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Get a #Healthy start #2016 with NEW #beauty products and Feel better!




The average person uses 10-12 beauty products before they leave their home every morning.  Starting with shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer, deodorant, gel, makeup and even more lotions and potions to be groomed in order to  feel good. This adds up to 500 chemicals daily one puts on their body that gets absorbed. Studies show that children are having puberty earlier, mens testosorin levels are down, and cancer on the  rise. The movement is to be healthier, be green, to be good to the environment  by using organic and natural beauty products. We are bombarded everyday with “noise” about how to look better, be healthier. Now is a time to rebuild and rethink what we are doing to reach a healthy balance.images


 Throughout history  cosmetics have played a role in shaping  peoples lives. One drop at a time we can help ourselves and the environment.

*Buy products made in the USA, no animal testing

*Shampoo less, rinse with water and use a little conditioner

*create your own facial, Cleopatra used honey, milk and  botanicals oils.

*read the labels, if it has to many ingredients and chemicals take a pass

*allow your body to naturally detoxify, by letting the skin breath 


G2 Organics is in a chic, green, new way.  Co-Founder Cherie Corso, former model (but modeling again…) and Beauty expert has a mission is to educate and add sexiness and energy  to products aim to to help one live healthier by promoting wellness through natural, and organic products. We believe that our products promote a wholesome way of life by obtaining from harmful toxins, and instead focusing on natural elements and awareness. 


All of our products are Reiki charged with quartz crystals which is the belief of the healing power of stones.  This is a Japanese technique that reduces stress and promotes healing and positive energy. Reiki means “life force energy” this technique dates back to many other other ancient cultures. images-10


It is said that these stones helped the people achieve a greater sense of health of spirit, body and mind. They provide balance, peace, love, beauty, peacefulness, and emotional healing; sending good energy.



Fordham Universities interns for G2 Organics developed a organic cover stick for men and women, called The Hickey Stick. Its fun sexy and works, not just for hickies covers  tattoos, and heals pimples and cuts with ingredients such as rosemary and zinc. Easy to carry and and fun to use.


No animal testing and products are proudly made in the USA. 


For more information on G2 Organics and products visit 


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Are Redheads Hotter?






Reiki Master Says: Redheads Have 'Hotter' Energ



















Reiki, which is commonly called palm healing or hands on healing, is a form of alternative medicine and is sometimes classified as oriental medicine. Through the use of this technique, Reiki masters believe that they are transferring universal energy (i.e., reiki) through the palms, which they believe allows for self-healing and a state of equilibrium.

Reiki master and energy reader, Cherie Corso, has worked on several redheads, both natural and ‘by choice’ and said, “Women who are natural redheads, are ‘hotter’ and ‘warmer’ to the touch and their energy is more intense.”

When reading energy, a Reiki master looks into the ‘chakra’ which is believed to be what keeps one grounded and centered. “For every redhead I have worked with, their root chakra is red,” says Cherie, “Which means that they have life-force, instinct and are grounded.” But, you may ask what happens when a woman needs her energy shifted, say if she is going through a tough time in her life. Cherie said, “I often have to work harder to align the chakras on a redhead then any other color hair. Sound nuts, but true.”

And, what about redheads ‘by choice?’ “Women that color their hair red often feel the energy of the red instantly and love it. Their energy increases with the hair color.”

Whether you are a believer of energy readings or not, we do not find it hard to believe that redheads have stronger (and more stubborn) energy!

Rock it like a Redhead! 









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