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“Paris in Pelham” Success! Art & Fashion

Catherine Testorf, CEO of InSight Artspace and Cherie Corso, collaboration with L’adresse NY was a big success! Guests cheered and loved the interactive art exhibition experience pairing color and style between vibrant paintings and contemporary fashion. The fashion show had models ranging from teen to mature women. Professional teen model, Julia Marie Corso walked the runway followed by Julian Testorf carrying artwork coordinating with her fashion. The crowd gasped when the beautiful Loretta Illustrato strutted down the catwalk wearing all white followed by more artwork. Other models were professional musician Ani Gregorian Resnick, who rocked the little black dress. Nadege Franken, pilates expert also graced the runway in style. It was a beautiful evening that transported invitees to PARIS for the evening. Art functions as a bridge between people, and is needed in our world. Everyone at the home of Catherine Testorf had smiles on their face while they enjoyed the experience. Friendships were made and memories created, the creative way of bringing people together was the brainchild of Catherine Testorf & Cherie Corso, who love people, art and making new friend. Men women and children were captivated by the art, French food, international guest and creativity, they are looking forward to the next mind-blowing event. 

Models wearing L’Adresse

Professional world class Model Julia Marie Corso & Model with artwork Julian Testorf
Art & Fashion on the runway modeled by Julian Testorf and professional model Julia Corso

 L’adresse NY brought thethe latest boutique trends from Paris, with a fashion show surrounded by the work of talented women artists, discover a selection of clothing from Parisian designers. Everyone loved the art, french food and a chance to buy remarkable works of art and to shop for a little something that you will not find anywhere in the States. Quotes from guest
“when I got home I looked at my walls and wanted to buy all new artwork” “I felt so relaxed and happy after the event, it must be the artwork & wine and fun people, felt like I went to Paris.”
Artist: Maizianne statement :

 It is about my perception of the person, but most of the time the reflection and translation of my deepest –sometimes unknown- thoughts, moods and feelings. Each piece is unique. 

I want the viewer to identify himself with the subject and associate personal memories or feelings to what is viewed” . Artist: Maizianne statement

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The #Energy from #KungFuPanda3 # #Kate Hudson and #Lucy Liu

The #Energy  from #KungFuPanda3 # #Kate Hudson and #Lucy Liu and more!30999F7800000578-0-image-a-25_1453832668724


It was one snowy day right after the storm hit the city. The weather was freezing cold and sunny and the road was extremely messy. I had to get up from the bed at 8 am and dressed up for Kung Fu Panda 3  screening event with Kate Hudson and Lucy Liu, by www.themoms.com  but that was not what excited me; the only reason to why I had the enthusiasm to get up and dress early in the morning in a freezing weather was the opportunity to learn from Cherie Corso. Cherie is an innovative founder of G2 Organics www.g2organics.com, blogger www.cheriecorso.com, mom, and of course my boss! G2 Organics? Are you sure they are true organics? Yes my dear, I can assure you they all are organics, odorless, and colorless. You know what I love about odorless products? First, they are not too confident that we would accept their choice of scent. Second, we can add our scent to the product. For example, you can spray your favorite perfume on the spot where you apply the Hickey Stick. Your perfume will last longer and get much stronger because the Hickey Stick traps the molecules so they do not evaporate as much as they would without the Hickey Stick. 


The movie, besides telling impossible stories of animals doing Kung Fu 3, also teaches us about the power that comes from within. Our exclusive nail polisher that comes with Rikei Charge exhales positive energy. Well, of course, not colorful energy like the one you will see on the movie. It is that positive aura that you feel when you play around with the bottle. How do I explain something colorless, odorless, and can’t be seen? There is no one definitive way to describe Rikei aura that comes out from the bottle, that is why you should get a bottle to feel it yourself, and I am sure you all will understand what I mean by then. 
Till my next post fashion bunnies! 
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MOMS STRUT, Walk the Talk for a GOOD CAUSE! Mommy Angels! MBFW 2014

