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Hat Trick Magazine Cover: Cherie Corso Spiritual #Entrepreneur









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The three phases of perfectly applying self-tanner !

The three phases of perfectly applying self-tanner


To get that lovely summer glow even after summer ends (and without actually cooking your skin in the sun) all you need is a great self-tanner… and a little know-how. Avoid looking like a streaky escapee from Jersey Shore with these pointers from a dermatologist and a beauty expert. Ready to glow?

Choose wisely

1. Choose the solution that’s best for your skin type

Dermatologist David E. Bank, author of Beautiful Skin: Every Woman's Guide to Looking Her Best at Any Age and founder/director of The Center For Dermatology, Cosmetic & Laser Surgery in Mt. Kisco, New York, says that certain types of products are better for different skin types. If you have oily skin, he recommends light, non-greasy, noncomedogenic formulas. People with dry skin should get self-tanners with moisturizing ingredients; and for sensitive skin, it's best to use a mild, hypoallergenic formula.

2Match the self-tanner to your skin tone

Dr. Bank gives this simple advice: If you're fair skinned, go light; for olive skin, use a medium shade; and if you fall in the bronze/brown/dark zone, you can use a darker shade. Everyone should stay away from "extra dark" formulas, he says, which can leave skin looking too orange.

Prep well

3. Exfoliation is key, people

Dr. Bank recommends exfoliating in the shower using a washcloth, and then smoothing on moisturizer. You can also try exfoliating with a salt or sugar scrub, which is something beauty expert Cherie Corso recommends. She loves Hey Sugar, Lookin' Good. “It works great and it’s organic,” she says (Gillysorganics.com, $25).

Another great exfoliating tool is the Dermasuri Deep Exfoliating Mitt, which works to reveal new, smooth skin by sloughing off flaky, dead skin from the skin’s surface with the mitt’s unique fabric (Dermasuri.com, $20).

4. Wait 20 minutes after your shower before you apply self-tanner

Why? Dr. Bank says the heat in the shower causes your pores to dilate, which can make your tanner streak.

5. Prep your freckles and dark spots

If you have freckles or dark spots on your skin, Cherie recommends covering them up before you apply the self-tanner, so they don’t get darker. “You don't want to look like a spotted leopard,” she says. Fair point, Cherie. She recommends the multi-use G2 Organics Hickey Stick, a cover-stick with zinc and moisturizing ingredients. Dab it on freckles and moles before you apply your self-tanner. (Bonus: Cherie says it will cover and heal cuts and pimples, too!) (g2organics.com, $25).Unknown-6Unknown-3

6. Strategically moisturize

Cherie recommends prepping your heels, elbows and armpits with a little moisturizer, so those spots don’t get too dark.

Apply smart

7. Use surgical rubber gloves

You can get them at CVS or any drugstore, and you won’t have to worry about orange palms.

8. After you apply, use a blow dryer set on cool to dry your skin.

Cherie recommends staying naked for 15 to 20 minutes before you put your clothes back on.

9. If you made any mistakes…

You can take care of them with a Bronze Buffer! This self-tanner remover sponge gently wipes away streaks and splotches, even after the self-tanner has developed. You can also use it to lighten areas that got too dark, get between your toes and fingers and remove buildup on your knees and ankles. (Sephora, $10)



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Raising awareness for pediatric cancer Parents with HYUNDAI HOPE ON WHEELS WITH ROCSI DIAZ


I'm not going to lie to you, I hate writing this blog, I hate cancer, I hate seeing children suffer, I hate what these families have to go through. One child diagnosed with cancer is just one too many! It's never about "I" when dealing with children, its about what can we do to help. Did you know that 15,000 kids are diagnosed with pediatric cancer and that cancer is the leading cause of death in children? Today The MOMS hosted a luncheon with Rocsi Diaz and Hyundai’s Hope On Wheels at The Warwick Hotel in NYC to help raise awareness for pediatric cancer.#HopeOnWheels #EndChildhoodCancerIMG_0452IMG_0476

The comapnay was great, the parents were amazing telling their personal stories, their courage and strenght inspired everyone. The children with cancer and in recovery were joyful and had hope in their eyes. They smiled posed for pictures, and had great energy. 

I'm no stranger to cancer and the effects it has on families, I even created a line of non toxic beauty products called G2 Organics because I believe a lot of cancer comes from beauty the products we use and the toxic build up in our system, a portion of my sales goes toward helping with cancer, www.g2organics.com  I think we all play a role in helping find a cure HYUNDAI HOPE ON WHEELS, has donated over $100,00 million toward the cause.

