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Happy Wellness Wednesday! Think Positive, Don’t compare Yourself to others! By Cherie Corso

Wellness Wednesday!  Wellness Wednesday!Wellness Wednesday! come on feel GOOD!!!


Happy Wellness Wednesday everyone! Today I want to share with you 10 great ideas to having a positive body image, which is so important. People criticize themselves too harshly when it comes to their appearance; stop comparing yourself others! Here are the 10 steps:


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Full Moon October 18 2013, What do you want? Help to restore balance! Open new opportunities and more!!!!

 Helps to Restore balance, open new opportunities and more!! Maybe Congress can do this, can't hurt! This is a great post too.Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, October 18, 2013 | Fiesta Estrella

Tonight is a full moon, October 18 2013 ,For of those of you who have never worked with the energy of the Full Moon, may be wondering how does one draw upon its energies? Well, I have a simple method I use which involves visualization. I will also give an alternative method for drawing Full Moon energies to you that involve being outdoors and writing down your intentions.

Full Moon Meditation

 Take a few deep breaths to help clear your mind and open your heart and spirit. Visualize a huge bright Full Moon hanging above you in the sky. It is shining so bright, so beautiful.  On a piece of paper write your intentions, whatever it is that you want "and more".  THINK and FEEL,Full Moon is shining all around you, all over you, and within you. Allow yourself  to look at the moon, admire the beauty, feel the light and energy.  Feel its positive energies, feel positive thoughts. Once you have taken all the energy you need from the Full Moon, start to think about your intention. Think about the true desire of your heart in this moment or at this point in your life. For some it might be finding love, job success, happiness for your children, whatever the positive intention is its all good. Focus on your desires. Begin to send the Full Moon's energy from within you to your desire.

This meditation helps to recharge your spiritual battery because it reminds you of your own inner power and inner strength to draw towards you the desires of your heart and to heal yourself. You can tweak this meditation to fit any need you may have at the time. And this is a good way to draw upon the energy of the Full Moon at any time during the month, not just when there's a Full Moon outside. Think about what you desire, send the message to the universe.

I like to write it down on a piece of paper, you can everything and anything that you want. Always remember the old saying " becarful what you wish for you might get it".  Don't be afraid to go for it and visualize and be grateful for all that you have and all that you hope to achieve. full moon, is a good time to perform positive energy , work with increases, good luck, growth, love, sexual desire, and wealth; it is a time of inflation. This is the best time to bring things to you and increase your fortune. 

This is a fun way to do it.  

1. Write down your intention, what you want!


2. Visualize 

Download Burni
Restore Balance, What YOU want, and more…Do it tonight October 18, 2013
















3.Burn the paper  with your intentions(in a empty flower pot, firepit, whatever you have) take the ashes and put it out the universe!

Okay, some might think this is crazy, but it can't hurt and might even help you get to the next level. Look around, at what going on in the world, I feel is we all send out positive thoughts, help each other, the vibration of good with help us all. Blessings and may all your dreams come true, and more!

So, the next time you're feeling out of balance, a little drained, or in need of extra spiritual strength, draw upon the energy of the Full Moon realizing you are one with all things in the Universe and the energy shared is from the One who energizes all of us.






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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week NYC Spring 2014 Runway to My World, I love PANTS!!!!

   I love MBFW, I love the kaleidoscope of colors and individual style. I get inspired and appreciate, so lets all keep creating!                             






 Week Day 1: It’s all about the pants 

BCBG Max Azria, Nicholas K, Desigual, Tadashi Shoji and Richard Chai LOVE kicked off Day 1 of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, Pants, Slacks Trousers..clam diggers, peddle pushers

whatever you want to  call them its all over the runway!  I have always loved crazy pants, yes deep down still a Prep from the 80's I certainly wore my share of maddress, whale, wide whale and Lilly. So IM loving this.

The pants all look very comfortable to wear. In my world up 10 or down LBS, I can still wear some of these styles, so all good. When I watch the beautiful tweezered legged models glide down the runway and all look fab. I

 always say if they don't look good on them NONE of us have a chance in hell to wear them. So I have to say  all the pants were a hit in my mind. Tall or petite you will be able to find a pair of fun stylish pants.

Its a must to the spring, resort shopping.








From left to right: Nicholas K; Marissa Webb; Richard Chai; Richard Chai.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week kicked off at Lincoln Center Thursday with spring/summer 2014 collections from big names BCBG Max Azria, Nicholas K, Desigual, Tadashi Shoji and Richard Chai LOVE.

Spring I know I will be still wearing "loud" pants but we will be seeing it all over. From printed palazzo pairs to silk trousers and high-waisted chambray options, both loose and leggy and fitted tailored styles will be on the racks. The low waited, thong underwear showing is so OVER. I just had to add that when talking about pants.

From left to right: Nicholas K; Desigual; fringe skirt at Tadashi Shoji; clutch at Creatures of the Wind; Tadashi Shoji.





From left to right: Nicholas K; Desigual; fringe skirt at Tadashi Shoji; clutch at Creatures of the Wind; Tadashi Shoji.





From left to right: Tadashi Shoji; Desigual; Nicholas K; BCBG Max Azria.





From left to right: Tadashi Shoji; Design; Nicholas K; BCBG Max Azria.




Other BCBG highlights included a super soft tunic dress, in a soft  a khaki sleeveless trench dress and sheer peek-a-boo panels on dresses and jackets.I can certainly see this on a lot of women all shapes and sizes. Cropped tops for the younger girls are still being shown, if I could I would but I will leave that up to the under 25 ladies, oh oh  this time in a tuxedo-type top styled with breezy oversized trousers

From left to right: Costello Tagliapietra; Desigual; Costello Tagliapietra; BCBG Max Azria.





From left to right: Costello Tagliapietra; Design; Costello Tagliapietra; BCBG Max Azria.




Richard Chai  layering lean pants with shirt dresses and jackets, but one look a model  did let all the fabric get the best of her, stumbling on wide leg pants.HEY lets give the model a break, its not easy and sometimes the floor or shoes are slippery, yes its happened to me when modeling, not fun and very embarrassing. Adds drama to the collection, "don't worry honey"!!! One must also remember that the concept is inspiration and will be scaled down. Runway is theater! THEATER, and Madison Ave is your runway or maybe its just your driveway, but when you feel good you look good.

The designer is making it all work without making the model look like a sack of potatoes . And he did it by mixing it up with brilliant, green and some really lovely blues. And his navy matte sequin combo made glimmer seem modern. Leather lovers will have trouble resisting the sumptuous white quilted Andrew Marc x Richard Chai moto jackets. I love leather jackets, for style purpose u can even go pleather 1/4 of the cost.

It was a mixed bag at Tadashi Shoji, where ultra feminine lattice, lace and floral embroidery collided with feathers, sequin fringe and embroidered tulle. While the girly gowns could earn a spot or two on the red carpet during awards season, the feathers  looked like a arts and craft project  from Micheal's  Craft Store. BEST been best left on the birds they came from or in the craft box. 


Barcelona-based Desigual injected some much-needed frothy fun with models skipping, shimmying and blowing kisses as they made it down the runway. The brand’s bold prints, as happy and bright as the models, embodied the company’s “La Vida es Chula” – or “Life is Cool” – philosophy. Even the most serious fashion faces couldn’t feel the happiness of the clothes, including the kooky Barcelona-city printed dress and raincoat,  floral bomber jacket with harem trousers and black and white geometric prints, proving you’re never fully dressed without a smile. I also feel the clothes can set the mood and the energy for the day. So even if your feelin "blah" these clothes will make you smile! If they made me smile watching the show they will make you smile wearing them.





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