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My #hair was was just oiled by #BeverlyD. and it feels great!

WOW, this  stuff works instantly and its organic!

IMG_1803     BeverlyD Luxe Organic Hair Care – Appreciation Luxe Organic Infusion

Ladies, I am such a shower and shake type of girl with my hair, I do very little, because when Im on TV or at a event my hair is done with sprays and hot rollers. Beverly oiled my hair and it felt and llooked great seconds after the oil was aplied. You have to ck this product out.

Houston, TX May 1, 2015  BeverlyD Luxe Organic Hair Care unveiled a new image for the organic plant and food material ingredient healing hair product  at Kuhl-Linscomb in River Oaks. BeverlyD had been selling in several outlets including Amazon, salons, boutiques and BeverlyD.com.

Appreciation, Kindness, Generosity and Attention are a few of the names given to these formulas that make hair young again with ancient remedies derived from organic plant and food sources.
How do you solve reactive hair in summer humidity situations?

Reactive hair is a result of over processing with chemicals, chemicals in water, excessive shampooing, alcohols in styling and suffocation due to synthetic use in hair products.
Appreciation Luxe Organic Infusion
is the initial remedy used with its easily absorbable molecular structure to feed the follicle and begin balancing, strengthening, hydrating extremely fine, dry, colored and over processed hair.  Feeding the follicle and shaft plant enrichments that build the strand and correct over processed conditions. It is no longer necessary to cut off excessively damaged hair.  The product disappears into the hair and can be added every day without shampooing.
Appreciation is applied to dry hair before shampooing, as oil and water repel, therefore is the antidote to keeping chlorine out of the hair, in the shower and in the pool. Appreciation adds value to relationships.  Relationships like the one with your hair, with your partner, with your family and friends.  Hair is not just about what you put in, it is the energy in which you treat it. Acknowledge your hair and the people around you.  You will begin to feel the Appreciation all around you from others and yourself. You will love your hair and everyone.
Plant ingredients included in the products are coconut, safflower, jojoba, & sesame oils, rye, wheat  & soy proteins. When you use plant ingredients there is no buildup, hair becomes lighter, softer. Customers have reported they shampoo less as hair stays cleaner longer due to the no coating or no synthetic approach.
Other products in this simple precise system are Collaboration Hair & Body Oil, Kindness Shampoo, Generosity Hair Masque Thickener, Yielding Detangling Conditioner, Attention Hair Gel- a soft application for curly dry hair, Playfulness Styling Spray, a wet and dry spray doubling as styling gel or hairspray.
Appreciation, as well as the other names, was selected as a name to build connection between humans to create more love in your life.  Instead of fear based selling we are using love to bring people closer and to create the hair you love.  BeverlyD Luxe Organic Hair building a love connection to the world one head of hair at a time. BeverlyD is a hairdresser and formulated these products with the assistance of chemists who specialize in aromatherapy and using plant, food and sea materials.  Testing and research occured with her clients and her clients say it best, ‘ BeverlyD made my hair young again!’
Apply 1-6 pumps or more as prescribed  into your hands and massage into hands well before applying to ends and working into the scalp. Hair will become shinier, more finished and movable calming the rough cuticle. Sleep with it or shampoo immediately. Appreciation has 12 uses in all and is the easy travel companion for skin moisturizer, hair pomade, eye makeup remover, as stated in the 12 Ways of Appreciation.

BeverlyD Appreciation Luxe Organic Infusion Appreciation Organic Infusion – $35.00

BeverlyD Luxe Organic Hair Care is available at BeverlyD.com

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