“Childhood cancer is an important issue that should command more attention,” said Rocsi Diaz. “I’m proud to participate in Hyundai Hope On Wheel’s launch activities. I’m moved that Hyundai has been helping kids fight cancer for 17 years and I’m delighted to share that this year they will surpass $100 million in funding groundbreaking research aimed at finding a cure because one child fighting cancer is one child too many.”

Hyundai Hope On Wheels will carry on its “Just One Wish” campaign theme from last year. This theme is designed to convey the mission of the organization to end childhood cancer. The campaign connects thousands of families affected by the disease via social media. Parents who visit the Hyundai Hope On Wheels website and social media channels can join the effort by posting a photo of their child and sharing their own stories of courage and hope. The goal of the Just One Wish campaign is to show the collective wish of a cure for pediatric cancer. Families can join the effort by visiting the Hope On Wheels website under the section “we win together” or by posting a photo on social media @HopeOnWheels, using hashtags #EndChildhoodCancer and #HopeOnWheels.

For more information about Hyundai Hope On Wheels, please visit www.HyundaiHopeOnWheels.org.





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Loose 7 lbs try my 7 Tips and NO exercise required!

Loose 7 lbs with my 7 Tips and NO exercise required!

                     Loose weight the easy way!! Just a few tips that I Know to be true and work!



I like to share, when I have a good thing. I do love to talk about diets, and look in peoples shopping carts, just to see, what what are they eating?? I've seen foods that are screaming, "IM PINK and Foamy, I'm loaded with chemicals" and people buy and feed to there kids. ‘Health and Wellness’ is becoming  a trillion-dollar global industry. ‘Obesity is expensive in terms of health-care costs,’ it said before adding, with a consultant chuckle, ‘dealing with it is also a big, fat market.’ Obviously, if animals are getting heavier along with us, it can’t just be that they’re eating more MUFFINS and Candy bars and driving to work most days. On the contrary, the trend suggests some widely shared cause, beyond the self control of individuals, which is contributing to obesity across many species.

1. DON'T fall for the label that says "HEALTHY" Use  your common sense, just because it's labeled "healthy" it still could contains  food coloring etc. AVOID heavely packaged food!

2. NO Soda, just water, ice tea, sparking water or Vodka or Wine ( all in moderation)

One recent model estimated is that eating a mere 30 calories a day more than you use is enough to lead to serious weight gain. Given what each person consumes in a day (1,500 to 2,000 calories in poorer nations; 2,500 to 4,000 in wealthy ones), 30 calories is a trivial amount: by my calculations, that’s just two or three peanut M&Ms, after my Halloween calculations as I licked the butter fingers. If eliminating that little from the daily diet were enough to prevent weight gain, then why are we getting fatter and fatter, everyone of every economic level is always talking weight gain or loss. Why is something so primal has become so out of wacky?

3.Get Sleep, you consume more calories when tired, people consume 300 more calories when over tired. (like me now!!)

4. Hang out with people who watch what they eat..bad habits do rub off.

 BUT I do believe stress  can makes you eat,‘empty calories’ ‘a calorie is a calorie is a calorie’ if you overeat it will add fat to your frame. The badness of a ‘bad’ food such as a processed potato chip is that it makes calorie intake easier than it would be with broccoli or an apple. I have just lost 7 lbs and did not hit the gym once. It was a experiment I wanted to try, and it worked. Let me share my tips and why they worked.

5.Turn the thermostat down, feel a little cooler you will burn more calories (just a couple degrees lower, and be conscience)

Yet a number of researchers have come to believe, the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, that ‘all calories are not equal’. The problem with diets that are heavy in meat, fat or sugar is not solely that they pack a lot of calories into food; it is that they alter the biochemistry of fat storage and fat expenditure, tilting the body’s system in favor of fat storage. example, that sugar, trans-fats and alcohol have all been linked to changes in ‘insulin signaling’, which affects how the body processes carbohydrates. You know how some people say. "I look at cheese cake and gain weight". I do believe that the way our body metabolizes is also a  direct link to weight gain. I also think that if your body has to many chemicals in it the elimination of fat is harder.

