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Molly Sims, Unleash the Super Model in YOU! The Everyday Supermodel: My Beauty, Fashion, and Wellness Secrets Made Simple


Molly Sims, Unleash the Super Model in YOU! The Everyday Supermodel: My Beauty, Fashion, and Wellness Secrets Made Simple 

IMG_8207Molly Sims was so real and beautiful at a lunch I attended and she hosted by The Mom's  in New York City at Artistanal, 2 Park Ave.Artisanal Fromagerie Bistro | New York French Restaurant

She is expecting her second child, and first girl in only two months. Baby girl will join brother Brooks Allan Stuber and daddy, Scott Stuber. She was signing and promoting her new book  The Everyday Supermodel: My Beauty, Fashion, and Wellness Secrets Made Simple


Molly wore her hair a high ponytail, it was her real hair, I did not see any clips, LOL. My hair on the otherhand needed a little somethin, I did do beach waves but my hat killed it walking up Park Ave to Artistanal. Molly accessorized with wore a chunky statement necklace that highlighted her gorgeous face.

The ex-model and yoga enthusiast looked amazing in a bright red swing dress by Lisa Perry. Ms Perry's designs frequently nod back to the mod 60s and groovy 70s. This center-seamed swing dress. I swear I almost wore the same (I SWEAR!!) dress, its not a maternity dress.IMG_8202

Molly, while 5 feet, 10 inches, wore classic pumps in black. They showed off her yoga  legs, no stockings in winter, and her legs looked great, good motivation looking at her.  I was surrounded by talent, the movie producer and filmmaker of  40 Weeks was also dinning with us, I have to watch this movie sounds fasinating, again the name is 40 Weeks, the Pregnancy Documentary Big Belli, MomLifeTV believes in the power of women and the strength of Mom. This 2013 Webby Award Honoree promotes 40 Weeks. 

I read Molly's book and its perfect, she shares, she tells all the modeling secrets. Being a former model, I love this book its a reminder of taking care of yourself, never giving up and how to cover the flaws. Its perfection! I always use two BB creams in different shades, she does the same!! Talking about sharing, I met the founders of Moxy and Main. Its a websight that three smart savey women created,it is a national destination for the fiercely fabulous mom. Check us out for exclusive events, great content, giveaways, and so much more. Everywhere, USA ·





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Loose 7 lbs try my 7 Tips and NO exercise required!

Loose 7 lbs with my 7 Tips and NO exercise required!

                     Loose weight the easy way!! Just a few tips that I Know to be true and work!



I like to share, when I have a good thing. I do love to talk about diets, and look in peoples shopping carts, just to see, what what are they eating?? I've seen foods that are screaming, "IM PINK and Foamy, I'm loaded with chemicals" and people buy and feed to there kids. ‘Health and Wellness’ is becoming  a trillion-dollar global industry. ‘Obesity is expensive in terms of health-care costs,’ it said before adding, with a consultant chuckle, ‘dealing with it is also a big, fat market.’ Obviously, if animals are getting heavier along with us, it can’t just be that they’re eating more MUFFINS and Candy bars and driving to work most days. On the contrary, the trend suggests some widely shared cause, beyond the self control of individuals, which is contributing to obesity across many species.

1. DON'T fall for the label that says "HEALTHY" Use  your common sense, just because it's labeled "healthy" it still could contains  food coloring etc. AVOID heavely packaged food!

2. NO Soda, just water, ice tea, sparking water or Vodka or Wine ( all in moderation)

One recent model estimated is that eating a mere 30 calories a day more than you use is enough to lead to serious weight gain. Given what each person consumes in a day (1,500 to 2,000 calories in poorer nations; 2,500 to 4,000 in wealthy ones), 30 calories is a trivial amount: by my calculations, that’s just two or three peanut M&Ms, after my Halloween calculations as I licked the butter fingers. If eliminating that little from the daily diet were enough to prevent weight gain, then why are we getting fatter and fatter, everyone of every economic level is always talking weight gain or loss. Why is something so primal has become so out of wacky?

