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Less Medication and more Meditation for our kids!

Less Medication and more Meditation for our kids! by Cherie Corso

I have to call the pink elephant in the room, why are so many children medicated? I understand and acknowledge that some children need  certain medicines to function but I'm talking about a parents giving their child a pill before a test so they can focus better, and get a higher score.Im talking about a parent who has a hyperactive kid and they don't want to do the work so they use medication to keep hem quiet.IMG_3351

Drugging kids for parents' relief called abusive

"If the child is horrendously disruptive — self-injury and hurting themselves — yes, use medication in young children," said Dr. Mani Pavuluri, director of the Pediatric Brain Research and Intervention Center at the University of Illinois at Chicago. "But it's always cautious to wait until they're a bit older than 5."

Pharmaceuticals should be the last resort after therapies and behavioral interventions, Pavuluri said.

From 1999 to 2001, 0.78 per 1,000 children ages 2 through 5 used antipsychotic drugs. That rate increased to 1.59 by 2007, according to a study published in the Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.

In a Columbia University study, the rates of antidepressant use increased among people age 6 and older from 5.84% in 1996 to 10.12% in 2005.

Behavioral modification and talk therapy can help so many of these children, young adults. 

Meditation and yoga can help with impulse control.  I think teaching your child impulse control will be one of the most valuable lessons you  can teach. 

I developed a method that does work, start slow, baby steps with your family. Start 5 minutes a day, soon you will be looking forward to 10 minutes even a hour. It will help your family on every level.  I call my method the Corso Method. It does work and the results are amazing. If u want more information email me cheriecorso@me.com


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