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Go see #Snatched Silly Fun, but meeting #GoldieHawn & #AmySchumer amazing!

IMG_1165Snatched was a silly fun movie, dumped by her boyfriend on the eve of their vacation, impetuous dreamer Emily Middleton (Amy Schumer) persuades her cautious mother, Linda (Goldie Hawn), to accompany her on an exotic getaway to South America.  Opposites, Emily and Linda must soon work through their differences to escape from a wildly outrageous and dangerous jungle adventure funny, entertaining. But the best part was meeting Amy and Goldie at TheMom's blogger movie premier event on Park Ave in New York City. The interview was serious at times but Amy true to herself was hysterical The moms interviewed and hosted Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn for a Mamaraazzi event in NYC for their new movie Snatched. They sat down with The MOMS to dish on the film and during the interview Amy admitted “her uterus remains empty for now, but she would like to have kids someday.” I also gave Amy Schumer a crystal for good energy and she liked it! I gave the one to Donald Trump too, hey we all need good energy, maybe on a higher level it will help. We all had a absolute blast and even all dance together in honor of #DanceforBreastCancerChallenge.  

IMG_1206 IMG_1207IMG_1205

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The #Energy from #KungFuPanda3 # #Kate Hudson and #Lucy Liu

The #Energy  from #KungFuPanda3 # #Kate Hudson and #Lucy Liu and more!30999F7800000578-0-image-a-25_1453832668724


It was one snowy day right after the storm hit the city. The weather was freezing cold and sunny and the road was extremely messy. I had to get up from the bed at 8 am and dressed up for Kung Fu Panda 3  screening event with Kate Hudson and Lucy Liu, by www.themoms.com  but that was not what excited me; the only reason to why I had the enthusiasm to get up and dress early in the morning in a freezing weather was the opportunity to learn from Cherie Corso. Cherie is an innovative founder of G2 Organics www.g2organics.com, blogger www.cheriecorso.com, mom, and of course my boss! G2 Organics? Are you sure they are true organics? Yes my dear, I can assure you they all are organics, odorless, and colorless. You know what I love about odorless products? First, they are not too confident that we would accept their choice of scent. Second, we can add our scent to the product. For example, you can spray your favorite perfume on the spot where you apply the Hickey Stick. Your perfume will last longer and get much stronger because the Hickey Stick traps the molecules so they do not evaporate as much as they would without the Hickey Stick. 


The movie, besides telling impossible stories of animals doing Kung Fu 3, also teaches us about the power that comes from within. Our exclusive nail polisher that comes with Rikei Charge exhales positive energy. Well, of course, not colorful energy like the one you will see on the movie. It is that positive aura that you feel when you play around with the bottle. How do I explain something colorless, odorless, and can’t be seen? There is no one definitive way to describe Rikei aura that comes out from the bottle, that is why you should get a bottle to feel it yourself, and I am sure you all will understand what I mean by then. 
Till my next post fashion bunnies! 
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Great Kick off to #NYFW ss 2016! Nancy O’Dell has a great new line #Mamarazzi and #Moms, we love #jumpsuits!

Great Kick off to NYFW ss 2016! I attended The MOMS and Chevy Tri-State hosted a MAMARAZZI® Event with Entertainment Tonight’s host and designer of her new exclusive EVINE Live Collection Nancy O’Dell at Il Valentino Osteria.IMG_4856Nancy O'Dell's collection, which will debuted to the public on friday 9/12/15, but we got a sneak peak at a great breakfast.  online at www.evievine.comne.com.  O’Dell, who was wearing one of the signature jump suits from her new line, said that she drew her design inspiration from wanting something sophisticated, but with a youthful edge and listed Alexander McQueen and Alexander Wang as design inspirations. “As host of Entertainment Tonight, I’I have learned that when they need you they can find you,” She said that she makes sure that she is at the special moments and events in her family’s life. I loved the clothing, it was very affordable and and can easily work with existing pieces in your wardrobe. I want the jumpsuits, and the short leather jackets,



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Raising awareness for pediatric cancer Parents with HYUNDAI HOPE ON WHEELS WITH ROCSI DIAZ