3.Get Sleep, you consume more calories when tired, people consume 300 more calories when over tired. (like me now!!)

4. Hang out with people who watch what they eat..bad habits do rub off.

 BUT I do believe stress  can makes you eat,‘empty calories’ ‘a calorie is a calorie is a calorie’ if you overeat it will add fat to your frame. The badness of a ‘bad’ food such as a processed potato chip is that it makes calorie intake easier than it would be with broccoli or an apple. I have just lost 7 lbs and did not hit the gym once. It was a experiment I wanted to try, and it worked. Let me share my tips and why they worked.

5.Turn the thermostat down, feel a little cooler you will burn more calories (just a couple degrees lower, and be conscience)

Yet a number of researchers have come to believe, the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, that ‘all calories are not equal’. The problem with diets that are heavy in meat, fat or sugar is not solely that they pack a lot of calories into food; it is that they alter the biochemistry of fat storage and fat expenditure, tilting the body’s system in favor of fat storage. example, that sugar, trans-fats and alcohol have all been linked to changes in ‘insulin signaling’, which affects how the body processes carbohydrates. You know how some people say. "I look at cheese cake and gain weight". I do believe that the way our body metabolizes is also a  direct link to weight gain. I also think that if your body has to many chemicals in it the elimination of fat is harder.

6. NO heavy creams or makeup, the less products used the better, reduces chemical build up, and easier elimination.

More importantly, ‘things that alter the body’s fat metabolism’ is a much wider category than food. Sleeplessness and stress, for instance, have been linked to disturbances in the effects of leptin, the hormone that tells the brain that the body has had enough to eat. Yes some people just never feel full. For example at "tailgate parties", when everyone just keeps eating and eating all day…I know its fun, but I often wonder if some people ever get that full feeling??

In my research. working with chemist and Doctor's when creating and producing cosmetics and beauty products for my business G2 Organics, (picture below in magazine) I concluded that industrial chemicals have all entered our bodies, for example wax and toxins from creams that are not eliminated. When I personally  did my complete organic, no chemicals, no processed food detox, the weight fell off. It was work, but I did feel great and loved when people said you look "too thin", I LOVED IT!!! Reality is that I could not keep up with just eating 100% clean, but the self education  still effect my food and product I use.


  For example, a study by the Environmental Working Group of the umbilical cords of 10 babies born in US hospitals in 2004 found 287 different industrial chemicals in their blood. Beatrice Golomb, professor of medicine at the University of California, San Diego, has proposed a long list of candidates — all chemicals that, she has written, disrupt the normal process of energy storage and use in cells. Her suspects include heavy metals in the food supply, chemicals in sunscreens, cleaning products, detergents, cosmetics and the fire retardants that infuse bedclothes and pajamas. I agree with this 100%.


Chemicals and metals might promote obesity in the short term by altering the way that energy is made and stored within cells, or by changing the signals in the fat-storage process so that the body makes more fat cells, or larger fat cells. They could also affect the hormones that spur or tamp down the appetite. In other words, chemicals ingested on Tuesday might promote more fat retention on Wednesday. 

Just to double down on the complexity of the question, a number of researchers also think that industrial compounds might be affecting these signals. For example, Bruce Blumberg, professor of developmental and cell biology at the University of California, Irvine, has found that pregnant mice exposed to organotins (tin-based chemical compounds that are used in a wide variety of industries) will have heavier offspring than mice in the same lab who were not so exposed. In other words, the chemicals might be changing the signal that the developing fetus uses to set its metabolism. More disturbingly, there is evidence that this ‘fetal programming’ could last more than one generation.A good predictor of your birth weight, for instance, is your mother’s weight at her birth

