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Every Woman Should have a #Gay #Trainer, and if he danced with #NYCBallet even better!

IMG_7492My 5 reasons why I think every woman should have a gay trainer:

1. You don't have to worry about the sexual tension, or innuendos, when in awkward positions IMG_7497

2. You will not feel intimidated. He will be your best friend and give you his undying loyalty.IMG_7507

3. You will feel a sensitivity that only a gay man can offer.

4.You don't have to worry about  your boyfriend or husband getting jealous.

5. You will feel empowered by the honesty and truth.IMG_7502

I have worked out with many trainers in my life, and I have come to the conclusion that  a gay trainer is a woman's secret weapon. My favorite in NY is Peter Cirolia, a former  American Ballet dancer (10 S Division St, New Rochelle 914-365-1862, www.BalletMuscle.com). A licensed personal trainer, health coach, and ballet master, Cirolia drew upon his 16 years of dancing and studying with The School of American Ballet to create a class that is very similar to the actual training used by the New York City Ballet. “This is a great way to get toned, aligned, and balanced—just like a professional dancer. I want to share what I love, ballet, and help people” he says. I attended Peter's ballet class, the vibration of excellence filled the room. I felt like I was a part of something bigger then me. I always say try something new and get out of your mind and into your body. This did it… I was a ballerina! I worked every muscle in my body, without lifting a weight or getting on the treadmill. Peter loves what he does and gives knowledge that could only be attained by his personal experience of dancing with the NYC Ballet. â€‹Peter has a method of combined personal training and ballet, which is genius, he calls it Ballet Muscle, I'm hooked!






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