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IMG_4075There is little doubt that Mayim Bialik has many talents. A child  film star who played a young Bette Midler in the film “Beaches”, who graduated to television as a teenager, featuring  in the situation comedy  “Blossom”  and later as Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler in the hit TV series “The Big Bang Theory,” Mayim has many other strings to her bow.IMG_4081

To begin with Mayim Bialik is a Doctor off screen also, with a  PhD in neuroscience, an active blogger on the  Jewish parenting site,, relating stories and viewpoints of bringing up her two children, and now a published author, with  her first vegan cookbook, “Mayim’s Vegan Table ”r first vegan cookbook, “Mayim’s Vegan Table.  I liked her, she was very personable and approachable. During question and answers nobody mentioned the breastfeeding incident. I was glad anyhowThe Big Bang Theory actress, 38, about breastfeeding in public during a, because there was honestly nothing more to say on that subject. I think we are all always trying to balance healthy meals, work, families, nutrition, so this book opened up my imagination when it comes to cooking. Oh Mayim even cleans her own house, with organic cleaning products. We chatted about the toxins, in beauty products too. I'm going to send her some of mine. I KNOW SHE WILL LOVE THEM!IMG_4071

I love steak, but as a environmentalist I know I need to cut down meat consumption in my family. Just a little bit at a time. My family loved the food, it was very tasty and shockingly no dairy or meat in it.The Blossom Cafe had a wonderful ambiance on a very cold, icy night in NYC, West Village.IMG_4065

We all had the best time with my new friend Mayim, she was so funny and smart, we played a game and my daughter won a beautiful watch called 1FaceWatch, which this mama loves!Again my favorite Moms Denise Albert and Melissa Gerstein did a great job and delivered valuable information in a entertaining way.


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IS #RAINBOW LOOM STILL IN style? Just ask #Jimmy #Kimmel!

wink SUMMER 2013 every kid in America wanted a HOT new toy RAINBOW LOOM  1 

Kimmel suit 16x9 608 Jimmy Kimmel Wears His Suit of the Loom and Its Mesmerizing


kids all over were making them on the beach sometimes you would even see kids selling them! Their are alot of stitches for example hexafish starburst and fishtail. every one was doing how to videos  you can buy at Rainbow Loom Kit – Rubber Band Bracelets and Rings | Michaels it won TOY OF THE YEAR 

this how to video stitch was the fish tail railroad created by JULIA CORSO but lately do see kids wearing them like they used to? My friend who lives in Florida says "they are really popular here everyone is wearing them'' . Are they popular in warm areas or just people in Florida are getting there news late . IMG_1161

The current craze for kids – Rainbow Loom bands and their usual knockoffs – has been alarming parents and child development experts since it broke out last summer and fall: In a business filled with crafts sold to girls, loom bands are the rare gender-neutral amusement that appeals to boys, too.

Why are they so popular?

“There’s a experience of accomplishment” that comes with finishing a bracelet, Tricia Ross says, and it’s enough to inspire her son to “sit there until it’s complete.” He’s begun taking orders for bracelets from his younger sister, cranking them out in the styles and color schemes she requests.


Loom bands are popular among children age 7 to 12, a key time for developing many of the skills that weaving crafts can teach.

“Right around age 7, you see fine motor skills taking off,” says Cynthia Edwards, expert of psychology at Meredith College in Raleigh, N.C. “Anything that helps them to use those hands together, left and right, helps to develop those areas of the brain and the muscles themselves. ”

Kids in this age group are also developing “executive function,” the ability to plan and execute tasks, Edwards says. With loom band weaving, kids must choose what to create, pick a color scheme and style of weaving, gather the materials and then do the necessary weaving steps in the right order.

Loom bands also seem to fit kids’ mobile lives: “They’re portable and wearable,” Edwards says, so younger kids can make them “in the backseat of a car waiting for one of their siblings to get out of ball practice.”

And they don’t involve a screen.

So, yes, it’s a fad. And yes, parents all over the country are getting tired of finding tiny rubber bands on their floors and in their washing machines.

But few are really complaining. 


Rainbow loom is very good for the brain and and it keeps kids busy I love it

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No Drugs needed to get a Good Night Sleep!! #Napwell!

