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Meet Romio Parenting Expert: Cherie Corso

Meet Romio Parenting Expert: Cherie Corso

Cherie Corco

Cherie Corso is an on-air Parenting Expert and Blogger who writes about Parenting, Lifestyle, Fashion and Family Fun. Her opinion isn’t only sought after in her social circle and New York City, but nationally as well.

Cherie has been a featured guest on a range of radio and television shows such as Fox Insider, Fox and Friends, Good Morning America, The Today Show and Dr. Oz – to name a few. With impressive credentials under her belt and passion for what she does, we were thrilled to welcome Cherie into our community as a Romio Parenting Expert.

Cherie is just as excited about Romio, too. Cherie shared, “As soon as I understood what Romio was all about, I wanted to be part of the Romio story. I wanted to be involved because it’s an extension of what I do every day. It’s an amplifier of what and who I believe in.

Cherie also loves that Romio can help her connect people together. Cherie continued, "The potential of connecting people is endless. As a national Parenting expert, I understand the importance of needing a good recommendation quickly. Romio can save time, money and effort. Romio is authentic, dependable and exudes excitement and passion – just like me!"


Catch Cherie on Instagram: cheriecorso

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