6. NO heavy creams or makeup, the less products used the better, reduces chemical build up, and easier elimination.

More importantly, ‘things that alter the body’s fat metabolism’ is a much wider category than food. Sleeplessness and stress, for instance, have been linked to disturbances in the effects of leptin, the hormone that tells the brain that the body has had enough to eat. Yes some people just never feel full. For example at "tailgate parties", when everyone just keeps eating and eating all day…I know its fun, but I often wonder if some people ever get that full feeling??

In my research. working with chemist and Doctor's when creating and producing cosmetics and beauty products for my business G2 Organics, (picture below in magazine) I concluded that industrial chemicals have all entered our bodies, for example wax and toxins from creams that are not eliminated. When I personally  did my complete organic, no chemicals, no processed food detox, the weight fell off. It was work, but I did feel great and loved when people said you look "too thin", I LOVED IT!!! Reality is that I could not keep up with just eating 100% clean, but the self education  still effect my food and product I use.


  For example, a study by the Environmental Working Group of the umbilical cords of 10 babies born in US hospitals in 2004 found 287 different industrial chemicals in their blood. Beatrice Golomb, professor of medicine at the University of California, San Diego, has proposed a long list of candidates — all chemicals that, she has written, disrupt the normal process of energy storage and use in cells. Her suspects include heavy metals in the food supply, chemicals in sunscreens, cleaning products, detergents, cosmetics and the fire retardants that infuse bedclothes and pajamas. I agree with this 100%.


Chemicals and metals might promote obesity in the short term by altering the way that energy is made and stored within cells, or by changing the signals in the fat-storage process so that the body makes more fat cells, or larger fat cells. They could also affect the hormones that spur or tamp down the appetite. In other words, chemicals ingested on Tuesday might promote more fat retention on Wednesday. 

Just to double down on the complexity of the question, a number of researchers also think that industrial compounds might be affecting these signals. For example, Bruce Blumberg, professor of developmental and cell biology at the University of California, Irvine, has found that pregnant mice exposed to organotins (tin-based chemical compounds that are used in a wide variety of industries) will have heavier offspring than mice in the same lab who were not so exposed. In other words, the chemicals might be changing the signal that the developing fetus uses to set its metabolism. More disturbingly, there is evidence that this ‘fetal programming’ could last more than one generation.A good predictor of your birth weight, for instance, is your mother’s weight at her birth

 There is a ‘thermoneutral zone’ in which a human body can maintain its normal internal temperature without expending energy. Outside this zone, when it’s hot enough to make you sweat or cold enough to make you shiver, the body has to expend energy to maintain homeostasis. Temperatures above and below the neutral zone have been shown to cause both humans and animals to burn fat, and hotter conditions also have an indirect effect: they make people eat less. A restaurant on a warm day whose air conditioning breaks down will see a sharp decline in sales (yes, someone did a study). Perhaps we are getting fatter in part because our heaters and air conditioners are keeping us in the thermoneutral zoneWe are increasingly understanding that attributing obesity to personal responsibility is very simplistic I believe we are surrounded by hidden forces that are contributing to the weight gain, by the choices we make.


The chemicals, the stress, the air conditioning, the elevators-instead-of-stairs, foods and beverages that are ‘metabolic disturbers’this is what's making us fat.

But that’s not the worst of it. The human body’s response to its nutrition can last a lifetime, and even be passed on to the next generation. If you or your parents – or their parents – were undernourished, you’re more likely to become obese in a food-rich environment. Obese people, when they have children, pass on changes in metabolism that can predispose the next generation to obesity as well. Like the children of underfed people, the children of the overfed have their metabolism set in ways that tend to promote obesity. This means that a past of under nutrition, combined with a present of over nutrition, is an obesity trap.  I think we all know this, news stories, magazines, books. But I do know just eat a few bites less everyday, and it will add up to lost lbs. Its all about being mindful and making just a few changes.

7. Eat a few bites less at every meal, leave a little food on the plate!! leave a spoonful less thats 30 calories each meal x 3 = 90 saved calories a day.smiley

Try these tips, won't hurt you in any way and do work!

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Everybody should have a manicured hand! I’ll tell YOU why!

Why do you think everybody loves a good mani? I think It feels better, cheap additionally can change your mood. Even if you feel "a mess" when your nails are done, you feelbetter. I discovered this very cool little nail artist. Her name is Natile. I like a natural nail for myself, with a fun color polish, but always admire the ladies with the big statement nails. I think it's a way to express, and show your frivolous creative side. We all know that fake nails are not for everyday, but a good mani and fun colors and designs can put a smile on any girls face.



