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Go see #Snatched Silly Fun, but meeting #GoldieHawn & #AmySchumer amazing!

IMG_1165Snatched was a silly fun movie, dumped by her boyfriend on the eve of their vacation, impetuous dreamer Emily Middleton (Amy Schumer) persuades her cautious mother, Linda (Goldie Hawn), to accompany her on an exotic getaway to South America.  Opposites, Emily and Linda must soon work through their differences to escape from a wildly outrageous and dangerous jungle adventure funny, entertaining. But the best part was meeting Amy and Goldie at TheMom's blogger movie premier event on Park Ave in New York City. The interview was serious at times but Amy true to herself was hysterical The moms interviewed and hosted Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn for a Mamaraazzi event in NYC for their new movie Snatched. They sat down with The MOMS to dish on the film and during the interview Amy admitted “her uterus remains empty for now, but she would like to have kids someday.” I also gave Amy Schumer a crystal for good energy and she liked it! I gave the one to Donald Trump too, hey we all need good energy, maybe on a higher level it will help. We all had a absolute blast and even all dance together in honor of #DanceforBreastCancerChallenge.  

IMG_1206 IMG_1207IMG_1205

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Hat Trick Magazine Cover: Cherie Corso Spiritual #Entrepreneur









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No Girl Scout Cookies this year, taking a break, from the battle field and giving my peeps a break!

I am making a donation to my daughters Girl Scout troop and calling it a day! The troop will gets more money that way!


I am taking a break this year and not because the Samoas aren’t called Samoas anymore (they’re now Caramel deLites), and I certainly do not have anything against the Girls Scout organization because we are a participants. I am just taking a break and here’s why.samoas1

When parents sell the cookies for their kids, I honestly feel as an entrepreneur that the kids lose the valuable lesson of selling and running a cookie business. I have bought over 50 boxes in the past just so my daughter can get the badge and we support the troop. We also have gone door to door and sold.  I see people haranguing, friends family and co-workers to buy. Maybe they should just ask for a donation for the troop. I know being a Girl Scout that that every troop likes selling a lot of cookies, but the reality in Westchester according to The Heart of the Hudson, for every $4.00 box sold  only .70 goes to the troop. This is one reason why I am going to forgo selling,  forgo walking around door to door with my daughter and just make a donation to the troop. The troop will then have more money and I will have less responsibility. We have already learned cookie selling skills from participating over the past five years selling for The Girl Scouts of America.

images-17 images-2I know she wont get her 100 cookie badge or the applause from the troop but I do think this is what works for us this year.  Friends and family, will have no problem finding the cookies in this over saturated GS cookie sale war zone. I love the Girl Scouts, but its business they are not going to turn down the sales, but I think they agree according to my research.

 When parents sell for the girls:“It’s a constant source of conversation,” said Michelle Tompkins, manager of media relations for Girl Scouts of the USA. “We love that the parents want to help their kids. There’s no malintent, but it is selling the kids a little short, not letting them learn the skills they want to teach.”goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills and ethics, according to the Girl Scout cookies website

In NYC offices some buildings are becoming a cookie war zone. One woman told me she has to buy from four different women because they are her friends and she bought  from them last year. She said "I feel obligated, even though I do not want the cookies." Another father said the first thing his daughter says when he walks in the door is "HOW MANY DID YOU SELL DAD?". I think that says it all. 

I am an entrepreneur and do have a website for my business G2 Organics, but I do not think it's smart to set one up for cookie sales. There is also the threat of hackers who often view non-profit organizations as prime targets, said Akli Adjaoute, chief executive of the San Francisco-based security firm Brighterion. Compared to banks and mega-retailers — whose systems have been compromised in recent years —  criminals assume that non-profits "have no resources and no heavy investment on security,"  Adjaoute said. "And they're right." Im a mother and always a Girl Scout but this year, my gut tells me save the calories and make a donation.cookie-sales-kit-inside





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Molly Sims, Unleash the Super Model in YOU! The Everyday Supermodel: My Beauty, Fashion, and Wellness Secrets Made Simple


Molly Sims, Unleash the Super Model in YOU! The Everyday Supermodel: My Beauty, Fashion, and Wellness Secrets Made Simple 

IMG_8207Molly Sims was so real and beautiful at a lunch I attended and she hosted by The Mom's  in New York City at Artistanal, 2 Park Ave.Artisanal Fromagerie Bistro | New York French Restaurant

She is expecting her second child, and first girl in only two months. Baby girl will join brother Brooks Allan Stuber and daddy, Scott Stuber. She was signing and promoting her new book  The Everyday Supermodel: My Beauty, Fashion, and Wellness Secrets Made Simple


Molly wore her hair a high ponytail, it was her real hair, I did not see any clips, LOL. My hair on the otherhand needed a little somethin, I did do beach waves but my hat killed it walking up Park Ave to Artistanal. Molly accessorized with wore a chunky statement necklace that highlighted her gorgeous face.