Napwell: The World's First Napping Mask for Beauty Sleep No Drugs needed!





About the Product
The Napwell is the world’s first napping mask. It helps you nap more efficiently by reducing “sleep inertia,” that lousy post-nap feeling of headache/grogginess/lack or motivation to do anything.I am a organic, no drug type of Mom.I like this product because its easy and makes sense.



The Napwell allows you to set your ideal napping duration depending on the time available in your day. The Napwell’s built-in timer tracks your nap, and shortly before you are ready to wake up, gradually lights up to emulate a sunrise, waking you up at your desired time naturally. No drugs needed!

Check out videos of the Napwell in action on our Kickstarter page!

The Napwell is perfect for anyone seeking to #naptimize his or her life. Whether you’re power-napping at work after a mentally taxing morning, resting on the plane between business meetings, or simply catching some beauty shuteye on your couch at home, the Napwell helps you get to sleep quickly, then wake up gently feeling refreshed and ready to go. 

So far, we've received personal messages from backers who: 
1. Are new mothers who need a quick power-nap from their newborn
2. Are couples who sleep in the same bed and want to wake up at different times without disturbing their partner
3. Are frequent flyers and need one to get over jet lag faster
4. Are physicians, residents, and nurses seeking quality rest in the midst of long shifts.


Learn About the Brand
I consider myself lucky to work with amazing people at MIT and Harvard Medical School, but it really frustrates me to see my colleagues routinely hampered by small things that have dramatic effects on their productivity. What started as a set of personal projects to help my colleagues with these minor hurdles has evolved into a larger push to develop products that can help the wider population lead more efficient and productive lives.



I like this product because NO drugs needed,to get sleep. Also as a entrpreneur I like to support new ideas. The first of these products is the Napwell, the world’s first napping mask. The Napwell helps boost productivity by helping people nap more efficiently. Naps are actually really beneficial for mental acuity and physical health.



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Olympic LESSONS for You and YOUR KIDS!



The Olympics are a great activity for families to watch together and can also offer a number of valuable lessons for kids get kids YEAH I love watching personally but the leasons that are taught to people around the world transcend every age and generation, they resinate with everybody!

These are a just a few  off the top of my head as a MOM!

1.The importance of exercise-   The Olympics are a great time to expose your children to some new ideas for exercising and to encourage them to try a new sport. After Im finished watching the athletes on TV,  I personally want to book a ski trip, or have a little fun with the kids by sliding  down the stairs in a sleeping bag!  So much fun, put pillows in the landing area. Create your own activities inspired by our favorites.IMG_3974

2. Goal setting-The Olympic athletes have spent many hours and many years training in their sport. They didn’t become world-class athletes overnight but rather through a lot of training, perseverance and goal setting. Kids always want instant gradification, but the sthletes and the stories paint a picture of hard work. Goals for something they want to accomplish. This could be within a sport or in a different activity such as getting good grades, excelling at a musical instrument, or learning to paint.  They don’t have to be an Olympian to be successful, but these athletes can definitely serve as good role models for your kids on what it looks like when you set your mind to something and persevere.

3.Sportsmanship- The Goal of the Olympics is to take home a medal for your country, we all know that. Not everyone can be a winner and this is an important lesson for kids to learn. Watch how the athletes in the Olympics react to winning and losing and how they treat their opponents and use this as an example for your kids between good and bad sportsmanship. I loved the example of sportmanship set by Shaun White

Switzerland's Iouri Podladtchikov, left, celebrates with Shaun White of the United States after Podladtchikov won the gold medal in the men's snowboard halfpipe final at the Rosa Khutor Extreme Park, at the 2014 Winter Olympics, Tuesday, Feb. 11, 2014, in Krasnaya Polyana, Russia. (AP Photo/Andy Wong)

4. Diversity and Acceptance– Today, more than ever, kids interact with people of differing ethnicities, religions, and cultures. But how do you teach them to embrace and thrive among the planet's many cultures? I still can't believe being GAY is even a issue in sports, and life.  maybe because I have friends that are gay and just look at people for people, Im still in shock on  Russia 's views. But this Olympics has opened up conversation around the world, use it as a teaching experience.

