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Valia skin care IT’S free Giveaway, just tell me why you want this gift!!

These are great products and I want to share with you. Just tell me why you like to user natural organic skin products?

I have a few gift sets that I want to share. so just fill in on the comment section below.

Valia celebrates every person’s individual beauty and is focused on creating products that follow the principals of the Japanese holistic and ritualistic lifestyle. Unlocking the secrets of the East, Valia believes that every person has the potential for beautiful and luminous skin at any age.

Adopting a old traditional remedies, we can preserve ourselves better and have more radiant skin. Our products are carefully crafted using time tested effective ingredients.

Valia believes enduring beauty occurs when the skin is allowed to blossom into its full potential. Like the rituals of the Japanese tea ceremony created centuries ago, a tradition seen as both indulgent and graceful. It is a lifelong commitment to create skin that glows from the inside out.

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Gift for EVERYONE! Stress reduction in a jar! G2 Organics have a “Breath of Fresh Air”!!!

Aromatherapy , Breath of Fresh Air!! G2organics!!

Aromatherapy is very effective in changing the physical and mental states of individuals. We have created a Reiki charged, natural aromatherapy treatment for allergy, cold and flu sufferers.
Breath of Fresh Air will help, it in a beautiful glass jar that can be displayed in your bathroom or nightstand.( That's were I keep mine and its wonderful all night I breath in these wonderful herbs,you will awake refreshed.) G2organics products are all Reiki charged, so you will feel the energy and enjoy the aromatherapy, this jar contains a blend of 7 pure essential oils and natural herbs. The blend helps kill airborne pathogens (bacterial and viral) and open sinus. You will feel great and breathe better
G2organics Reiki charges every product, this helps to remove negative energy. When you feel good you look good. When you smell wonderful scents and know they are a wellness product you can go wrong. A portion of all our products go to towards cancer research. So we all win, and feel good!

These herbs look like tea in a jar so keep out of reach of children my daughters babysitter did sprinkle a little on her pizza and liked it…but that's not what is is used for, so don't use it for food. And don't smoke it!! Funny huh!! You will be able to scoop a little out and pour hot water on it and steam. Its wonderful and it helps skin also.
All the boxes are gift wrapped in a brown box that looks like leather and with a beautiful pink and green ribbon on the jar and around the box. The ribbons  also are seasonal so it makes a perfect gift ready to go . Its perfect gift for men too. $24.95 
Enjoy and let me know how you like it!
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Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 ,SNL’s Bill Hader & Alec & Hilaria Baldwin all in one night!!!

Our family and my daughters BFF went to the movie premier of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2, I do love going to the movies, I love to just sit in a theater munch on my popcorn, and be entertained, its one of my guilty pleasures.   This premier hosted by The Moms, Denise AlbertMelissa Musen Gerstein  with a special treat to meet the star of the movie, SNL's Bill Hader, who is a sweetheart! He answered all the kids questions with facts and kindness and humor. This guy just cracks me up by looking at him…what can I say.

 “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2,” from Sony Pictures Animation, it reminded me of Jurassic Park meets Avatar, both great stories but this was acted out by food animal hybrids. It also  had a  father-and-son bonding, friendship lessons and an overall exciting ride for the entire family. This fun movie movie opens Sept. 27. The movie picks up where the other one left off in a big food mess.After the disastrous food storm in the fist Cloudy movie, Flint Lockwood, (voice was Bill Hader)r and his pals are forced to leave town. Flint agrees to work for his idol Chester V at Live Corp, a company which has been hired to clean the island from the over-abundance of food left from the first movie.  I was surprised the movie was rated "PG" but I guess it can get a little scary when a cheese burger with French fry legs is chasing you or a taco wants to play with you.  

I liked the movie, my daughter feel in love with the little food-i-mals strawberry and marshmallows. I saw some 3 year olds going into the theater and did not hear any screams, so I assume they were not scared and enjoyed it. The "celebration" button was my personal favorite part along with the animal vegetables and the funny one liners.