 There is a ‘thermoneutral zone’ in which a human body can maintain its normal internal temperature without expending energy. Outside this zone, when it’s hot enough to make you sweat or cold enough to make you shiver, the body has to expend energy to maintain homeostasis. Temperatures above and below the neutral zone have been shown to cause both humans and animals to burn fat, and hotter conditions also have an indirect effect: they make people eat less. A restaurant on a warm day whose air conditioning breaks down will see a sharp decline in sales (yes, someone did a study). Perhaps we are getting fatter in part because our heaters and air conditioners are keeping us in the thermoneutral zoneWe are increasingly understanding that attributing obesity to personal responsibility is very simplistic I believe we are surrounded by hidden forces that are contributing to the weight gain, by the choices we make.


The chemicals, the stress, the air conditioning, the elevators-instead-of-stairs, foods and beverages that are ‘metabolic disturbers’this is what's making us fat.

But that’s not the worst of it. The human body’s response to its nutrition can last a lifetime, and even be passed on to the next generation. If you or your parents – or their parents – were undernourished, you’re more likely to become obese in a food-rich environment. Obese people, when they have children, pass on changes in metabolism that can predispose the next generation to obesity as well. Like the children of underfed people, the children of the overfed have their metabolism set in ways that tend to promote obesity. This means that a past of under nutrition, combined with a present of over nutrition, is an obesity trap.  I think we all know this, news stories, magazines, books. But I do know just eat a few bites less everyday, and it will add up to lost lbs. Its all about being mindful and making just a few changes.

7. Eat a few bites less at every meal, leave a little food on the plate!! leave a spoonful less thats 30 calories each meal x 3 = 90 saved calories a day.smiley

Try these tips, won't hurt you in any way and do work!

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New England Patriots, Deflate Gate offers 5 teachable moments for kids!

New England Patriots, "Deflate Gate" offers 5 teachable moments for kids!IMG_8066

Deflate gate is a teachable moments. I love Tom Brady and The Super Bowl, dressing in Patriots colors and having fun. That will not be taken away because of "de-flategate". Children need to know that no organization is 100% pure, for instance. According to the New York Post, the other Super Bowl team, the Seahawks, leads the league in performance-enhancing drug suspensions. And it’s important to emphasize that people (or teams) shouldn't’t be defined by their worst actions. The Barry Bonds Family Foundation helps fund outreach programs for African-American youth in San Francisco. If they cheated, they must be held accountable, like Lance Armstrong and Alex Rodriguez, the highest paid player in the history of baseball, came  clean about his use of steroids in the last decade as part of an immunity deal with the Drug Enforcement Association. The truth will come out.IMG_8056

 I always say think about the consequences of how you will eventually be viewed because of your actions today. Just because people accuse does not make it true. According to Pro-Football-Reference’s expected points metric, which tracks how many net points are added by each play after accounting for down, distance and field position, Tom Brady and the Patriots’ passing offense added 14.1 points to the team’s margin. By contrast, Andrew Luck and the Colts contributed -10.5 expected points through the air, so the difference among the two teams’ passing production was worth about 24.6 points of scoring margin to the Patriots — still about two touchdowns shy of the Colts’ entire scoreboard deficit. The proof is in the record.

I would like to offer some parenting advice and  talking points concerning this "deflate gate, I think it can open great conversation

1. Talk about our moral value

2. Talk about why people cheat inadequacy or they worry about underperforming

3. Talk about consequences, reparably damage their relationships with their peers.

4. Talk about  accusations overpower your love for The New England Patriots or any sport and what it means to be a fan and just enjoy.

