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UNICEF Ambassador Disney Laura Marano star of “Austin and Ally” at Dylans’s Candy Bar

                                                       TRICK or TREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Julia Corso and Daniela Litiza were invited to meet Laura Marano star of Disney Channel series Austin and Ally, who has been named 2013 Trick-or-Treat Ambassador of UNICEFF.  They attended a party at Dylans Candy Bar, NYC  with Laura Marono, learning about the importance of kids helping kids and the global work that UNICEF to aid in medicines, nutrition, clean water. They shared the information about  kids helping kids with their classhttp://themomAAustin & Ally | Disney Channelustin 

These girls were in their GLORY!! It was TV coming to life but better!! Laura Marono "ALLY"IMG_2513  http://www.dylanscandybar.comsearchIMG_2514 IMG_2515 IMG_2517HAT a must in the spirit of Halloween!! BOO!!

 IMG_2522The Mom 's alway do the best job hosting and  keeping the event moving and exciting.  Caryl MStern | UNICEF USA

IMG_2524 IMG_2525 IMG_2526 IMG_2528 This is the part were all the kids and maybe a Mom or two did the ALLY Way!!!..its a dance, if you watch the youtube on this sight fast forward to 7:10 and you will see it.

"wash the floor" washe the windows" it was a dance from the show. It was fun, gotta do it!!


IMG_2529 IMG_2530  

Laura Marano | Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF Ambassador

IMG_2531musen albert handbags were carried by many of the ladies perfect for every age, u don't need to be a MOM….I think Laura had the clutch, it looked cute !

IMG_2533 ALLY was more beautiful in person, very personable, and gave every child in the room attention and lots of LOVE!!  UNICEF was well represented!! 

In our home we already have three boxes going, YES every person does make a difference. Sending good energy to all TRICKor TREAT!!

Celebrity Teen Scoop | The latest news, photos and style trends of celebrity teens

To learn more about Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF check

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COLLEGE RED LIPS PUT to the TEST… #applywhensober” BY Rachel Segrest

"For better or worse my lipstick survived the whole night 'til the last drop. #applywhensober"


"Used BA Star lipstick again last night while I was out at the Rubin Museum's K2 Lounge. I wanted to celebrate Halloween but no way was I about to wear an orange lip color. So I settled for Holiday Red…it's the thought that counts, right? The cold weather has turned the surface of my entire body into something resembling the Sahara Desert, so I paired regular lip balm with BA Star to keep my lips moisturized. For better or worse, it lasted through all of my drinks!  Reapplying was easy and didn't really require a mirror. Cheers to BA Star!   Discount: 50% Off to all of our blog readers!!!

Reader Discount Code: BBLIPS also NOW!!!



photo (1)

Thank You Rachel for putting it to the test…you are a STAR!!  I highly recommend, and will be wearing tonight!

– Cherie

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500 chemicals a Day to look GOOD?


Blessings and sending you good energy!



Blessings and sending you good energy!!!      The Angels want to help you, put your ego to rest and listen.          

The average person uses 10-12 beauty products before they leave their home every morning.  Starting with shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer, deodorant, gel, makeup and even more lotions and potions to be groomed in order to  feel good. This adds up to 500 chemicals daily one puts on their body that gets absorbed. Studies show that children are having puberty earlier, mens testosorin levels are down, and cancer on the  rise. The movement is to be healthier, be green, to be good to the environment  by using organic and natural beauty products. We are bombarded everyday with “noise” about how to look better, be healthier. Now is a time to rebuild and rethink what we are doing to reach a healthy balance.

 Throughout history  cosmetics have played a role in shaping  peoples lives. One drop at a time we can help ourselves and the environment.
*Buy products made in the USA, no animal testing
*Shampoo less, rinse with water and use a little conditioner
*create your own facial, Cleopatra used honey, milk and  botanicals oils.
*read the labels, if it has to many ingredients and chemicals take a pass
*allow your body to naturally detoxify, by letting the skin breath 
G2 Organics is in a chic, green, new way.  A-Founder Cherie Corso, former model and Beauty expert has a mission is to educate and add sexiness and energy  to products aim to to help one live healthier by promoting wellness through natural, and organic products. We believe that our products promote a wholesome way of life by obtaining from harmful toxins, and instead focusing on natural elements and awareness. 
All of our products are Reiki charged with quartz crystals which is the belief of the healing power of stones.  This is a Japanese technique that reduces stress and promotes healing and positive energy. Reiki means “life force energy” this technique dates back to many other other ancient cultures. 
It is said that these stones helped the people achieve a greater sense of health of spirit, body and mind. They provide balance, peace, love, beauty, peacefulness, and emotional healing; sending good energy.
Fordham Universities interns for G2 Organics developed a organic cover stick for men and women, called The Hickey Stick. Its fun sexy and works, not just for hickies covers  tattoos, and heals pimples and cuts with ingredients such as rosemary and zinc. Easy to carry and and fun to use.
A portion of all proceeds go to cancer research. 
and all of our products are proudly made in the USA. 

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Nature’s Tiny Miracle, Feel Good Look Good!

Mr. Peanut

 I'm a entrepreneur owner of a Reiki charged non toxic beauty and health products. It's very important for my work to keep my energy and balance. I learned so much when creating these organic beauty products I became even more educated  on the  chemicals in our food  and the products we use on our skin. Science does not lie!  Peanuts are natures tiny  little miracle a healthy snack simple easy and good. That is why I love peanuts, they are so filling and easy to eat.  When I’m working on a shoot all day, or running around NYC, no time for lunch, I’m always prepared when I have a small bag of them in my tote. When  the hunger pains kick in I always munch on a little bag of peanuts. I snack for success and then am ready to “Dominate the Boardroom” as Mr. Peanut says. LOL I love Mr Peanut!!  Peanuts do help keep my weight under control, when people are “starved” they make poor food choices, and always regret grabbing the first thing they see usually carbs.  I like to be prepared and  always have a stash of peanuts, often distributed to makeup artist and camera men even fellow models. When people eat healthy they feel better and look better.