Shellac manicures are all the rage right now, especially with summer coming up! If you have not heard about them: Shellac is a type of polish that stays relatively chip-free for up to two weeks. The polish is a cross among regular and gel polish, which means a stronger formula to hold up during all your summer fun!

Here’s why Shellac manicures should be the only thing on your nails this season:

Shellac lasts longer than regular manicures – Let’s face it: regular manis at the salon is hard to keep nice. Shortly after a manicure, polish already starts to chip.  It’s great for an event, but go a couple days, and you need a touch up. You do not have to worry about chipping with Shellac. They cost a fraction more, yet they last twice as long, giving you more time to enjoy the glorious summer whether.

Shellac takes less time to dry – We are all busy people. Say goodbye to sitting around waiting at your nails to be ready! No more chipping them because they weren’t dry. Shellac polish is dried by UV3 technology. At the salon, you just let your nails sit under a small UV light for a couple minutes, and then you are done. Simple!

Shellac designs are limitless  – It’s true: you CAN have shiny nails and designs that last! Shellac has a glossy finish and comes in all kinds of colors, so you can get great designs that do not chip off. The best part: it can be removed easily at your salon OR at home with 100% acetone nail polish remover. so got to natlie 


For years, acrylic, or artificial, nails have been the answer for anyone who has longed for well-manicured hands. They don't chip, peel or crack, and you don't have to wait weeks for your nails to grow to have fabulous fingernails. Aside from time and money necessary to maintain acrylic nails, there can be some downsides, which usually involve nail fungus or an allergic reaction to the polymer-based substances in the product.




above nails were created and manicured by Nail Phomaniac world class freelance nail tech-artist Nathalie 914-648-6183 GO TO LINK   http://instagram.com/nailphomaniac_


For most people, acrylic nails are a safe cosmetic enhancement. While it's unlikely that acrylic nails will harm your health, some people may notice that their real nails get tougher or become discolored [source: Gibson]. If this happens, simply remove the acrylic nails and let your fingernails grow out. However, there are some more serious consequences of having acrylic nails.   



Some ingredients in acrylic nails are highly flammable, so they must be kept at a distance from hair straighteners, dryers or curling irons, as well as from heat and flames when cooking [source: U.S. Food and Drug Administration].



Infection is another potential health problem that can develop — this is especially likely if you bump the nails or if they begin to separate from your natural nail. The moist, dark space between your nail and the acrylic is a perfect breeding ground for fungus and bacteria. You may not immediately notice the signs of infection because your nails are covered, so it's best not to leave acrylic nails in place too long [source:Gibson]. If your immune system is compromised in any way, perhaps due to drug treatments like chemotherapy, an autoimmune disease or a history of fungal infections or poor blood circulation, you're at a higher risk of developing an infection and may want to forgo acrylic nails [source: WebMD].

nails can change how you feel about yourself. For instance, some professional women who lost their jobs were loathe to cut a weekly manicure from their expenses, arguing that the indulgence helped them to look professional [source: Saint Louis]. Second, the process is undeniably relaxing, from the hand massage, to the careful attention to each finger. Third, sometimes it's hard to deny a bride who's made a round of manicures mandatory for the bridal party.




Regardless of the reason for the beauty treatment, a manicure forces you to take some time for yourself. How you spend that time is up to you — rehashing recent dramas with your friend in the adjacent chair or chatting with the manicurist. After all, you and the manicurist practically hold hands, and if you know each other well, you might catch up on life since the last manicure.

Even if you and your nail technician aren't best buddies, you can benefit from a manicure in ways beyond the obvious. For instance, nail biters may refrain from chomping on their digits if they're looking at a set of perfect nails sparkling with Moon Over Mumbai polish.



Not everyone sees the point of sitting in a salon and devoting an hour or so to your nails. Manicures don't last forever; that's why the salon can count on you coming back and spending more money. Your manicure will start chipping in three days if you're hard on your hands — washing them frequently, working with them and not wearing gloves when doing dishes. For the average person, though, a manicure lasts a solid week. You may even be able to stretch it into two weeks by adding a clear top coat every other day.
Even if you'd never place a pinky finger in a salon, you may be curious about the men and women in your life who disappear weekly behind those glass doors. Keep reading to learn about manicures and the secrets behind well-groomed hands.a



photo 3



Start by taking off old polish with a nonacetone remover. You've probably heard that acetone dries out your nails, but breathing in the fumes can also cause throat irritation and even increase your pulse rate, according to the National Institutes of Health. Instead, try G2 Organics Nail Polish Remover  www.g2organics.com

DZ241990 small


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The Hickey Stick, not only for LOVE bites! #Organic & Heals by G2 Organics

IT's The best product you will every buy!!






