Healing Begin! Protesting must STOP,No More ‘Die-Ins’ at Grand Central, Mom speaks up for NYPD and Law Enforcement

IMG_7887All lives are valued, I hear what the protesters are saying, I feel the pain, I understand, BUT the disruption must stop and the healing must begin. “Die-ins” (when protesters lie down and block traffic)  will no longer be permitted at Manhattan’s Grand Central Terminal, Metropolitan Transportation Authority officials said Tuesday, after a month of nightly protests at the station.

IMG_7905 I found myself smack in the middle of a protest, at Grand Central Station. I asked one protester to stop I said "please use your time and energy to be more constructive, educate and help communities instead of causing disruption."  Well, thank GOD all law enforcement was present.  They were amazing, and saved me from the anger coming from the mob.  The lack of support by Mayor de Blasio  toward NYPD is unconscionable. These men and women put their lives on the line everyday, and I just could not stand back any longer watching and walk through a protest without standing up for NYPD and all law enforcement and the chaos these protesters cause.

The healing must begin now, the lack of leadership by our mayor is hard to ignore. But as a citizen these are some suggestions from this MOM:

1.Show respect for authority, it starts in the home and at schools

2.Obey the law, if stopped by police be calm. You will have your turn to speak in court

3.Volunteer in your community, make a difference take responsibility for your action, do not be a blamer

4.Have hope, do not give up stay positive, you can make a difference

5.Monitor your balance 









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