I'm not going to lie to you, I hate writing this blog, I hate cancer, I hate seeing children suffer, I hate what these families have to go through. One child diagnosed with cancer is just one too many! It's never about "I" when dealing with children, its about what can we do to help. Did you know that 15,000 kids are diagnosed with pediatric cancer and that cancer is the leading cause of death in children? Today The MOMS hosted a luncheon with Rocsi Diaz and Hyundai’s Hope On Wheels at The Warwick Hotel in NYC to help raise awareness for pediatric cancer.#HopeOnWheels #EndChildhoodCancerIMG_0452IMG_0476

The comapnay was great, the parents were amazing telling their personal stories, their courage and strenght inspired everyone. The children with cancer and in recovery were joyful and had hope in their eyes. They smiled posed for pictures, and had great energy. 

I'm no stranger to cancer and the effects it has on families, I even created a line of non toxic beauty products called G2 Organics because I believe a lot of cancer comes from beauty the products we use and the toxic build up in our system, a portion of my sales goes toward helping with cancer, www.g2organics.com  I think we all play a role in helping find a cure HYUNDAI HOPE ON WHEELS, has donated over $100,00 million toward the cause.

“Childhood cancer is an important issue that should command more attention,” said Rocsi Diaz. “I’m proud to participate in Hyundai Hope On Wheel’s launch activities. I’m moved that Hyundai has been helping kids fight cancer for 17 years and I’m delighted to share that this year they will surpass $100 million in funding groundbreaking research aimed at finding a cure because one child fighting cancer is one child too many.”

Hyundai Hope On Wheels will carry on its “Just One Wish” campaign theme from last year. This theme is designed to convey the mission of the organization to end childhood cancer. The campaign connects thousands of families affected by the disease via social media. Parents who visit the Hyundai Hope On Wheels website and social media channels can join the effort by posting a photo of their child and sharing their own stories of courage and hope. The goal of the Just One Wish campaign is to show the collective wish of a cure for pediatric cancer. Families can join the effort by visiting the Hope On Wheels website under the section “we win together” or by posting a photo on social media @HopeOnWheels, using hashtags #EndChildhoodCancer and #HopeOnWheels.

For more information about Hyundai Hope On Wheels, please visit www.HyundaiHopeOnWheels.org.





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Annie Movie 2k14 Review #AnnieMovie, We loved it!




Annie is a heart warming film we loved Annie the movie.

This modernized take of the adored Tony-award-winning musical, which had been based on the popular 1920s “Little Orphan Annie” comic strip and subsequent radio shows, catapulted many starlets to celebrity including Sarah Jessica Parker and Tony nominee Andrea McArdle.





Phenom Quvenzhané (

Wallis, at age five, had to lie about her age to audition for her very first acting job—the starring role in Beasts of the Southern Wild—because the minimum age to be considered was six. She eventually beat out some 4,000 contenders for the role of Hushpuppy—the indomitable child prodigy and survivalist who lives with her dying father in the backwoods bayou squalor of Louisiana.[10] Director Benh Zeitlin told The Daily Beast that when he auditioned Wallis, he immediately realized he had discovered what he was looking for, and changed the Beasts script to accommodate her strong-willed personality. Her reading ability, loud scream, and the skill of burping on command impressed the director and won her the part. Zeitlin has also stated that "It was just the feeling behind her eyes."


The film premiered at Sundance Film Festival in January 2012 to rave reviews, winning the Grand Jury Prize. In May 2012, Wallis flew to France for the premiere of the film at the Cannes Film Festival. The film received much acclaim and praise for Wallis' outstanding performance and it went on to win the prestigious Caméra d'Or award for Best first Feature Film. On January 10, 2013, at age nine, Wallis became the Academy Awards' youngest nominee for Best Actress and third youngest in all categories.[12] However, she was just six during the filming.[13] Wallis is the first African-American child actor to earn an Oscar nomination. She is also the first person born in the 21st century to receive an Academy Award nomination.

She had a role in Steve McQueen's Academy Award–winning film 12 Years a Slave (2013), alongside Lupita Nyong'oChiwetel EjioforMichael FassbenderBenedict Cumberbatch, and Brad Pitt. Also in 2013, she collaborated with Sundance for the second time on a short film called Boneshaker.

