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What do facial features tell us about our REPUBLICAN presidential candidate? The FACE tells it all

What do facial features tell us about our REPUBLICAN presidential candidate?  The FACE tells it all


What does each presidential candidate features say about them? I have been studying by face reading for over 20  years. Face reading is Chinese art of Face Reading  over 2000 years old, is an ancient form of physiognomy and entails the use of the face and facial characteristics to evaluate key aspects of a person just how much you can learn about a person just from just their eyes, ears, mouth, nose and eyebrow, and I love  reading hands too. One can tell a lot. We hear wise tails and nicknames for certain features that in many cases turn out to be true. For example stubby fingers “grabby person”, at least this is what my grandmother would say and I have found it to be true. The FBI have many files on certain characteristics, Journal of Social, Evolutionary, and Cultural Psychology, Jeffrey M. Valla, Stephen J. Ceci, and Wendy M. Williams of Cornell University show that people can tell criminals and noncriminal apart simply by looking at their still photos . This is groundbreaking proof in todays world, but the practice of face reading has existed for thousands of years not just in China. I like taking a look at the faces of our presidential candidates.

I can tell you a more about he candidate’s them by their features, then what they say and who will be the best president. Favorable and unfavorable facial features. The placement, flashiness, position, I have been practicing in a non-judgmental way for years. 

Eye movement, looking up to right is lying, unsure, the way the eyes move. Everything  on the face means something, for example big ears like president Obama has, means listener, always listening, never taking action. Now small ears tiny ears, means selective hearing and selfish.

Based on my years of face reading this is my read on our REPUBLICAN presidential candidate

IMG_5947Donald Trump, lips are even when pressed together, that means he can keep a secret and not show his hand when negotiating. Straight nose, in balance with the rest of the face, means he looks at situations straight on, deep set eyes, means he looks very closely and examining you as he speaks. he is not trusting of a lot of people. He listens but not afraid to act on his gut. Trump is very creative and passionate. He has traits of a good leader.IMG_5946Ted Cruz, his nose points downward, this means he looks very scenically at situations, very defensive, not open. The eyes are even slightly pointed downward, he looks at the world in a very black or white manor, he does not have a lot of patience. His protruding chin, means he is very stubborn. Hard to work for.

IMG_5944Marco Rubio, "egg head" large protruding forehead, he takes in a lot of information and remembers facts. His eyes are squinty, according to the placement, he makes decisions on information he knows more then what he sees and feels.Big ears, likes to gather information. He does not have a lot of space between nose and lip, this means he is not creative or very passionate.IMG_5945Ben Carson, his eyes slant downward they don't like to say NO! He had wide eyes also, this means broadminded, he tries to look at every situation in many ways. His forehead is slightly protruding, he likes to think before he speaks, he over analizes and finds it hard to  say no and make quick descions. Big lips very nurturing, finds it hard to say no.IMG_5942Chris Christie, small mouth, means he likes a lot of personal space and privacy. His fleshy round cheeks, means he likes to give advice. He has a small nose for a man of his size, that means he dose not focus on tiny details. He has a lot of white showing in eyes, could have a tendency to cheat be dishonest.IMG_5941Jeb Bush His forehead slants inward, he does not like to talk about his feelings. His eyebrows are growing in all different directions, this means he changes his mind a lot. He has a strong jaw line, very confident, even lips, he tries to see the balance. He has very soft fearures for a man, not a fighter.

IMG_5943Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton, eyes and corners of mouth slanted downward, very dishonest!


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