Celebrity Star studded Art & Fashion Show sells Westchester Mansion!


Contract signed two days after Creative Marketing event, people experienced the property in real time and it created a buzz!
Finishing the day with live performance of new song “Fashion” Couturier Designer Re’Mahli
Red Carpet Step and Pose
Catherine Testorf creator of Insight Artspace, Cherie Corso, Montgomery Frazier , Madonna Williams owner Glamsense Diva Beauty Bar, Carol Pezone, Pop Star Aaron Paul, Myriam Spiral CEO Alhambra Lifestyle , artist Luciana Pampalone, Sona Davidian owner of Mc Clellan Sotheby’s Intl Realty, Chase Bank with
Paul Anthony Mantia designed this bathing suit model by Elaina Waldman
Luciana Pampalone, modeled gold robe by Alhambra photo by Maurice Pinzon


Celebrity couture Art & Fashion Show create a story around estate to sell property! 

Professional Model Julia Marie Corso

Pelham Manor, on Wednesday June 26, 2019. Pelham resident Cherie Corso, creative  Marketing guru  & Media Influencer, in collaboration Carol Pezone of Mc Clellan Sotheby’s Intl Realty, created a Manhattan style level show in a “for sale” gorgeous  Estate Property that was for sale in Pelham Manor NY  Good news 2 days after the event the contract was signed. 

The purpose of the show was to highlight the property bring new people to Pelham in a fun unique special way to create a realtime experience for people to envision themselves in the home and talk about it,  plus social network the experience to their friends with a  red carpet “step and pose” as the paparazzi took their photo.  Realtors attended and loved it, it’s the talk of the town.

In less than 2 weeks, Cherie Corso put together her energy, connections and, talents, to create an amazing collaboration which brought together fashion, art, and travel; just magic ! Hosted by International pop star, Aaron Paul who dazzled the crowd with his talent and sequence pants. Gio Delavicci co stared in movie “ John Wick”  was the celebrity guest who kindly took pictures with everyone: “ I love the town of Pelham, I’ve filmed several TV shows there …”, said Gio. 

 Guests were able to see a poolside fashion show presented by Couturier Designer Re’Mahli, as seen during the Fashion Week in London, wowed the wowed the VIP crowd.  DJ playing poolside some fresh, “Every Girl” inspired fun colorful and summery clothes from local merchant Madonna Williams owner of Glamsene Divas Beauty Bar  using professional models casted by  Yvonne Forbes CEO Labellediva. Photos were taken  everywhere  all surrounded by the art, fashion and celebrities.  

From nature to art, from fashion to music, all perfectly blended together … such a special moment and experience for all of us. 

Artist and fashion photographer, Luciana Pampalone, modeled in front of her own mixed media leaves photography. Delvon Johnson, stylist  and author walked the poolside runway in Hermes.  Catherine Testorf, local resident and creator of InSight Artspace, loves to work on unconventional art installations and curated a show around the pool.  “To interact, to share, and to collaborate with other art expressions is part of our broader life experience” in Catherine’s own words. Light food, Moroccan delight by Alhambra Lifestyle gave everybody a taste of Morocco.  

Montgomery Frazier and Aaron Paul closed the show performing their new song “Fashion” which will be released on July 8 in New York, just brought down the house! It was a spectacular day that invitees are still talking about.

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