Photo by Meera Fox/Getty Images for Art Hearts Fashion)

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Roman Holiday, where everyone has fun on a family vacation!

Rome will set anyone’s hearts aflutter, for all the right reasons. We all have a perfect vision of what our Roman Holiday will be like, but I have to say ours was better then we could have dreamed thanks to ORBITZ https://www.orbitz.com at The Westin Excelsior Rome  @westinexcelsiorrome, one of the city’s top five-star hotels. Standing proud off Via Veneto, Rome’s grandest street, this “Grand Dame” offers a noble setting, world-class accommodations and amenities, and its place in the pop culture firmament: Fellini’s “La Dolce Vita” was filmed here in 1960 and figures prominently into the movie’s storyline. Special thanks to Maddalena Ciociola @marriott international for sharing history and hospitality to my family after a long flight. The suite allowed us all to feel the grandness of the hotel.

 History has never been more alive in the Eternal City, which offers a feast for all your senses: sights (Colosseum! Ruins! The Vatican!), sounds (Vespas gliding through the streets), scents (the aroma  Via Veneto), touch (fur at Fendi, rocambolesco!) and tastes (the best Italian food in all Italy). It’s the perfect get away for any American looking to get away from a crazed routine back home. Whether you want some unplug time with the kids or some romantic alone time with your husband, Rome is a place where anything is possible. Add in a luxurious suite at @westinexcelsiorrome and travel by @orbitz and you’ll have the makings for an even better Roman Holiday. 

Nothing gets kids, err teenagers, more excited than a touch of Hollywood. Federico Fellini’s “La Dolce Vita” was filmed throughout Rome, including @westinexcelsiorrome. The iconic movie follows a gossip writer over seven days of looking for “the suite life” throughout the city. 

Who doesn’t want a “Roman Holiday?” The 1953 romantic comedy is a classic, made more famous by scenes of Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck riding around town on a Vespa. You can, too, at @westinexcelsiorrome. The five-star hotel not only has the motorbikes to rent, it has THE same scooters used in the movie. It’s all about location, location, location, and @westinexcelsiorrome has that in spades – located off Rome’s tony Via Veneto, home to Café de Paris and Harry’s Bar, the hotel is nestled between the Spanish Steps and the Borghese Gardens & Gallery. Oh, and it’s near the best shopping in Rome, including its native son Valentino. One of Conde Nast Traveler’s “Gold List Hotels,” @westinexcelsiorrome offers guests 28 rooms and 35 classic suites with Italian-style furniture and accents, marble tubs, luxury linens, jaw-dropping views and delicious gastronomy at Doney. The great part about Italy is that you can eat and drink to your heart's content and lose weight. Maybe it's the walking, but I think its the smaller portions and fresh ingredients. 


Eat, drink and be merry … you can do all three, and then some at @westinexcelsiorrome. Whether it’s Mediterranean fare at Doney, located off the trendy Via Veneto; Café Doney, a bold, black and red adorned restaurant where the city’s fashion, beauty, and business gather; or ORVM, an elegant piano bar great for aperitifs and midnight nightcaps, you won’t go home hungry.

How suite it is! @westinexcelsiorrome boasts four suite styles luxurious enough to attract the world’s VIPS– Villa La Cupola, a multi-level home with living room and breath-taking frescoed dome; The Imperial, overlooking Via Veneto and the United States Embassy, has fresco decorated ceilings and two royal bedrooms; the Via Veneto category, with stunning views of the legendary Via Vittorio Veneto, are corner suites with circular marble-floored living rooms; and the Grandluxe, which come decorated in supple carpets, velvet curtains andBohemian chandeliers.

Kudos to @orbitz for putting together our amazing journey. Rest, romance, rejuvenation, renewal = Rome. Bellissimo! Traveling with your kids is not easy, especially when they’re teenagers, but our trip to Rome hit all the right notes. We savored the beauty, sights, monuments, and food, while mom and dad got some fantastic alone time when we were at the hotel. 

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