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Brooke Shields, her Mother was ahead of her time and had vision!


I finally met Brooke Sheilds, the one and only, eye brows and all!  It was a rainy day in NYC, but felt warm by the hospitality of The Moms and Homewood Suites Midtown Manhattan.She was very real and honest like her new book Brooke Shields There Was a Little Girl.  I have always been fascinated by her, and had questions about her life.  She answers all in her book, from running down the hall naked after she lost her virginity, to sexless dates with George Michael, and John Travolta, no surprise! Brooke is still beautiful, and a little heavier, then expected, she was funny and truthful.The younger generation know her as  Brooke Shields: 'Hannah Montana' Mom Calls Miley Cyrus …

I asked her if other Mothers were jealous of her? She said that when people have problems with her its usually, about them and things going on in their life vs about her. We all have stuff going on. IMG_7204

She spoke about her Mother in a very respectful honest account of her life. She said  both made choices, and incredible sacrifices, that would affect their relationship forever. When Teri died in 2012 Brooke was by her side, both loving and conflicted to the end. Teri s death led to yet another media firestorm about who the world thought she was. But only Brooke knows the truth of the remarkable, difficult, complicated woman that was her mother. And now she'll share all in her memoir. I think her mother was ahead of her time.

I'm almost finished with the book, and love it, I actually look forward to reading it in the evening. Its never a easy road to success, but Brooke did it, even graduation Princeton University, she is married now with two children. Life is good. I think her Mother was way ahead of her time with her vision, and found it hard to cope with life and "stuck people", thats why I think she drank. God Bless her and she did show a lot of people new ways of looking at the world through art and humor. I liked her Mother after I read this book and spoke to Brooke.

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