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Marvel Universe Live, Family fun and about TEAMWORK!

IMG_6015AS guest of my favorite  The Moms's we went to the Izod Center to see Marvel Universe."Embrace and have fun", that was my advice to my friends who joined me for The Marvel Universal Live, and when I say "live" I mean live, it was exciting from the moment we arrived. We had the VIP treatment, from games, we played games, dressed up as our favorite super hero. Selfies, pictures and silly fun was happening all around us. I interviewed Juliette Feld, the producer of the show (upper left), she was just delightful and all about families. Her baby is due in November. She said the show was all about teamwork, even under threat both powers need to work together, nobody can do it alone!




 Everyone favorite heroes and villains from the Marvel Universe are present as well. You get Iron Man, Spider-Man, Wolverine and Captain America taking on the evil brother of Thor, Loki who is collecting pieces of the cosmic cube. What’s great about Marvel Universe LIVE! is that there are no the film licensing restrictions that prevent Spidey from joining up with the Avengers or The Hulk fighting with Wolverine, it doesn't’t matter in the world of Marvel Universe LIVE!. We get to see all our favorite characters join forces as a team to take out a band of villains including the Sinister Six, Hydra and favorite was when The Hulk  steals the show again with a little help from his buddy Wolverine.IMG_6003


Marvel Universe LIVE! is a great family event for fans like myself who want to pass down the love of their favorite heroes to their children. Don’t expect to hear serious dialog or see an Iron Man Mach VII suit that actually shoots real missiles.IMG_5977

The show is cheesy at times, but in a charming way. Marvel Universe LIVE! is more of a revved-up stunt spectacular show that performs in major theme parks, rather than a movie production with an intricate plot. Kids don’t want that kind of detail and quite frankly neither do I with a show like this. I want to see fight scenes,flips, explosions and most importantly my daughter and her friends had smiles on their faces,and embraced all the activities before the show. I love how even if you were not familiar with the characters, you knew they would kick booty and would be thrilling to watch. Luckily for me that’s exactly what happened when we saw Marvel Universe LIVE!

Tickets on sale at This is the cast of  Marvel Universe Live( cast in  T-shirts ) they played the hero's. They worked out for 12 weeks doing stunts for this show. They were amazing!!IMG_5970

East Rutherford, NJ 8/6/14 -8/10/14  Brooklyn, NY 8/13-8/17/14  uniondale NY: 8/21/14 to 8/24/2014 Nassau Colliseum



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