Everybody should have a manicured hand! I’ll tell YOU why!

Why do you think everybody loves a good mani? I think It feels better, cheap additionally can change your mood. Even if you feel "a mess" when your nails are done, you feelbetter. I discovered this very cool little nail artist. Her name is Natile. I like a natural nail for myself, with a fun color polish, but always admire the ladies with the big statement nails. I think it's a way to express, and show your frivolous creative side. We all know that fake nails are not for everyday, but a good mani and fun colors and designs can put a smile on any girls face.



Shellac manicures are all the rage right now, especially with summer coming up! If you have not heard about them: Shellac is a type of polish that stays relatively chip-free for up to two weeks. The polish is a cross among regular and gel polish, which means a stronger formula to hold up during all your summer fun!

Here’s why Shellac manicures should be the only thing on your nails this season:

Shellac lasts longer than regular manicures – Let’s face it: regular manis at the salon is hard to keep nice. Shortly after a manicure, polish already starts to chip.  It’s great for an event, but go a couple days, and you need a touch up. You do not have to worry about chipping with Shellac. They cost a fraction more, yet they last twice as long, giving you more time to enjoy the glorious summer whether.

Shellac takes less time to dry – We are all busy people. Say goodbye to sitting around waiting at your nails to be ready! No more chipping them because they weren’t dry. Shellac polish is dried by UV3 technology. At the salon, you just let your nails sit under a small UV light for a couple minutes, and then you are done. Simple!

Shellac designs are limitless  – It’s true: you CAN have shiny nails and designs that last! Shellac has a glossy finish and comes in all kinds of colors, so you can get great designs that do not chip off. The best part: it can be removed easily at your salon OR at home with 100% acetone nail polish remover. so got to natlie 


For years, acrylic, or artificial, nails have been the answer for anyone who has longed for well-manicured hands. They don't chip, peel or crack, and you don't have to wait weeks for your nails to grow to have fabulous fingernails. Aside from time and money necessary to maintain acrylic nails, there can be some downsides, which usually involve nail fungus or an allergic reaction to the polymer-based substances in the product.




above nails were created and manicured by Nail Phomaniac world class freelance nail tech-artist Nathalie 914-648-6183 GO TO LINK   http://instagram.com/nailphomaniac_


For most people, acrylic nails are a safe cosmetic enhancement. While it's unlikely that acrylic nails will harm your health, some people may notice that their real nails get tougher or become discolored [source: Gibson]. If this happens, simply remove the acrylic nails and let your fingernails grow out. However, there are some more serious consequences of having acrylic nails.   



Some ingredients in acrylic nails are highly flammable, so they must be kept at a distance from hair straighteners, dryers or curling irons, as well as from heat and flames when cooking [source: U.S. Food and Drug Administration].



Infection is another potential health problem that can develop — this is especially likely if you bump the nails or if they begin to separate from your natural nail. The moist, dark space between your nail and the acrylic is a perfect breeding ground for fungus and bacteria. You may not immediately notice the signs of infection because your nails are covered, so it's best not to leave acrylic nails in place too long [source:Gibson]. If your immune system is compromised in any way, perhaps due to drug treatments like chemotherapy, an autoimmune disease or a history of fungal infections or poor blood circulation, you're at a higher risk of developing an infection and may want to forgo acrylic nails [source: WebMD].

nails can change how you feel about yourself. For instance, some professional women who lost their jobs were loathe to cut a weekly manicure from their expenses, arguing that the indulgence helped them to look professional [source: Saint Louis]. Second, the process is undeniably relaxing, from the hand massage, to the careful attention to each finger. Third, sometimes it's hard to deny a bride who's made a round of manicures mandatory for the bridal party.




Regardless of the reason for the beauty treatment, a manicure forces you to take some time for yourself. How you spend that time is up to you — rehashing recent dramas with your friend in the adjacent chair or chatting with the manicurist. After all, you and the manicurist practically hold hands, and if you know each other well, you might catch up on life since the last manicure.

Even if you and your nail technician aren't best buddies, you can benefit from a manicure in ways beyond the obvious. For instance, nail biters may refrain from chomping on their digits if they're looking at a set of perfect nails sparkling with Moon Over Mumbai polish.



Not everyone sees the point of sitting in a salon and devoting an hour or so to your nails. Manicures don't last forever; that's why the salon can count on you coming back and spending more money. Your manicure will start chipping in three days if you're hard on your hands — washing them frequently, working with them and not wearing gloves when doing dishes. For the average person, though, a manicure lasts a solid week. You may even be able to stretch it into two weeks by adding a clear top coat every other day.
Even if you'd never place a pinky finger in a salon, you may be curious about the men and women in your life who disappear weekly behind those glass doors. Keep reading to learn about manicures and the secrets behind well-groomed hands.a



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Start by taking off old polish with a nonacetone remover. You've probably heard that acetone dries out your nails, but breathing in the fumes can also cause throat irritation and even increase your pulse rate, according to the National Institutes of Health. Instead, try G2 Organics Nail Polish Remover  www.g2organics.com

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