The ex-model and yoga enthusiast looked amazing in a bright red swing dress by Lisa Perry. Ms Perry's designs frequently nod back to the mod 60s and groovy 70s. This center-seamed swing dress. I swear I almost wore the same (I SWEAR!!) dress, its not a maternity dress.IMG_8202

Molly, while 5 feet, 10 inches, wore classic pumps in black. They showed off her yoga  legs, no stockings in winter, and her legs looked great, good motivation looking at her.  I was surrounded by talent, the movie producer and filmmaker of  40 Weeks was also dinning with us, I have to watch this movie sounds fasinating, again the name is 40 Weeks, the Pregnancy Documentary Big Belli, MomLifeTV believes in the power of women and the strength of Mom. This 2013 Webby Award Honoree promotes 40 Weeks. 

I read Molly's book and its perfect, she shares, she tells all the modeling secrets. Being a former model, I love this book its a reminder of taking care of yourself, never giving up and how to cover the flaws. Its perfection! I always use two BB creams in different shades, she does the same!! Talking about sharing, I met the founders of Moxy and Main. Its a websight that three smart savey women created,it is a national destination for the fiercely fabulous mom. Check us out for exclusive events, great content, giveaways, and so much more. Everywhere, USA ·





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Loose 7 lbs try my 7 Tips and NO exercise required!

Loose 7 lbs with my 7 Tips and NO exercise required!

                     Loose weight the easy way!! Just a few tips that I Know to be true and work!



I like to share, when I have a good thing. I do love to talk about diets, and look in peoples shopping carts, just to see, what what are they eating?? I've seen foods that are screaming, "IM PINK and Foamy, I'm loaded with chemicals" and people buy and feed to there kids. ‘Health and Wellness’ is becoming  a trillion-dollar global industry. ‘Obesity is expensive in terms of health-care costs,’ it said before adding, with a consultant chuckle, ‘dealing with it is also a big, fat market.’ Obviously, if animals are getting heavier along with us, it can’t just be that they’re eating more MUFFINS and Candy bars and driving to work most days. On the contrary, the trend suggests some widely shared cause, beyond the self control of individuals, which is contributing to obesity across many species.

1. DON'T fall for the label that says "HEALTHY" Use  your common sense, just because it's labeled "healthy" it still could contains  food coloring etc. AVOID heavely packaged food!

2. NO Soda, just water, ice tea, sparking water or Vodka or Wine ( all in moderation)

One recent model estimated is that eating a mere 30 calories a day more than you use is enough to lead to serious weight gain. Given what each person consumes in a day (1,500 to 2,000 calories in poorer nations; 2,500 to 4,000 in wealthy ones), 30 calories is a trivial amount: by my calculations, that’s just two or three peanut M&Ms, after my Halloween calculations as I licked the butter fingers. If eliminating that little from the daily diet were enough to prevent weight gain, then why are we getting fatter and fatter, everyone of every economic level is always talking weight gain or loss. Why is something so primal has become so out of wacky?

3.Get Sleep, you consume more calories when tired, people consume 300 more calories when over tired. (like me now!!)

4. Hang out with people who watch what they eat..bad habits do rub off.

 BUT I do believe stress  can makes you eat,‘empty calories’ ‘a calorie is a calorie is a calorie’ if you overeat it will add fat to your frame. The badness of a ‘bad’ food such as a processed potato chip is that it makes calorie intake easier than it would be with broccoli or an apple. I have just lost 7 lbs and did not hit the gym once. It was a experiment I wanted to try, and it worked. Let me share my tips and why they worked.

5.Turn the thermostat down, feel a little cooler you will burn more calories (just a couple degrees lower, and be conscience)

Yet a number of researchers have come to believe, the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, that ‘all calories are not equal’. The problem with diets that are heavy in meat, fat or sugar is not solely that they pack a lot of calories into food; it is that they alter the biochemistry of fat storage and fat expenditure, tilting the body’s system in favor of fat storage. example, that sugar, trans-fats and alcohol have all been linked to changes in ‘insulin signaling’, which affects how the body processes carbohydrates. You know how some people say. "I look at cheese cake and gain weight". I do believe that the way our body metabolizes is also a  direct link to weight gain. I also think that if your body has to many chemicals in it the elimination of fat is harder.

6. NO heavy creams or makeup, the less products used the better, reduces chemical build up, and easier elimination.

More importantly, ‘things that alter the body’s fat metabolism’ is a much wider category than food. Sleeplessness and stress, for instance, have been linked to disturbances in the effects of leptin, the hormone that tells the brain that the body has had enough to eat. Yes some people just never feel full. For example at "tailgate parties", when everyone just keeps eating and eating all day…I know its fun, but I often wonder if some people ever get that full feeling??