5.The  Mental Games- The Mental Games are part of sports!  The determination and how to handle the pressure against showcases perseverance, goal setting and offers another opportunity to talk to your kids about accepting people who are different than them. That what makes a Olympian to be able to handle and preform under the  pressure. TJ Oshie scores in the shoot-outBBC Olymic Sports picture Oshie

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The Hickey Stick, not only for LOVE bites! #Organic & Heals by G2 Organics

IT's The best product you will every buy!!




Hickey Stick


G2 Organics| Issue: Winter 2013/2014


Description:G2 Organics Hickey Stick is a new alternative to concealer that covers everything from scars and breakouts to hickeys. The product is made from organic, natural, and non-toxic ingredients like rosemary, zinc oxide, and Vitamin E. It is available in light and dark shades and each Hickey Stick is Reiki-charged for good energy. A portion of the proceeds go to cancer research.











More Products

I created with my interns at Fordham University and Marie Lamari. Everybody laughed in my world thought it was just a throw away, cheeky kind of product. But it has stood the

test of time, and works great, people of all ages love it and use it. Its not just for "Hickeys" its for pimples, razor bumps and even bug bites bites. Its packaged so its easy to throw in your gym bag or pocketbook.

and sexy. I use it all the time, for what? Under eye As a BEAUTY Expert, I have used and know about so many cover ups, I wanted to create a product that everyone in the family can use. This product can be used by men, for , pimple, cover up and it  also heals. Plus for women keeps my makeup on. With everything I have learned about the cosmetic industry and chemicals I swear this is the best product on the market!



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BCBGMAXAZRIA, Feather & LEATHER & FUR on runway at #MBFW Fall/Winter 2014

BCBGMAXAZRIA  is always one of my personal favorites. They have dressed me for Fashion Week and its fantastic! It was the second show to open New York Fashion Week which took place in the Theatre at the Lincoln Center. I always love when celebs are going, at this show Leandra Medine of the Man Repeller, Canadian model Coco Rocha and ActressSamira Wiley of the Netflix series Orange Is The New Black.

The Fall/Winter 2014 Collection celebrates the brand’s roots as this year marks their 25th Anniversary. “We went back and I still have the same designer, and looked at what really makes BCBG what it is; it’s timeless elegance and affordable luxury,” says Lubov Azria, Chief Creative Officer for BCBGMAXAZRIA Group.

BCBGMAXAZRIA - Striped Mongolian Parka Worn with a Black Leather Knee-High Boot.

BCBGMAXAZRIA – Striped Mongolian Parka worn with a Black Leather Knee-High Boot.




Colour blocking, a styling technique where two or more solid bold colours of clothing are worn together, dresses and outerwear all make up its DNA.

Im not a big fur wearer but loved the black and navy shearling leather top as well as skirt; they both certainly made a statement. The show stopper, however, was the striped Mongolian parka worn with a black leather knee-high boot. I gasped loved them!

“Our girls always have a Bohemian edge,” comments Azria which was evident in the show’s slight reference to the 70s and use of knee-high boots. When designing, Azria kept in mind that the city so cold, so pieces were created to keep the woman warm, yet looking stylish and sexyIMG_0463I blinked my eyes and felt like I was in a beautiful dream! I want it all!






Hervé Léger By Max Azria was another packed show.I loved it all, I like BCBG because everything can always be mixed and matched. Every dress along with the top and skirt combinations that came down the runway were BREATHTAKINGly GORGGOUSSSS!

Feathers were used as sleeves for the black suede motorcycle jacket and as trim on dresses. The black/nude leather cage-corset belt accentuated the female body’s curves. Geometric beading of the jacquard dresses demanded attention.

“The whole inspiration was technology,” states Azria. She goes on to explain the process of how a design comes into existence using computers, scanning, 3-D imaging and jacquard machines.

“If we think that technology is here and we are there, it’s wrong. We are wearing technology. Everything that you wear like heather jerseys, for example, that’s a machine that weaves it. We need to stop separating,” comments Azria.

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What #Mom’s ( who are women too) really want for #VALENTINES DAY!

