The way you eat your pizza can reveal what type of “lover”or Mayor (Bill de Blasio) you are! By Cherie Corso

The way you eat your pizza can tell what type of "lover" or Mayor (Bill de Blasio) you are! By Cherie Corso

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y.. — Mayor Bill de Blasio is taking a beating for using utensils to eat his Goodfella's Pizza during a visit to the Staten Island restaurant Friday afternoon. This cracked me up because I have a whole theory on how to tell what type of lover  a person is by how they eat their pizza.102759067-mayor-bill

I like to think NYC is the pizza capital of the USA,  I see it all in the melting pot of NYC, when it comes to pizza eating. 

1".The FOLDER" taking a slice and bending it: Type of love: not afraid to to take charge and and cover all the bases. I think the "folder" would run the city very well! I hear our former Mayor Bloomberg  only folded his pizza.


Daniel Craig Fan

2. "The Stacker" taking two slices flipping one over and eating the pizza like a sandwich :  Donald Trump and John Travolta eat pizza this way.  Type of lover: Organized, fast and efficient, they like to put there cards on the table and get the job done.  The 'Stacker" for Mayor, Trump runs a tight organization and he is a "stacker"  John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever




3."The Dissector" taking the pizza a part while they eat eat, dissecting the cheese then the sauce then the crust breaking it into pieces. I'll call him the engineer, Type of lover annoying, wants to know why and what all the time. No, the "Dissector" would not be good. To many moving parts in NYC, we need a quick thinker.

                                  Simon Cowellsimon_cowell_2812707


3. "Knife and Folk" eating a NYC slice  with silverware. like Mayor Bill  de Blasio. Type of lover, a performer, worried afraid what you might think, fearful and self conscience.  No this type would be all show no work!     khloe kardashiankardashians-eat-590mc-032210

search4."Last Slice Grabber", Type of lover selfish and careless. Just thinking about themselves, that was a easy one! No this person would be a terrible Mayor, he or she would be like a kid in a candy store.

What type are you?o-171537998-570 mileysearch


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