The other cast members were Anna Faris, Benjamin Bratt, Terry Crews, Neil Patrick Harris, Andy Samberg, Kristen Schaal, Will Forte and James Caan from co-directors Cody Cameron and Kris Pearn. The film is written by Judi Barrett (characters), Ron Barrett (characters), John Francis Daley (screenplay), Jonathan M. Goldstein (screenplay), Erica Rivinoja (story and screenplay), Phil Lord (story) and Chris Miller (story). The film is rated “PG” for mild
 This event was fantastic, box sandwiches were proved by subway to nibble on during the movie and gift bags. I also got SPOT remover. Never turn down a breath mint or spot remover that my motto. 


After leaving the AMC theater in Lincoln Center, of course hungry " where are we going to eat" after this movie, we ran into the opening of the  New York Philharmonic Symphony. This night is pure NYC star power, CEO's, sponsors, old young all looking snappy and chic, of course always a chubby guys in tuxedos with a young model on arm. The energy was electric at Lincoln center, always a "step and pose" photos, reporters, and security. 

 I ran  smack ran into Alec and Hilaria Baldwin they were being interviewed about The Philharmonic Symphony, I love Alec Baldwin he has a passion for life and his family. What drives him can also hurt him, I don't like the "bar room" style antics reported in the New York Post, … as I said what drives him and can hurt him. I'm so happy that  he found LOVE, that he is married to Hilaria, a yogi and fellow spiritual person. I gave her a Reiki charged crystal and she, knew  immediately that I was sending her good energy. I can feel that she is a calming energy to Alec. They just had a baby girl, and as a Mom I know its so hard to leave your baby, even thorough you want to go out to a fabulous night like the symphony  with your husband .Its a balance that every new Mom struggles with. I am sending them good energy and continued success. The frequency is very high around them, I wanted to chat with her but it was not the time or place.Hilaria looked stunning in red strapless dress, the perfect color for grounding and power,  her skin was flawless  and Alec dashing in his tuxedo I like his hair salt and pepper, not colored looks great natural and very manly!!

Manhattan Manhattan you never disappoint!



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So your kid wants to visit THE CAKE BOSS in Hoboken,NJ, Mom to Mom heres the scoop!!

THE Cake Boss!! Every kid seems to know who Buddy is, my daughter loves this show. She had me watch back to back to back episodes. Being a very visual person, I was mesmerized by the beautiful cakes and the family dynamics. I did a "reality show" so I am very familiar with the manipulation and stagged antics, but who cares. This show makes a beautiful product and I loved all the personalities in the bake shop. They are not mean spirited, and all have one goal to satisfy the customer and create. So when my daughter said she wanted to visit Carlos's Bakery, in Hoboken  I was in.  The only thing I honestly knew about Hoboken, NJ is that's where Frank Sinatra's from. There is no doubt people are big fans of TLC's "Cake Boss" show. , so the excursion to Hoboken , Carlo's Bakery — home of the "Cake Boss" began.

We took the ferry from NYC,  SeaPort Authority and then walked to Carlo's City Hall Bake Shop, it was a long walk from the ferry to Carlos's bakery,  we stopped for lunch along the way at one of the many restaurants they have along Washington Street.

Carlo's City Hall Bake Shop

95 Washington St., 201-659-3671

Finally when we go there, I thought we could just walk in, and for some reason crazy thought we would see Buddy, get a tour, something..but when we arrived we were shocked SHOCKED to see a line across the street in front of CVS. A man from the bakery came out and handed us a number, I don't like to wait in lines (who does on a hot day) but for my daughter we waited one hour. I have to say it was not that bad waiting, we met people from all over the world who wanted to visit. I met a women from Finland and she knew all the episodes and said that this was on her to do list when she was visiting NYC.  On line the anticipation started to build, as crazy as that sound to taste this cake!! When our number was called, we went into the small store front bakery, packed with people buying cookies,  cakes. T-shirts, autographed mugs, DVD's.