IMG_3430Yes its Febuary again, I know what I like for Valentines, flowers, card, dinner out with my family. BUT don't worry Valentines Day is two days away and you haven’t even started thinking about it, right? Here are the things your sweetheart, especially if she’s a mom, really wants. I did my OWN survey!IMG_3210


Other things moms really love getting on Valentines Day:

Dinner out (90%) does not have to be fancy as long as she is waited on and the food is good!

  • Rest and relaxation, like spa time (81%)IMG_3703
  • Jewelry (74%) pair of earrings, does not have to be Cartier (go to' gifts starting at $19.00
  • Flowers (73%) tulips, rosesIMG_0497
  • Chocolates/Candy (61%)

Don't  buy lingerie, as a Mom, IM not walking around the house in it, and it will be only on for a few minutes so "honey save the money". Like most women we have a draw full, of a plastic container from Target with it stored in I think if you were going to buy me "active wear to get me hot and sweaty" a new pair of workout pants would be nice. . 

People listen up, we all want the same. to be loved and validated! 

Happy Valentines Day, IM thinking of you!IMG_0498


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Don’t look Away! Movie Star Morris Chestnut, Olympic Gold Medalist Jordyn Wieber DON’T WALK AWAY! They HELP!


As a mother, when the news comes on and I see a horrific story about a child that was abused, and worse killed I break out in tears. One part of me wants to run and turn the TV off the other part wants to use the story conversation starter. I know we all remember Yeardley Love, such a tragic, she was killed by her boyfriend in the dorm. I met her mother,  at a round table discussion she is getting the message out about abusive relationships and the signs. This women has has courage and is saving lives around the world. Forever her beautiful daughters face is seared in my mind, with a message that we must talk to our children about. "Family of Yeardley Love sets up foundation"USA Today.Murder of Yeardley LoveDateMay 3, 2010


 I was surprised byt the recent Mary Kay survey, “Don’t Look Away,” revealed that three out of four parents fail to have this conversation with their children. The talk is crucial, though, as studies have found that an alarming rate—one in three teens—will be involved in an abusive relationship.

Murder of Yeardley Love
Yeardley Love.jpg
Date May 3, 2010
Location 222 14th Street, Charlottesville, Virginia, USA
Coordinates 38.035568°N 78.498778°W
Cause Blunt force trauma
Deaths Yeardley Love
Burial Baltimore, Maryland
Suspect(s) George Wesley Huguely V
Charges First degree murder, felony murder, robbery of a residence, burglary, entering a house with an intent to commit a felony, grand larceny
Verdict Guilty, sentenced to 23 years in prison (release date of 2029)



In an effort to raise awareness about teen dating violence, an event to kick off the national initiative NO MORE Silence: It’s Time to Talk Day was held in New York City (and many other cities in the U.S.) on Tuesday, February 4.  Mary Kay, Break the Cycle, an organization dedicated to dating abuse prevention, and Verizon hosted the event. (February is also National Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month).

Olympic Gold Medalist Jordyn Wieber, who works with Mary Kay to raise awareness about the issue, attended the event and shared her support of the cause. “I’m excited to work with Mary Kay to get parents to reach out to their kids and make other teens aware of what a healthy relationship looks like,” Wieber said. Dating-violence awareness is key, but, she adds, “it can be something as simple as a mean text message or calling you names.”

Jordyn’s mother, Rita Wieber, stressed the importance of parents discussing the subject with their children. “Communication is key. Don’t be afraid to sit down and have that conversation with your daughter about what to look for in an abusive relationship,” she said. She also said the best time to talk is in the car. IMG_3858

Also at the event was Danielle H., 21, who endured an abusive relationship, which ended up being a major learning experience for her. “I know what’s healthy and what to look for in a future partner,” she said reflecting on the relationship. “It was a very eye-opening experience". This "little girl" with a big heart and a powerful message, touched my heart. I had to give her a BIG MOMMY HUG.(picture above) I also spoke to her parents at the event, her father said, her friends called him and told them about the abuse." Its so important to know your kids friends". Danielle parents were, there, supportive, nice people, loving parents. This can happen to anyone of our children. Please take a moment and read the signs.