5.  Talk about how to cope with the disappointment of loosing or finding out that somebody cheated and how to handle it.

Whatever the outcome of the game, take the opportunity to have fun and enjoy, truthfully I like the game, enjoy the commercials and halftime entertainment with my friends and family the most ! IMG_8059

Fans BenAffleck, Matt Damon IMG_8067



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“COOKING WITH LOVE and Getting RESULTS” on Valentines Day 2015

 "COOKING WITH LOVE and Getting RESULTS" on Valentines Day 2015
IMG_7992As a Reiki Master, I know this to be true, but people always want scientific proof. I challenge you to try it. Doing, with the right intention is the most powerful aphrodisiac in life not only Valentines Day.
 "Cooking with Love and Getting Results" is perfect for Valentines. I'm not sure if you ever heard of "THE Rice Experiment" or "What the Bleep do we know"!%3F its very powerful and true. This experiment shows when food, water are treated with the right intention they flourish, when treated bad they die.  Most people agree that positive thinking has power, this would be a fun, informative and can only help.IMG_7991
"Cooking with LOVE and getting Results" highlights the intention and integrity of good energy!
– Send love and good energy into the food while cooking, even play happy music.
-positive intentions make the food taste better, it translates in taste and feelings as you prepare, eat, digest.
-Engagement Chicken, perfect example, its a delicious lemon chicken. Has all the right stuff, lemon for detoxification,andprotein.
-healthy ingredients raise ones personal vibration to feel better
-love has such a powerful energy that it does effect the way people taste and digest food.
example KOBE beef, the animals are treated very humanly and the meat is better.IMG_7993

This is a example of intention when cooking.Engagement Chicken, every person should know, the recipe that started it all. And once you've made it, you'll know why. It serves up the kind of home-cooked goodness that no restaurant meal can top. The chicken's crispy skin is drenched in herb-infused juices (don't forget to pour the pan dripping back over the chicken before serving or, alternately, to drizzle them over individual pieces on the plate), and the trick of turning the chicken 15 minutes into cooking keeps the meet uniquely moist. 

All sides will work with a main course this splendid. You can go with either white wine (in which case a Riesling would be nice) or red (try pinot noir). Positive & Happy cooking-and an even happier future to you and the lucky person you've deemed worthy of this dish.
IMG_7990Cooking with love, good ingredients and happy thoughts always makes everything taste better. As a mother who loves to cook, I think we all know nothing tastes better then a home cooked meal.
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My meeting Dance Moms, Abby Lee Miller and Parenting

My meeting  Dance Moms,  Abby Lee Miller and Parenting IMG_7852Abby Lee Miller, star of Dance Mom's is the ultimate tiger mom with heart and insight on how to employ tough-love to inspire children to achieve success. “If you want to help your kid reach the top, you can find no better coach than Abby Lee Miller. Some may criticize her methods,  but no one argues with her results. Her kids excel, (at what price)  her teams win and her alumni go on to Broadway careers,” reads the publisher’s description about her new book.IMG_7853

I was curious to meet Abby Lee too. After hearing the good the bad and the ugly  about Abby Lee from my daughter and her friends.  I wanted to meet AbbyLee in person, to see what she was really like. We  purchased tickets $75.00 each, which includes meet and greet, T-Shirt, introduction and photo. The pictures tell the story, but I will tell you my  personnel read on Abby LeeMiller. She looked fabulous, slimmed down, weight loss was well over 50 lbs. She was tanned and very friendly and a beautiful smile. We chatted a bit about parenting and kids. I liked her style, very direct, truthful and upfront. My daughter had her picture with Maddie Ziegler  and Mackenzie Ziegler the girls,  "put her feet together" she instructed . I think she has the knowledge, experience and the drive to push her "BRAND" to a new frontier. IMG_7851

HOWEVER as a mother I do have a problem with depersonalization of girls being depicted or treated as sexual objects. I was gobslapped watching the video of Maddie Ziegler in a cage. I know Abby Lee did not choreograph but still, uncomfortable to watch.

