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National #Yoga Month and #Wedderspoon Manuka Honey, 5 tips to stay ZEN!



September is National Yoga month it's a perfect time to get "bendy" yoga well known to increased strength stamina and flexibility. I have been practicing yoga for years and it does enhance your ability to stay focused on task improve your attitude and decreases anxiety. I also think it helps you to feel Zen, focus, and even loose weight. When you feel good you look good! I find after I go to yoga class, my creativity and communication skills are much better. Yoga is fantastic it will only help you improve your overall health and well-being and mental function. I love National Yoga Month and Wedderspoon, its a perfect mixture.http://www.yogahealthfoundation.org/yoga_month

 Favorite drink during yoga is to mix warm water and  Manuka honey using the little to go packs, easy to carry and store http://wedderspoon.com/our-products/honey/ . The honey helps increase circulation and gives me a little more energy. ws_honeyonthego-box__75318-1462507487-190-285


These are my top 3 reasons why I love yoga and smile more!

1. Turn off monkey mind when the inner chatter is nonstop our bodies are functioning under a constant
low-level stress a simple smile and a good stretch can instantly relax the body and release tension on cellular levels. 

2. Just sitting and being positive. All the feel-good chemicals are released when you smile and stretch dopamine's and endorphins plus it
boosts your immune system strong balances your hormones and stabilizes your blood pressure and heart rate. 

3. Feel connected with people there is a magic that happens in the yoga studio when everybody is relaxed and completed a good class there's a connection that stays with you the whole day. 

4. Yoga is a journey
of life you will be amazed on how you progress if you keep at it. It Is a feeling of accomplishment and a great time to relax. 

5. Yoga is honoring your body and making yourself feel good, makes me feel centered when all the energy is flowing and the blood is pumping. 

Feeling good and having physical and mental flexibility will help you in every area of your life

images-15I call this on the go YOGA! Sometimes we are not able to get to the yoga studio, here are 3 poses I'm sure you know already know just be mindful when doing feel Zen and practice yoga on the go! Slow down and breathe, sip your honey and water.

1. "Half dog"Makha" Svanasana

Hold on to chair lean forward in bend over. This perfect for relieving back pain if you've been sitting for a while on the bus or train just lean over and let your body hang. 

2. "Chair pose" Utkstasana  this strengthens your shins leg gluteus, of course, bring your feet to gather or hip width apart reach her tailbone towards the floor back straight and she said into an imaginary chair reach your fingertips towards the ceiling. 

3. "Forward bend" Uttanasana 

Place both feet firmly on the floor and place your fingertips are palms next to the outer edge of each foot pull your torso feel forward and just do a nice stretch. 

4. Tree pose is easy to do and helps get you back in balance.


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IMG_3799Bronx Bombers follows icon Yogi Berra and his wife Carmen through a century of the team's trials and triumphs, bringing generations of Yankee legends together on one stage. As it celebrates and explores the timeless legacy of baseball’s most iconic team, the play takes a look at how and why the Yankees have remained so undeniably great.



Sara Krulwich/The New York Times



I have to be honest, I'm from Boston and The Yankees have never been my favorite team, THE EVIL EMPIRE as we call them in Bawston.  It has caused problems in my marriage, but we came to a mutual understanding, that I will only root against the Yankee's when the RED SOX are playing.  Now living in New York,  being a mother of a Yankee Fan and married to one, I have warmed up to the Yankee's. red soxIMG_3813

I was invited to this Play by The Moms Melissa Gerstein and Denise Albert along with Laura Posada and My Face held an invitation only event at a viewing of Bronx Bombers at Circle in The Square Theater to help spread awareness for the My Face foundation  Laura and  Jorge Posada Foundation has established a restricted fund with our friends at the National Foundation for Facial Reconstruction (NFFR). The NFFR will be running the Mentoring Network for Craniosynostosis patients. Laura Pasoda's mission is to continue as a Board member of the NFFR.  This unique support network has provided families living with Craniosynostosis comfort, advice and knowledge as they begin or continue treatment for their loved ones and has connected families in 34 states across America! I personally thanked The Posada's for there hard work, I have two friends that have benefit from the NFFR. The work that these Doctors do is amazing, they are miracle workers. As my Dad said "God guides their hands".IMG_3803


I loved the play, and my daughter and her friend enjoyed it very much. It was entertaining, funny and had some great historic facts mixed in with comedy at the dream dinner party, I enjoyed it totally and respect the history and the Yankee's. 

Jorge Posada was in the audience and was very generous with his kind words and autographs to my daughter and her friend in there Yankee gear.IMG_3804


Ladies let me give you the fashion rundown on Laura Posada, she is one tight package and beautiful, she had a bandage style dress on wearing a "eye popping" necklace, the Yankee logo made of DIAMOND, and why not! I think I would have bra and panties made of diamonds to match if I were her. 

We had a great evening begining at NYY Steak House and then and going to see the play. YOU will  have a laugh and learn the sanitized history of the Yankee's. This RED SOX fan liked it and so will you.







Laura Posada speaking about MyFace at #BronxBombersMamarazzi

(Laura Posada is a mom, an attorney, a family health and fitness activist, a TV personality, and a philanthropic icon. A modern day “super-woman”)

In America alone, one in 700 children is born with an oro-facial cleft and one in 1,600 is born with facial asymmetry, a missing ear, a jaw deformity, or a defect of the skull, nerves or facial bones. These are myFace’s children. – MyFace

To learn more about MyFace or to donate visit http://myface.org

To purchase tickets to BronxBombershttp://bronxbombersplay.com/


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