Hickey Stick


G2 Organics| Issue: Winter 2013/2014


Description:G2 Organics Hickey Stick is a new alternative to concealer that covers everything from scars and breakouts to hickeys. The product is made from organic, natural, and non-toxic ingredients like rosemary, zinc oxide, and Vitamin E. It is available in light and dark shades and each Hickey Stick is Reiki-charged for good energy. A portion of the proceeds go to cancer research.

Website: G2Organics.com










More Products

I created with my interns at Fordham University and Marie Lamari. Everybody laughed in my world thought it was just a throw away, cheeky kind of product. But it has stood the

test of time, and works great, people of all ages love it and use it. Its not just for "Hickeys" its for pimples, razor bumps and even bug bites bites. Its packaged so its easy to throw in your gym bag or pocketbook.

and sexy. I use it all the time, for what? Under eye As a BEAUTY Expert, I have used and know about so many cover ups, I wanted to create a product that everyone in the family can use. This product can be used by men, for , pimple, cover up and it  also heals. Plus for women keeps my makeup on. With everything I have learned about the cosmetic industry and chemicals I swear this is the best product on the market!



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Redding.com Debra Atlas: The Hickey Stick covers more than embarassing hickies By Debra Atlas Saturday, August 10, 2013


Debra Atlas: The Hickey Stick covers more than embarassing hickies

By Debra Atlas

Saturday, August 10, 2013I recently tested a product called The Hickey Stick, an organic two-step concealer/cover-up stick from G2Organics.

Used by both men and women, its thick, rich formula gives easy coverage. It works well to cover breakouts, scars, bruises, tattoos, razor cuts — and embarrassing hickies. It can even be used under eye shadow to conceal those dark circles.

Cherie Corso, one of G2Organics’ co-founders, says her daughter even uses The Hickey Stick to treat mosquito bites.

The Hickey Stick is made with non-toxic natural and organic ingredients. It contains no parabens, phthalates, petrolatum or lanolin, but includes ingredients such as rosemary, zinc oxide and Vitamin E.

Corso, an entrepreneur and a print model, and her partner, Marie Elena Lamarie, a finance major, entrepreneur and cosmetologist, take health and healing to heart. Since launching their company in 2009, they have become a leader in green beauty, producing safe, organic, eco-friendly, non-toxic products good for both consumers and the environment.

Both women are Reiki Master healers. A hands-on healing method, Reiki plays a part in all the products their company offers. All of their products are Reiki charged or imbued with Reiki healing energy.

Corso has been a guest on the Dr. Oz show, interviewed by the Wall Street Journal and other noted venues about her company and its natural products. She realizes that not everyone can do everything organic. But, she says, “If you do one or two things (green) in your beauty routine, you help lessen the impact of the chemicals you’re using on your body (and) in the environment.”

“Every little bit helps,” she said.

The Hickey Stick is a two-stick, two-step system. The first stick acts as a primer to mark what you want to conceal. The second stick neutralizes the first, to give even coverage. It’s available in both light and dark shades to match any skin tone.

Priced at $24.95 for two sticks, a portion of sales goes to help cancer research.

To learn more about this concealer or any of their other products, go towww.G2Organics.com.

An environmental journalist and blogger, Debra Atlas is reachable throughwww.Envirothink.wordpress.com or debraatlas@gmail.com.





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Nolcha Fashion Week , soon MBFW Again!!

Nolcha Fashion Week         
         G2 Organics  had the pleasure of attending Nolcha Fashion week. This event is dedicated to independent fashion designers and allows them to showcase their collections to an audience of press, retailers, stylists and industry influencers.



            One of their popular events, the Fashion Brunch hosted by RUSK, took place at Yotel on the Upper West side of Manhattan. Simply walking up to the hotel was an experience on its own. The exterior design features a modern honey-combed pattern appearance, and is illuminated by a purple glow.



            The event featured over fifteen different retailers, but it felt very intimate being that each vendor had their own room designated as their space. In the center of the venue, hair stylists were offering free blow-outs, styling and even make-up application. After some pampering, one can take a walk over to theHydration by Nature vendor which features all natural, no sugar added, no preservatives coconut water. Out of their six featured flavors G2 Organics had our hearts set on the Pineapple and Mango Coconut Water.