No tour, No Buddy, No sisters just very nice people taking your order. We bought it all the cake, T-shirts, Mug, cookies (which were excellent). My daughter wanted the beach cake with the surf boards and brown sugar sand. It was one layer chocolate filled with fudge and the bottom layer vanilla. The cake was moist and very flavorful, it cost  $50.00 for a small cake…eeekkkk but her it was part of the experience. It was a full day event and IM glad we did it. Since then I have learned if you just want a Cake Boss cake, there is a store in Time Square, and supper markets carry them.


My advice would be to go very early in the morning, or near the end of the day the line will be less, also buy extra cookies because when you get home everyone wants to sample. I also hear that Buddy Valastro does visit occasionally but don't expect to meet him then the kids won't be disappointed.

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Lunch with Julianne Moore, HBO’s Game Change and MY MOM!!

This has been a crazy fun week, US Open Tennis, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and first day of school for my daughter, and  of course lunch with my fellow freckle face friend Julianne Moore .This week I feel like IM shot out of a cannon, with spanx and a juice box!  Anyhow yesterday what I thought would be a relaxing day, at The 21 Club Restaurant with Mamarazz's Denise Albert and Melissa Musen Gerstein turned into a frenetic vortex of fun,  new contacts and old friends all in 2 hours.  In NYC a million "things" are always going on, its a city of seduction and dreams and I love it. But not always easy to get a taxi when running for the train in heels and a BIG hairdo..anyhow. This was not the first time I have met or had a encounter with Julianne Moore. I have seen her many times shopping (I would never ever bother her when picking out fabric or walking with her family)  I met her at a book reading when her first book came out Freckle Face Strawberry, at ABC Carpet. Being a freckle face myself, fell in love with all her books as well as the off Broadway play about Freckle face Strawberry, so I was looking forward to reading this book to my daughter and having lunch with her and the other ladies.

In person she is a lot smaller then one would think, petite, and very slim. She had her hair down and the color was a beautiful red, looked just like the magazine covers. I wrote a article on redheads, about their energy, ck it out its true. She wore a white sheer dress,with a black Japanese style belt. Trust me not a ounce of fat,  NO LUMP, BUMP or GIGGLE on this Mom. Her makeup was perfect, she was on NBC promoting her book earlier that morning so the makeup was camera ready. Very translucent, with bright lip. I have to revisit that look. Lately IM all about eyes and bronzer.

I complimented her on her dead on portrayal of Sara Palin in the HBO movie Game Change co-starring Woody Harrelson, but wanted to know what she thought of Bristals Palin's remarks how her MOM is "hotter" then how Julianne played her.   I was surprised on how Julianne Moore answered. She said "I applaud her for sticking up for her MOM". That was sweet. She is such a NYC lady, not LA at all. Some actresses I meet, have no thoughts without a script. MEOW I said it, its true, but Julianne was smart and quick thinker and I liked her very much. 

The book "My Mom" is about embracing your MOM if she is from a different country, like Julianne Mom was from Scotland. It was cute when she said she always had a hairdo, braids when she was a child. I read the book to my daughter and she loved it, it opened up conversation about Moms.

I hope they will make this book into a play like they did Freckle face Strawberry, which was great fun!           

Picture: red carpet and Audi's… these cars!




