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Center Piece for Holiday Table

Things you need

1. clear glass vase or bowl (Michaels')

2.plastic wrap (Saran Wrap)

3. raw cranberries (buy in produce dept at food store)

4. Fresh Flowers (florist or food store)

5. evergreens (cut fresh outside from bushes)


1. put Saran warp in bowl

2. cut and stick flowers in plastic wrap

3. between the inside of the bowl and plastic wrap fill with cranberries

4. fill bowl with water and arrange flowers, use the cut evergreens as filler

YOU will be amazed how easy this is to do and how beautiful it looks, also the flowers seem to last longer too.




Clear phone case (AMAZON i got mine for 1.50)

Emoji Stickers 5$ Amazon

Colorful paper (you can print it or color a peace of paper)




1. first open the package 

2. cut out you colorful paper to fit you phone case 

3.put paper in phone case 

4. put stickers on phone case

5 enjoy 

IMG_7584 IMG_7585 IMG_7586


j n



NAME FRAME248683210643492421_rprg0TH6_c


1 a printer (BestBuy)

2 a frame (MICHAELS) 


1.search a letter of each letter of the person's name

2. Cut of the letter to fit the frame 

3. wrap it and give it !!





 Mug Maker



1. rubbing alcohol (CVS)

2. cotton balls(CVS) 

3 sharpies (CVS)

4. bank mug (Amazon)


1. Rub your mug with alcohol with cotton balls

2. dry it with cotton balls  

3. plan your design 

4. draw your design carefully with sharpie and if you mess up the alcohol will  take it out

5. when done

6. put in the oven for 10min for 350 

7.take out of ovenimages-12

8. enjoy 












things you need

1. glitter (cvs or staples) optional 

2. jar (Michaels 1$)

3 glue (CVS or Michaels)

4 Picture for inside globe

5 scissors 

6. glycerin (Michaels)

6 small plastic tree (optional)






How to Make It

  1. take jar.
  2. glue picture on the inside of the jar or glue plastic figure in side the jar.
  3. Fill the globe with distilled water to just below the opening; add about 1 tablespoon of liquid glycerin (found in soap-making sections of hobby stores) to thicken the water.
  4. Sprinkle with glitter.
  5. Working over a sink, slowly invert the decorated portion of the rubber base into the water; stretch the seal of the rubber base over the lip of the globe.
  6. Attach the plastic stand, turn the globe upright, and watch the snow fall!
  7. For extra sparkle, stand the snow globe in a silver wine bottle coaster.
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Gift idea! Get “Framed by the Judge” You will never forget it!

   Gift idea! Get "Framed by the Judge" You will never forget it!


IMG_7529Marylouise Judge worked at Pelham Glass Products for 20 years. She decided to set up shop on her own after it closed and now runs a frame store on  104 Fifth Ave, Pelham N.Y..IMG_7532

How many photo's do you have that are not yet printed? Print them and get them Framed by the Judge, its real, they will carry a good energy in your home. Create a memorable gift that will last forever.IMG_7530

Marylouise  can frame almost anything, it does not have to be flat, she said "I can even frame you if you stand still long enough!" I love her passion for her outstanding work. 


My personal experience with  Marylouise was incredible, she framed some vintage posters,  art work, that look amazing in my home.

Judge professed that she loves her job and will accommodate customers as best she can. She can frame almost anything,  flags, sports memorabilia, she even framed a glass wedding plate with invitation, kids artwork looks amazing.

Framed by the Judge is a asset to the downtown area in Pelham.IMG_7533



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