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Overprotective Parenting are you hurting or helping? The Doctor agree’s with me!

Parenting today has become a profession with some muzzy's and daddy's!  I still can't believe what I see at times, lets let our kids grow up to be healthy productive adults. I think by smothering them and giving them everything its hurting them now and in the long run. We all see it with helicopter mothers, resulting kids living at home well in their 30's. or still being financially dependent, even when grown and have families which is worse. I have so much to say on the subject but time flies when on the radio especially when I'm enjoying the conversation with my hosts and call in guests. I like them both, and they give great advice in a fun easy listening style.

I'm a hands on Parenting Expert, and  Power Parenting Radio starring  is very informative and friendly the balance in the show is his lovely intelligent wife Carolyn listen it out it's  a great Parenting Radio Show So much to say on the subjects is a 

There's much to be considered when it comes to raising our kids today-and much to be frightened about. Parents are bombarded with stories of unsafe toys, violence in schools, cyber-bullying, teen sex, cyber-sexual predators, pedophiles loose on the streets, drugs, alcohol, obesity and the list goes on. When faced with this, who wouldn't worry?


However, many of these worries are overblown and unfounded. Crime-rates, early pregnancies, violence, school drop out rates and smoking have declined in recent years. In fact, children are generally safer today than in the past. Education, enforced safety measures and engineering of safety devices combine to make up this improvement.

More and more students are reaching university not knowing how to do things for themselves. Parents think they are helping young people by doing things for them but they are actually making them less independent. 

Overprotective parents send the message that their children can’t handle life’s challenges on their own. This can lead to a lack of self-confidence in these children. They may feel that if their parents don’t trust them with the freedom to make mistakes and tackle problems on their own, then they may not have the ability to succeed in life without the continued guidance of their parents. I say trust your parenting tools and let your kids, be. Be a loving caring parent, instead of "policing and trying to catch and prevent" the natural bumps of life. No guarantees either way so pray relax and trust your parenting skills. I also highly reccomend this book.11054470_404213373089169_5789462904959491834_n

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