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MOMS STRUT, Walk the Talk for a GOOD CAUSE! Mommy Angels! MBFW 2014

MOMS STRUT, They Walk the Talk for a GOOD CAUSE!:  Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2014  a show that is  THE BEST one, its called“Strut: The Fashionable Mom Show,” Mom's and their children walked the runway,  last night at Lincoln Center, it was rocking. People were happy and cheering on all the models. Honestly this was the most FUN fashion show I have attended in all my years of going to fashion week. I liked this show because to me it was real, authentic, and it meant something in the world we all live in. AS a Mom, wife and  Reiki Master, entrepreneur( I wear many hats) and can read and feel energy, I will tell you many "Mommy  Angels" walked the runway last night, not only looking beautiful but helping this year’s theme is “Moms Strut for a Cause.” These "Mommy Angels" as I will call them got their "bums" in high gear. They wiggled, waved, smiled, pranced, danced and made a great show. I loved  Amber Sabathia, entrepreneur, philanthropist, creator and designer of CCandy, as well as wife of the New York Yankees’ CC Sabathia (my husband LOVED chatting with him), strutted with her children for the PitCCh In Foundation, which helps inner-city youth. Other "Mommy Angels" were  Denise Albert and Melissa Musen Gerstein of The Moms, and executive produced by Stephanie Winston Wolkoff of SWW Creative were Alexis Stoudemire, wife of the New York Knicks’ Amar’e Stoudemire, actress Alysia ReinerLaura Posada, wife of retired New York Yankee Jorge Posada; NBC’s Darlene RodriguezVictoria Recaño of “Inside Edition,” and Katina Taylor, wife of former NFL star Jason Taylor.

Big night: This show features real moms walking the runway; pictured, L to R, are Denise Albert, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff and Melissa Gerstein and models

Big night: This show features real moms walking the runway; pictured, L to R, are Denise Albert, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff and Melissa Gerstein and models

Bloomingdale’s  styled the show, highlighting fall fashion trends from designers such as Ramy BrookJay Godfrey, Torn by Ronny Kobo, Yosi Samra, Twenty, JustFab, FabKids, Kay Unger and Zeus+Dione. I liked the fashions, each style captured a setting a Mom will be in, dressy, casual, sporty, and SEXY!!! 

The sponsors of this event were Whirlpool, Cottonelle and Vaseline "Spray and GO" moisturizer. 


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Amar’e Stoudemire knicks player at MBFW sings! BY JULIA CORS0(my daughter)

Knicks stylish player, Amar'e Stoudemire  sang to blurred lines by Robin Thicke as he watched the  The Strut fashion show  for stylish Mom's. Is he a fan of the Thicke??               



At the Strut fashion show in Lincoln Center last night , during   NYC fashion week Knicks player Amar'e Stoudemire showed up to support his family at the  STRUT for a cause show for stylish MOM's by Denise Albert and Melissa Musen Gerstein.
During the fashion show Knicks player started to sing to "Blurred Line" by Robin Thicke, I watched him as he sang along.  Is music his next career after basketball?  IM not one  to spread roumers but when, "We Can't Stop" played by Miley Cyrus stared he lost his mojo and went back to looking like professional  basketball  player  and DAD,so I'm guessing that he saw her performance at the VMAS, like my Mom and DAD and was not happy about her performance. Anyway he  liked the show, high fived and was very friendly to everyone  who wanted  pics. Now let's get real look at what he was wearing, ok he was rocking those shades he was wearing, black dark sunglasses  he was cool, he had a blonde streak in his hair. I liked his style, it was cool. He was proud of his family like my Dad is of me!                                                         me Julia singing to blurred lines
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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week NYC Spring 2014 Runway to My World, I love PANTS!!!!

   I love MBFW, I love the kaleidoscope of colors and individual style. I get inspired and appreciate, so lets all keep creating!                             






 Week Day 1: It’s all about the pants 

BCBG Max Azria, Nicholas K, Desigual, Tadashi Shoji and Richard Chai LOVE kicked off Day 1 of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, Pants, Slacks Trousers..clam diggers, peddle pushers

whatever you want to  call them its all over the runway!  I have always loved crazy pants, yes deep down still a Prep from the 80's I certainly wore my share of maddress, whale, wide whale and Lilly. So IM loving this.