In 2014, Wallis played the title character in a remake of the musical Annie.[14] For this, she was nominated for the Golden Globe for Best Actress – Musical or Comedy. In May 2014, Wallis was named the face of Armani JuniorGiorgio Armani's line for children and teens.[15] This makes her the first major child celebrity to be the face of a luxury bran)

Wallis proves her Oscar-nomination for Beasts of the Southern Wild was no accident. As a modern-day Annie, Wallis brightens with her blissful portrayal. although, her performance alone can’t conserve the film from being a dim adaptation.





In this 2.0 version, eternal-optimist Annie hasn't’t given up hope that her parents will return someday to claim the baby they left. She always sneaks out of the rat-infested household of her foster mom, Miss Hannigan (Cameron Diaz), to aspire out her long-lost family.




In steps Will Stacks (Jamie Foxx), a germaphobic telecommunications tycoon turned political candidate, who gets advice from his conniving campaign manager Guy (Bobby Cannavale) that taking in a foster child would amplify his poll amounts.




We cried, sand and were entertained by the movie, it had heart and had a great lesson, to never give up hope or let life beat you down, Cameron Diaz was hysterical as Miss Hannigan.



For the most part, the movie teeters between staying true to the theater version and keeping the plot fresh in a modern world. This appears, somewhat, during the mash-ups of the original musical favorites such asHard Knock Life but falters during the uninspired original songs written by Sia (Chandalier), Greg Kurstin and director Will Gluck. In a world where Glee,Pitch Perfect and The Voice co-exist, you simply expect more from a film in which Jay-Z is a producer. We expected more from songs about NYC.


Academy Award-winner and Terrell native Jamie Foxx does an good job of selling Stacks as the tech-forward “Daddy Warbucks.” Foxx is also the only one of the lead characters who can carry a tune but even he seems out of sorts with sidekicks Cannavale and Rose Byrne (as Grace).The high tech penthouse compared to Daddy Warbucks House was perfect. It was stunning!


Unknown-11The scene in which Grace gives Annie a tour of the Stacks’ penthouse is disjointed and awkward, mainly because of Byrne’s befuddled rendition of I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here and Unknown-12stilted (for effect?) dance moves.




We met the actors who played the foster kids, during a Q&A and posed for pictures. I rate this movie a 8 out of 10, bring the family and enjoy!IMG_7578

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New Campaign To Prevent Maternal Death, Star Showers, Launches With Star-studded Soiree Honoring Daphne Oz

New Campaign To Prevent Maternal Death, Star Showers, Launches With Star-studded Soiree Honoring Daphne Oz

Celebrity moms and moms-to-be come together for an evening of celebration with a goal of expanding life-saving medical care to pregnant women around the world.

Published: Thursday, Nov. 14, 2013 – 9:10 pm

/PRNewswire-iReach/ — Last night, the White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood (WRA), Kangu, The MOMS (Denise Albert and Melissa Musen Gerstein), and Weinstein Carnegie Philanthropic Group launched Star Showers, a series of baby showers for expecting celebrity moms, which will raise awareness of and funds for pregnant women in need of medical care in the developing world.

Every day, 800 girls and women die needlessly from a complication related to pregnancy or childbirth. Nearly all deaths could be prevented with access to skilled medical care and a safe and clean labor environment. Donations raised for Star Showers will provide pre- and post-natal medical care for women who otherwise wouldn't have access.

"Star Showers is about making sure that one day every woman has a safe birth," said Betsy McCallon, Chief Executive of White Ribbon Alliance. "We want to pass on celebration and togetherness and ask that people – as well as thinking of expecting women in their life – give a donation as a global baby shower gift, passing on their thoughts to moms-to-be around the world."

Last night's shower honored mom-to-be Daphne Oz, a natural foods chef, New York TimesBestselling Author, and co-host of ABC's hit lifestyle series "The Chew," as well expecting mothers worldwide. Special guests Hilaria Baldwin, Georgina Bloomberg, Georgina Chapman, Amber Sabathia and Latham Thomas joined together to honor Daphne's approaching birth and to foster a conversation about the issue of preventable maternal mortality.