In my research. working with chemist and Doctor's when creating and producing cosmetics and beauty products for my business G2 Organics, (picture below in magazine) I concluded that industrial chemicals have all entered our bodies, for example wax and toxins from creams that are not eliminated. When I personally  did my complete organic, no chemicals, no processed food detox, the weight fell off. It was work, but I did feel great and loved when people said you look "too thin", I LOVED IT!!! Reality is that I could not keep up with just eating 100% clean, but the self education  still effect my food and product I use.


  For example, a study by the Environmental Working Group of the umbilical cords of 10 babies born in US hospitals in 2004 found 287 different industrial chemicals in their blood. Beatrice Golomb, professor of medicine at the University of California, San Diego, has proposed a long list of candidates — all chemicals that, she has written, disrupt the normal process of energy storage and use in cells. Her suspects include heavy metals in the food supply, chemicals in sunscreens, cleaning products, detergents, cosmetics and the fire retardants that infuse bedclothes and pajamas. I agree with this 100%.


Chemicals and metals might promote obesity in the short term by altering the way that energy is made and stored within cells, or by changing the signals in the fat-storage process so that the body makes more fat cells, or larger fat cells. They could also affect the hormones that spur or tamp down the appetite. In other words, chemicals ingested on Tuesday might promote more fat retention on Wednesday. 

Just to double down on the complexity of the question, a number of researchers also think that industrial compounds might be affecting these signals. For example, Bruce Blumberg, professor of developmental and cell biology at the University of California, Irvine, has found that pregnant mice exposed to organotins (tin-based chemical compounds that are used in a wide variety of industries) will have heavier offspring than mice in the same lab who were not so exposed. In other words, the chemicals might be changing the signal that the developing fetus uses to set its metabolism. More disturbingly, there is evidence that this ‘fetal programming’ could last more than one generation.A good predictor of your birth weight, for instance, is your mother’s weight at her birth

 There is a ‘thermoneutral zone’ in which a human body can maintain its normal internal temperature without expending energy. Outside this zone, when it’s hot enough to make you sweat or cold enough to make you shiver, the body has to expend energy to maintain homeostasis. Temperatures above and below the neutral zone have been shown to cause both humans and animals to burn fat, and hotter conditions also have an indirect effect: they make people eat less. A restaurant on a warm day whose air conditioning breaks down will see a sharp decline in sales (yes, someone did a study). Perhaps we are getting fatter in part because our heaters and air conditioners are keeping us in the thermoneutral zoneWe are increasingly understanding that attributing obesity to personal responsibility is very simplistic I believe we are surrounded by hidden forces that are contributing to the weight gain, by the choices we make.


The chemicals, the stress, the air conditioning, the elevators-instead-of-stairs, foods and beverages that are ‘metabolic disturbers’this is what's making us fat.

But that’s not the worst of it. The human body’s response to its nutrition can last a lifetime, and even be passed on to the next generation. If you or your parents – or their parents – were undernourished, you’re more likely to become obese in a food-rich environment. Obese people, when they have children, pass on changes in metabolism that can predispose the next generation to obesity as well. Like the children of underfed people, the children of the overfed have their metabolism set in ways that tend to promote obesity. This means that a past of under nutrition, combined with a present of over nutrition, is an obesity trap.  I think we all know this, news stories, magazines, books. But I do know just eat a few bites less everyday, and it will add up to lost lbs. Its all about being mindful and making just a few changes.

7. Eat a few bites less at every meal, leave a little food on the plate!! leave a spoonful less thats 30 calories each meal x 3 = 90 saved calories a day.smiley

Try these tips, won't hurt you in any way and do work!

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Center Piece for Holiday Table

Things you need

1. clear glass vase or bowl (Michaels')

2.plastic wrap (Saran Wrap)

3. raw cranberries (buy in produce dept at food store)

4. Fresh Flowers (florist or food store)

5. evergreens (cut fresh outside from bushes)


1. put Saran warp in bowl

2. cut and stick flowers in plastic wrap

3. between the inside of the bowl and plastic wrap fill with cranberries

4. fill bowl with water and arrange flowers, use the cut evergreens as filler

YOU will be amazed how easy this is to do and how beautiful it looks, also the flowers seem to last longer too.




Clear phone case (AMAZON i got mine for 1.50)

Emoji Stickers 5$ Amazon

Colorful paper (you can print it or color a peace of paper)




1. first open the package 

2. cut out you colorful paper to fit you phone case 

3.put paper in phone case 

4. put stickers on phone case

5 enjoy 

IMG_7584 IMG_7585 IMG_7586


j n



NAME FRAME248683210643492421_rprg0TH6_c


1 a printer (BestBuy)

2 a frame (MICHAELS) 

INSTRUCTIONS a letter of each letter of the person's name

2. Cut of the letter to fit the frame 

3. wrap it and give it !!