Darlene Kiyan, executive director of Break the Cycle, also attended to show her support. “I am a mother of a 17-year-old son and I really want to be able to teach him how to be a good partner, how to treat his partners appropriately and how to be appropriately treated,” she said. “This isn’t an issue with only girls getting abused, but we find the issue also happens to young men.” Morris Chestnut, who  starred in some of my favorites, Boyz n the HoodThe Best ManNurse Jackie and more! He had great advice!IMG_3860

Along with Mary Kay and Break the Cycle, Verizon has been a long supporter of domestic violence prevention. Verizon accepts used-phone donations and directs them to charities that support domestic violence survivors. Since 2001, more than 10 million devices have been collected across the country and more than $18 million monetary grants have been distributed to organizations dedicated to domestic violence prevention.

Elva Lima, Verizon Wireless’ executive director of community relations, said: “I am the parent of two young men in college, and having to talk to them about being in healthy relationships is no different than talking about safe driving or when we talk to them about sex. It’s a national movement. It’s time to not keep this issue silent. I am so proud that Verizon has chosen to be involved in this social issue and to get out and work with the community.”

Have you had the conversation with your teens about dating violence yet? Consider these tips to initiate the conversation.  



–Mary Kay’s “Don’t Look Away” survey on teens and dating violence
Break the Cycle, an agency that fights against youth dating violence
–Verizon's HopeLine program, which directs used phones to domestic violence survivors  


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IMG_3799Bronx Bombers follows icon Yogi Berra and his wife Carmen through a century of the team's trials and triumphs, bringing generations of Yankee legends together on one stage. As it celebrates and explores the timeless legacy of baseball’s most iconic team, the play takes a look at how and why the Yankees have remained so undeniably great.



Sara Krulwich/The New York Times



I have to be honest, I'm from Boston and The Yankees have never been my favorite team, THE EVIL EMPIRE as we call them in Bawston.  It has caused problems in my marriage, but we came to a mutual understanding, that I will only root against the Yankee's when the RED SOX are playing.  Now living in New York,  being a mother of a Yankee Fan and married to one, I have warmed up to the Yankee's. red soxIMG_3813

I was invited to this Play by The Moms Melissa Gerstein and Denise Albert along with Laura Posada and My Face held an invitation only event at a viewing of Bronx Bombers at Circle in The Square Theater to help spread awareness for the My Face foundation  Laura and  Jorge Posada Foundation has established a restricted fund with our friends at the National Foundation for Facial Reconstruction (NFFR). The NFFR will be running the Mentoring Network for Craniosynostosis patients. Laura Pasoda's mission is to continue as a Board member of the NFFR.  This unique support network has provided families living with Craniosynostosis comfort, advice and knowledge as they begin or continue treatment for their loved ones and has connected families in 34 states across America! I personally thanked The Posada's for there hard work, I have two friends that have benefit from the NFFR. The work that these Doctors do is amazing, they are miracle workers. As my Dad said "God guides their hands".IMG_3803


I loved the play, and my daughter and her friend enjoyed it very much. It was entertaining, funny and had some great historic facts mixed in with comedy at the dream dinner party, I enjoyed it totally and respect the history and the Yankee's. 

Jorge Posada was in the audience and was very generous with his kind words and autographs to my daughter and her friend in there Yankee gear.IMG_3804


Ladies let me give you the fashion rundown on Laura Posada, she is one tight package and beautiful, she had a bandage style dress on wearing a "eye popping" necklace, the Yankee logo made of DIAMOND, and why not! I think I would have bra and panties made of diamonds to match if I were her. 

We had a great evening begining at NYY Steak House and then and going to see the play. YOU will  have a laugh and learn the sanitized history of the Yankee's. This RED SOX fan liked it and so will you.







Laura Posada speaking about MyFace at #BronxBombersMamarazzi

(Laura Posada is a mom, an attorney, a family health and fitness activist, a TV personality, and a philanthropic icon. A modern day “super-woman”)

In America alone, one in 700 children is born with an oro-facial cleft and one in 1,600 is born with facial asymmetry, a missing ear, a jaw deformity, or a defect of the skull, nerves or facial bones. These are myFace’s children. – MyFace

To learn more about MyFace or to donate visit

To purchase tickets to BronxBombers


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