I am all for the arts and creativity, but  I do not like inappropriate imageries  imposed on girls through marketing or products directed at them that encourages them to act in adult sexual ways. Why, after the video "Elastic Heart" starring Shia LaBeouf and Maddie Ziegler, choreographed by Ryan Heffington. As a mother I am mad!  After the video was made & launched then everyone  saw the light and realized is was  wrong? They knew exactly what they were doing when making this video. The girls I know who love Dance Moms said this video was "uncomfortable  to watch, and who is the old guy?" The public has spoken, the kids like the dances and AbbyLee yelling at the mothers, the girls who watch do not want to see the sexualization of " Dance Moms"  girls.

 Check outs The hardcover edition of “Everything I Learned about Life, I Learned in Dance Class” is available for pre-order, retailing for $22.99 ($12.99 for eBook) on  

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Nichole Kidman, talking Paddington, Parenting, Beauty all in one morning!


IMG_7888 I finally met my Nicole Kidman, 47,  my favorite  Oscar winning "movie star", In NYC at the Lincoln Film Center. She wore her hair straight  a black high-neck blouse beneath her black suit, which had a gold chain  and beautiful rings. She was right on time, no she was early!! I love that she was early Brooke Shield's was late for my last event.  

The movie Paddington was funny and had a good family value lesson. That being said I had a chance to speak to Nichole. I asked her about her relationship with Suri, Tom Cruises and Katie Holmes daughter, myself being a Mom and a step Mom, I was curious. She looked at me surprised then said "ahh, no no I have no relationship with her". I was shocked since her and Tom have children from their marriage which would make them 1/2 brother and sister to Suri Cruise.  Can you believe Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise’s daughter is already eight years old? I think Suri would really like the movie Paddington. It was adorable and for all ages and Nichole plays a villain. I also find it hard to believe that she does not have a relationship with them since they are all in NYC. Let's talk beauty, this woman did not have the one line on her face, her skin was flawless. She  attributes it to  a peaceful life. “We have a very easy, warm, peaceful life. I think that is something that I always wanted and I was heading towards and I did not know how to find it – and I found it now,” Her hair is naturally curly now she straightens it,  very thick and coifed perfectly, many product and spray. She looked beautiful in person, and reads well in pictures.



IMG_7899Qv0uF5k6gShP5a-dARuGMxSyDH-L_RsVPM8m6OZ5MBQoeeI9hHsWh7LJbua8B_2XS8tj9avF7uiBuOq9cq8iLw-150x150Denise Albert and Melissa Gerstein also known as The MOMS and your local Chevy dealers  hosted a Paddington Mamarazzi®Unknown-3

Nicole-KidmanNicole Kidman  Paddington Movie in NYC




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Healing Begin! Protesting must STOP,No More ‘Die-Ins’ at Grand Central, Mom speaks up for NYPD and Law Enforcement

IMG_7887All lives are valued, I hear what the protesters are saying, I feel the pain, I understand, BUT the disruption must stop and the healing must begin. “Die-ins” (when protesters lie down and block traffic)  will no longer be permitted at Manhattan’s Grand Central Terminal, Metropolitan Transportation Authority officials said Tuesday, after a month of nightly protests at the station.

IMG_7905 I found myself smack in the middle of a protest, at Grand Central Station. I asked one protester to stop I said "please use your time and energy to be more constructive, educate and help communities instead of causing disruption."  Well, thank GOD all law enforcement was present.  They were amazing, and saved me from the anger coming from the mob.  The lack of support by Mayor de Blasio  toward NYPD is unconscionable. These men and women put their lives on the line everyday, and I just could not stand back any longer watching and walk through a protest without standing up for NYPD and all law enforcement and the chaos these protesters cause.

The healing must begin now, the lack of leadership by our mayor is hard to ignore. But as a citizen these are some suggestions from this MOM:

1.Show respect for authority, it starts in the home and at schools

2.Obey the law, if stopped by police be calm. You will have your turn to speak in court

3.Volunteer in your community, make a difference take responsibility for your action, do not be a blamer

4.Have hope, do not give up stay positive, you can make a difference

5.Monitor your balance 









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