            Other retailers who attended the event included Lilly Lorraine Inc., Restore NYC, Manufacture NY, Michelle Pajak-Reynolds and CAT Footwear.



            Lilly Lorraine Inc., based out of Austin, Texas, was started by Christi du Mesnil Craven who’s main philosophy for the brand is to give women a full-wardrobe that offers a collective versatility to a women's lifestyle. Our goal is to engage in the woman's emotion, femininity and confidence. Christi does just that by featuring exclusively designed textiles such as an exclusive bamboo textile, which is currently patent pending.



Lilly Lorraine Inc. bamboo textile dresses from her Fall 2013 collection, featured at Nolcha Fashion Week 2013.




            G2 Organics had the pleasure of talking with Amy Delson, owner and designer of Amy Delson Jewelry. We learned how she came about starting her jewelry line and her true inspirations. Amy Delson would come about unique pieces of jewelry in different antique shops and would create her own pieces. She recalls getting stopped in public many times by people asking about her jewelry and where they could buy it. After all the positive feedback from the public, Amy decided to pursue her own business. Amy mentioned the energy and inspiration that she gathers through nature, and shared with us that often times she will sit in Central Park and gather new ideas for her pieces by observing the surrounding nature. Amy also features custom design where one can bring in a meaningful piece of jewelry, such as an antique family ring, and Amy will create a modern piece from the antique piece. G2 Organics loved the detailing of the clasps on each of Amy’s pieces which are engraved with, “Made with Love in NYC.”





 Amy Delson, wearing one of her original designs featuring a vintage brooch on a modern-styled necklace.
Here are some more picture from the fabulous event!
Rosalie Cooper, owner and founder of Esarsi shoes, along with her daughter Stacey Cooper were at the event with their unique designs. 





A glimpse of Amy Delson's jewelry table.


Michelle Pajak-Reynolds' elaborate jewelry designs were also present at the event. They are truly works of art.



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THINK: An effective, gentle, non-polluting, nail polish remover enhanced with the power of crystals. Make a small change for the better….one drop at a time.

WHAT IT IS: G2 Organics Nail Polish Remover is a non-toxic, odorless, gentle and effective nail polish remover with a bonus; it is Reiki-charged. A genuine quartz crystal helps to amplify the Reki energy and represents overall well being. Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that promotes healing, and a sense of well being. G2 Nail Polish Remover is good for your body, spirit, and the environment. The G2 Organics Nail Polish Remover comes in two styles: Brown Label 4 fl. Oz ($9.95) in an unbreakable, plastic bottle, and the Luxury Glass Bottle 4 fl. Oz ($15.95) in a clear, glass display bottle with genuine, quartz crystals. The Luxury Glass Bottle is meant to be displayed, as a reminder that every day, there is a positive purpose in everything you do.

WHAT’S IN IT? The product is all natural, non-toxic, and 95.% organic. It has a non-acetone formula that’s kind to skin and nails, free of harsh chemicals, artificial fragrances, and colors. The ingredients are simple: aloe vera extract and Vitamin E, butyl diglycol (derived from corn), an embittering agent, and ethyl alcohol (derived from grain). That’s it!

THE BENEFITS: G2 Organics is not just a nail polish remover. It’s a lifestyle product with definite benefits: No Odor: Most nail polish removers have harsh chemicals and unpleasant odors. You, and everyone around you, breathes in those noxious, unpleasant, unhealthy vapors. They also waft up into the air, polluting the environment. G2 Organics nail Polish remover is non-toxic and completely odorless. Use it anywhere, any time: at home, the office, even when you travel, because there’s no telltale odor or pollutants.

Kind to Skin: G2 Organics Nail Polish Remover is gentle on your skin, your body, your surroundings, and the environment. The product is effective, even though it is gentle. It effectively wipes away nail polish, without rubbing, scrubbing, or hassle.

A “Feel Good” Product: Reiki-charged G2 Organics Nail Polish Remover is spiritually enhanced to make you feel good and send positive energy into your life. Make a small change for the better, one drop at a time. It’s a little thing you can do to make life easier and more satisfying.

G-2 Organics, Your Choice is “crystal” If you care about the environment, if you are sensitive to chemicals, if you're pregnant or have health issues, if you’re concerned about the health of your children, or if you just don’t like the smell of chemicals, G2 Organics is the obvious choice, a crystal clear choice.

WHERE TO FIND IT: Visit the G2 Organics Web Site: www.g2organics.com Twitter: “g2organics” 

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