"Being part of Star Showers is like being part of a baby shower for the world where we are all celebrating and uniting for something bigger," said Oz. "It's a powerful feeling of global sisterhood when we join together to make birth safe for women everywhere."

Star Showers includes a virtual baby shower powered by Kangu, at www.starshowers.org, where anyone can make a donation towards life-saving medical care for a pregnant woman in need – and can do so in honor of a special mom-to-be in their life. 

"We are thrilled to leverage our technology platform forStar Showers," said Casey Santiago, Kangu's Founder and CEO. "Star Showers builds on our efforts to create a global community that expands high-quality healthcare services to pregnant moms around the world."

Produced by The MOMS with media partner TheBump.com, the Star Showers launch brought together celebrities, brands, and every day moms. Co-founders of The MOMS, Denise Albert and Melissa Musen Gerstein, saw this campaign as an exciting extension of their already vast mom-related programming.

"The MOMS was created to broaden parenting conversations found online, via social media and on The MOMS Sirius XM radio show," said Albert and Musen Gerstein. "We strive to empower millions of moms every year through our Mamarazzi events, our fashion show, Strut, and with our new handbag line Musen Albert. Working with other moms with the same goals to help women around the world is a mission we are proud to be a part of."

The founding partners of Star Showers saw a need to bring this often overlooked issue to light, and realized engaging passionate celebrity moms-to-be enabled them to give this cause a voice.

"By creating a campaign centered around celebrity, we've attracted brand support, which will result in increased donor interest as the campaign grows." said Sara Weinstein, Partner at Weinstein Carnegie Philanthropic Group.

Rainbow Light sponsored last night's baby shower soiree. "Rainbow Light has been celebrating prenatal leadership for 25 years, by providing clinically researched, food-based vitamins that nourish and protect pregnant and nursing mothers and their babies before, during and after conception," said Michael Galef, Vice President of marketing at Rainbow Light. "Through our participation in Star Showers, we're thrilled to not only help raise awareness for an important issue, but also team up with like-minded organizations."

To learn more about Star Showers, or to make a donation to a pregnant woman in need, visitwww.starshowers.org.  


About White Ribbon Alliance Healthy mothers make a healthy world. White Ribbon Alliance unites citizens to demand the right to a safe birth for every woman, everywhere.

About Kangu Kangu is the first crowdfunding platform to support safe births for pregnant women and their babies worldwide. At Kangu.org, see profiles of pregnant women in India, Nepal and Uganda and fund a specific woman's access to high-quality healthcare before, during and after childbirth.

About The MOMS The MOMS (co-founders Denise Albert and Melissa Musen Gerstein) is a multi-platform lifestyle brand. The MOMS are the creators, producers and hosts of Mamarazzi® events, handbag line Musen Albert, Hosts of The MOMS with Denise & Melissa on Sirius XM Stars, Co-Founders of Strut, The Fashionable Mom Show, a fashion show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at Lincoln Center, and journalists and bloggers at the Huffington Post.

About Weinstein Carnegie Philanthropic Group (WCPG) Weinstein Carnegie Philanthropic Group (WCPG), founded by Sara Weinstein and Harrie Bakst, offers seamless and comprehensive philanthropic advisory services. WCPG specialize in the representation of non-profit organizations, corporate brand social responsibility, fundraising events, athlete and celebrity foundations, and 501(c)3 management and registration. Current clients include Sean Penn's charity J/P Haitian Relief Organization, The James Blake Foundation, and CC Sabathia's PitCCh In Foundation.

About TheBump.com The Bump is the fastest growing, multiplatform resource giving first-time moms the inside scoop on fertility, pregnancy and new mommyhood, reaching millions of moms each year through TheBump.com and The Bump local guide. The Bump is part of XO Group Inc. (NYSE: XOXO), a global media and technology leader. Follow The Bump on Twitter @thebump.

About Rainbow Light® Founded in 1981 in Santa Cruz, Calif., Rainbow Light® is a pioneer of the natural industry's number one-selling women's and prenatal multivitamins. For more information, visit www.RainbowLight.com, facebook.com/RainbowLightNS and twitter.com/RainbowLightNS.

Read more here: http://www.sacbee.com/2013/11/14/5913413/new-campaign-to-prevent-maternal.html#storylink=cpy
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