MOMS STRUT, They Walk the Talk for a GOOD CAUSE!:  Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2014  a show that is  THE BEST one, its called“Strut: The Fashionable Mom Show,” Mom's and their children walked the runway,  last night at Lincoln Center, it was rocking. People were happy and cheering on all the models. Honestly this was the most FUN fashion show I have attended in all my years of going to fashion week. I liked this show because to me it was real, authentic, and it meant something in the world we all live in. AS a Mom, wife and  Reiki Master, entrepreneur( I wear many hats) and can read and feel energy, I will tell you many "Mommy  Angels" walked the runway last night, not only looking beautiful but helping this year’s theme is “Moms Strut for a Cause.” These "Mommy Angels" as I will call them got their "bums" in high gear. They wiggled, waved, smiled, pranced, danced and made a great show. I loved  Amber Sabathia, entrepreneur, philanthropist, creator and designer of CCandy, as well as wife of the New York Yankees’ CC Sabathia (my husband LOVED chatting with him), strutted with her children for the PitCCh In Foundation, which helps inner-city youth. Other "Mommy Angels" were  Denise Albert and Melissa Musen Gerstein of The Moms, and executive produced by Stephanie Winston Wolkoff of SWW Creative were Alexis Stoudemire, wife of the New York Knicks’ Amar’e Stoudemire, actress Alysia ReinerLaura Posada, wife of retired New York Yankee Jorge Posada; NBC’s Darlene RodriguezVictoria Recaño of “Inside Edition,” and Katina Taylor, wife of former NFL star Jason Taylor.

Big night: This show features real moms walking the runway; pictured, L to R, are Denise Albert, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff and Melissa Gerstein and models

Big night: This show features real moms walking the runway; pictured, L to R, are Denise Albert, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff and Melissa Gerstein and models

Bloomingdale’s  styled the show, highlighting fall fashion trends from designers such as Ramy BrookJay Godfrey, Torn by Ronny Kobo, Yosi Samra, Twenty, JustFab, FabKids, Kay Unger and Zeus+Dione. I liked the fashions, each style captured a setting a Mom will be in, dressy, casual, sporty, and SEXY!!! 

The sponsors of this event were Whirlpool, Cottonelle and Vaseline "Spray and GO" moisturizer. 


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Nolcha Fashion Week , soon MBFW Again!!

Nolcha Fashion Week         
         G2 Organics  had the pleasure of attending Nolcha Fashion week. This event is dedicated to independent fashion designers and allows them to showcase their collections to an audience of press, retailers, stylists and industry influencers.



            One of their popular events, the Fashion Brunch hosted by RUSK, took place at Yotel on the Upper West side of Manhattan. Simply walking up to the hotel was an experience on its own. The exterior design features a modern honey-combed pattern appearance, and is illuminated by a purple glow.



            The event featured over fifteen different retailers, but it felt very intimate being that each vendor had their own room designated as their space. In the center of the venue, hair stylists were offering free blow-outs, styling and even make-up application. After some pampering, one can take a walk over to theHydration by Nature vendor which features all natural, no sugar added, no preservatives coconut water. Out of their six featured flavors G2 Organics had our hearts set on the Pineapple and Mango Coconut Water.






            Other retailers who attended the event included Lilly Lorraine Inc., Restore NYC, Manufacture NY, Michelle Pajak-Reynolds and CAT Footwear.



            Lilly Lorraine Inc., based out of Austin, Texas, was started by Christi du Mesnil Craven who’s main philosophy for the brand is to give women a full-wardrobe that offers a collective versatility to a women's lifestyle. Our goal is to engage in the woman's emotion, femininity and confidence. Christi does just that by featuring exclusively designed textiles such as an exclusive bamboo textile, which is currently patent pending.



Lilly Lorraine Inc. bamboo textile dresses from her Fall 2013 collection, featured at Nolcha Fashion Week 2013.




            G2 Organics had the pleasure of talking with Amy Delson, owner and designer of Amy Delson Jewelry. We learned how she came about starting her jewelry line and her true inspirations. Amy Delson would come about unique pieces of jewelry in different antique shops and would create her own pieces. She recalls getting stopped in public many times by people asking about her jewelry and where they could buy it. After all the positive feedback from the public, Amy decided to pursue her own business. Amy mentioned the energy and inspiration that she gathers through nature, and shared with us that often times she will sit in Central Park and gather new ideas for her pieces by observing the surrounding nature. Amy also features custom design where one can bring in a meaningful piece of jewelry, such as an antique family ring, and Amy will create a modern piece from the antique piece. G2 Organics loved the detailing of the clasps on each of Amy’s pieces which are engraved with, “Made with Love in NYC.”





 Amy Delson, wearing one of her original designs featuring a vintage brooch on a modern-styled necklace.
Here are some more picture from the fabulous event!
Rosalie Cooper, owner and founder of Esarsi shoes, along with her daughter Stacey Cooper were at the event with their unique designs. 





A glimpse of Amy Delson's jewelry table.


Michelle Pajak-Reynolds' elaborate jewelry designs were also present at the event. They are truly works of art.



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