 Mug Maker



1. rubbing alcohol (CVS)

2. cotton balls(CVS) 

3 sharpies (CVS)

4. bank mug (Amazon)


1. Rub your mug with alcohol with cotton balls

2. dry it with cotton balls  

3. plan your design 

4. draw your design carefully with sharpie and if you mess up the alcohol will  take it out

5. when done

6. put in the oven for 10min for 350 

7.take out of ovenimages-12

8. enjoy 












things you need

1. glitter (cvs or staples) optional 

2. jar (Michaels 1$)

3 glue (CVS or Michaels)

4 Picture for inside globe

5 scissors 

6. glycerin (Michaels)

6 small plastic tree (optional)






How to Make It

  1. take jar.
  2. glue picture on the inside of the jar or glue plastic figure in side the jar.
  3. Fill the globe with distilled water to just below the opening; add about 1 tablespoon of liquid glycerin (found in soap-making sections of hobby stores) to thicken the water.
  4. Sprinkle with glitter.
  5. Working over a sink, slowly invert the decorated portion of the rubber base into the water; stretch the seal of the rubber base over the lip of the globe.
  6. Attach the plastic stand, turn the globe upright, and watch the snow fall!
  7. For extra sparkle, stand the snow globe in a silver wine bottle coaster.
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Give your kids a DEBIT card, they learn very QUICKLY about Money!

Mom's, listen up, the best thing I ever did was give my kid a debit card!  Your child will learn more from this then you can even imagine. Some kids just see us pull out our credit cards and wala instant merchandise. I wanted to show the process, as a entrepreneur I encouraged my daughter to "take the challenge" and  start a "FUN" business over  the summer. I took it a step further and gave her a debit card to buy whatever she wanted as long as she was accountable for the money in the account.  The debit card  was in my name, her possession, kept tight in in her  little cupcake wallet in her bag.

Read more;

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Read more;

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Amar’e Stoudemire knicks player at MBFW sings! BY JULIA CORS0(my daughter)

Knicks stylish player, Amar'e Stoudemire  sang to blurred lines by Robin Thicke as he watched the  The Strut fashion show  for stylish Mom's. Is he a fan of the Thicke??               



At the Strut fashion show in Lincoln Center last night , during   NYC fashion week Knicks player Amar'e Stoudemire showed up to support his family at the  STRUT for a cause show for stylish MOM's by Denise Albert and Melissa Musen Gerstein.
During the fashion show Knicks player started to sing to "Blurred Line" by Robin Thicke, I watched him as he sang along.  Is music his next career after basketball?  IM not one  to spread roumers but when, "We Can't Stop" played by Miley Cyrus stared he lost his mojo and went back to looking like professional  basketball  player  and DAD,so I'm guessing that he saw her performance at the VMAS, like my Mom and DAD and was not happy about her performance. Anyway he  liked the show, high fived and was very friendly to everyone  who wanted  pics. Now let's get real look at what he was wearing, ok he was rocking those shades he was wearing, black dark sunglasses  he was cool, he had a blonde streak in his hair. I liked his style, it was cool. He was proud of his family like my Dad is of me!                                                         me Julia singing to blurred lines
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How to protect your hair from Chlorine!! By Julia Corso

As a kid who loves to swim and spends a lot of time in the pool. I notice as temperatures climb , I find myself going for a cold dunk  in the pool. Swimming is most peoples  favorite summer activity. It's a body workout thats fun. But there is one bad side about swimming in the pool, it has so much chlorine 


"Chlorine is used as a disinfectant to kill harmful bacteria in the water. This keeps you from getting sick from E. coli and other nasty germs, but it also strips out the natural oils that protect your hair from damage and daily wear. Since I don't want my hair to turn into hay, I've learned to coat my strands with hair product before I jump into the pool." – MIN-JA LEE

so i have some tips so that cant happen 

1. put coconut oil in hair before and after swim

2.try Pantene pro-v bb cream 

3. shower imidetely after swim shampoo and condition an leave condoner until next swim TRY ONES BELOW 







Malibu C® Swimmers Wellness Shampoo | Malibu C® Hair, Scalp, Skin Products

Sun & Swim

Malibu C® Swimmers Wellness Shampoo | Malibu C® Hair, Scalp, Skin Products

Shampoo Three®

Swim Shampoos & Conditioners at

Aqua Body Wash Gel 8oz | Hair, Skin & Swimsuit Care |


Swimmers Shampoo, Hair Conditioners, and Skin Care ProductsSwimmers Shampoo, Hair Conditioners, and Skin Care Products

Reflect H2O Swim Shampoo at AquaGear® Swim Shop


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