The pants all look very comfortable to wear. In my world up 10 or down LBS, I can still wear some of these styles, so all good. When I watch the beautiful tweezered legged models glide down the runway and all look fab. I

 always say if they don't look good on them NONE of us have a chance in hell to wear them. So I have to say  all the pants were a hit in my mind. Tall or petite you will be able to find a pair of fun stylish pants.

Its a must to the spring, resort shopping.








From left to right: Nicholas K; Marissa Webb; Richard Chai; Richard Chai.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week kicked off at Lincoln Center Thursday with spring/summer 2014 collections from big names BCBG Max Azria, Nicholas K, Desigual, Tadashi Shoji and Richard Chai LOVE.

Spring I know I will be still wearing "loud" pants but we will be seeing it all over. From printed palazzo pairs to silk trousers and high-waisted chambray options, both loose and leggy and fitted tailored styles will be on the racks. The low waited, thong underwear showing is so OVER. I just had to add that when talking about pants.

From left to right: Nicholas K; Desigual; fringe skirt at Tadashi Shoji; clutch at Creatures of the Wind; Tadashi Shoji.





From left to right: Nicholas K; Desigual; fringe skirt at Tadashi Shoji; clutch at Creatures of the Wind; Tadashi Shoji.





From left to right: Tadashi Shoji; Desigual; Nicholas K; BCBG Max Azria.





From left to right: Tadashi Shoji; Design; Nicholas K; BCBG Max Azria.




Other BCBG highlights included a super soft tunic dress, in a soft  a khaki sleeveless trench dress and sheer peek-a-boo panels on dresses and jackets.I can certainly see this on a lot of women all shapes and sizes. Cropped tops for the younger girls are still being shown, if I could I would but I will leave that up to the under 25 ladies, oh oh  this time in a tuxedo-type top styled with breezy oversized trousers

From left to right: Costello Tagliapietra; Desigual; Costello Tagliapietra; BCBG Max Azria.





From left to right: Costello Tagliapietra; Design; Costello Tagliapietra; BCBG Max Azria.




Richard Chai  layering lean pants with shirt dresses and jackets, but one look a model  did let all the fabric get the best of her, stumbling on wide leg pants.HEY lets give the model a break, its not easy and sometimes the floor or shoes are slippery, yes its happened to me when modeling, not fun and very embarrassing. Adds drama to the collection, "don't worry honey"!!! One must also remember that the concept is inspiration and will be scaled down. Runway is theater! THEATER, and Madison Ave is your runway or maybe its just your driveway, but when you feel good you look good.

The designer is making it all work without making the model look like a sack of potatoes . And he did it by mixing it up with brilliant, green and some really lovely blues. And his navy matte sequin combo made glimmer seem modern. Leather lovers will have trouble resisting the sumptuous white quilted Andrew Marc x Richard Chai moto jackets. I love leather jackets, for style purpose u can even go pleather 1/4 of the cost.

It was a mixed bag at Tadashi Shoji, where ultra feminine lattice, lace and floral embroidery collided with feathers, sequin fringe and embroidered tulle. While the girly gowns could earn a spot or two on the red carpet during awards season, the feathers  looked like a arts and craft project  from Micheal's  Craft Store. BEST been best left on the birds they came from or in the craft box. 


Barcelona-based Desigual injected some much-needed frothy fun with models skipping, shimmying and blowing kisses as they made it down the runway. The brand’s bold prints, as happy and bright as the models, embodied the company’s “La Vida es Chula” – or “Life is Cool” – philosophy. Even the most serious fashion faces couldn’t feel the happiness of the clothes, including the kooky Barcelona-city printed dress and raincoat,  floral bomber jacket with harem trousers and black and white geometric prints, proving you’re never fully dressed without a smile. I also feel the clothes can set the mood and the energy for the day. So even if your feelin "blah" these clothes will make you smile! If they made me smile watching the show they will make you smile wearing them.





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