#PowerofthePeanut #sponsored


Peanuts contain niacin that promotes healthy skin. In addition to their monounsaturated fat content, peanuts feature an array of other nutrients that, in numerous studies, have been shown to promote heart health. Peanuts are good sources of vitamin E, niacin, folate, protein and manganese. Whether  I’m working on a shoot all day, or running around NYC, no time for lunch, I always grab a handful before the hunger, light headedness  kicks in. Peanuts do help keep my weight under control, I like to be prepared and  always have a stash of peanuts.They don’t leak, smell or get confiscated before getting on a plane. They are perfect.Monkey Nuts

This video is very cute and has great information in it. When we eat healthy, we feel good and look good.

If you need a snack, grab Nature’s Tiny Miracle and enjoy!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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Full Moon October 18 2013, What do you want? Help to restore balance! Open new opportunities and more!!!!

 Helps to Restore balance, open new opportunities and more!! Maybe Congress can do this, can't hurt! This is a great post too.Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, October 18, 2013 | Fiesta Estrella

Tonight is a full moon, October 18 2013 ,For of those of you who have never worked with the energy of the Full Moon, may be wondering how does one draw upon its energies? Well, I have a simple method I use which involves visualization. I will also give an alternative method for drawing Full Moon energies to you that involve being outdoors and writing down your intentions.

Full Moon Meditation

 Take a few deep breaths to help clear your mind and open your heart and spirit. Visualize a huge bright Full Moon hanging above you in the sky. It is shining so bright, so beautiful.  On a piece of paper write your intentions, whatever it is that you want "and more".  THINK and FEEL,Full Moon is shining all around you, all over you, and within you. Allow yourself  to look at the moon, admire the beauty, feel the light and energy.  Feel its positive energies, feel positive thoughts. Once you have taken all the energy you need from the Full Moon, start to think about your intention. Think about the true desire of your heart in this moment or at this point in your life. For some it might be finding love, job success, happiness for your children, whatever the positive intention is its all good. Focus on your desires. Begin to send the Full Moon's energy from within you to your desire.

This meditation helps to recharge your spiritual battery because it reminds you of your own inner power and inner strength to draw towards you the desires of your heart and to heal yourself. You can tweak this meditation to fit any need you may have at the time. And this is a good way to draw upon the energy of the Full Moon at any time during the month, not just when there's a Full Moon outside. Think about what you desire, send the message to the universe.

I like to write it down on a piece of paper, you can everything and anything that you want. Always remember the old saying " becarful what you wish for you might get it".  Don't be afraid to go for it and visualize and be grateful for all that you have and all that you hope to achieve. full moon, is a good time to perform positive energy , work with increases, good luck, growth, love, sexual desire, and wealth; it is a time of inflation. This is the best time to bring things to you and increase your fortune. 

This is a fun way to do it.  

1. Write down your intention, what you want!


2. Visualize 

Download Burni
Restore Balance, What YOU want, and more…Do it tonight October 18, 2013
















3.Burn the paper  with your intentions(in a empty flower pot, firepit, whatever you have) take the ashes and put it out the universe!

Okay, some might think this is crazy, but it can't hurt and might even help you get to the next level. Look around, at what going on in the world, I feel is we all send out positive thoughts, help each other, the vibration of good with help us all. Blessings and may all your dreams come true, and more!

So, the next time you're feeling out of balance, a little drained, or in need of extra spiritual strength, draw upon the energy of the Full Moon realizing you are one with all things in the Universe and the energy shared is from the One who energizes all of us.






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Review Republic of Pigtails bows! Perfect for all the Girls!

 I have always loved hair accessories since I've been a little girl, I always remember feeling special with the bows in my hair. Republic of Pigtails is a chic collection of handmade hair accessories for women, teens, and children. The collection is designed by Rika Gunawan, a former interior designer from Indonesia. The quality and craftsmanship used in the bows is good.  I just love ponytails, braids and bows.

My daughter and I even  wrote a book called Crazy Ponytails: Mrs. Cherie Corso, Ms. Julia Marie Corso: 9781453706602: Books about hair  that comes alive and has its own personality,which everybody appreciates and then celebrates everyone individuality. What I love about Republic of Pigtails,  is that all their accessories  including the red bow  can be worn in  many different ways to create your own look.The following links Welcome to Republic of Pigtails – Designer Accessories for Women and Children $16.00 for this bow.

I always support entrepreneurs we will or all have been one one time in our life!! 


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Free Giveaway Just tell me why YOU need a “Breath of Fresh Air”

Free Give away, Just tell me why you need a "Breath of Fresh Air" WE will pick the best comment and mail it out to you!!

Aromatherapy , Breath of Fresh Air!! G2organics!! Aromatherapy is very effective in changing the physical and mental states of individuals. We have created a Reiki charged, natural aromatherapy treatment for allergy, cold and flu sufferers. Breath of Fresh Air will help, it in a beautiful glass jar that can be displayed in your bathroom or nightstand.( That's were I keep mine and its wonderful all night I breath in these wonderful herbs,you will awake refreshed.) G2organics products are all Reiki charged, so you will feel the energy and enjoy the aromatherapy, this jar contains a blend of 7 pure essential oils and natural herbs. The blend helps kill airborne pathogens (bacterial and viral) and open sinus. You will feel great and breathe better G2organics Reiki charges every product, this helps to remove negative energy. When you feel good you look good. When you smell wonderful scents and know they are a wellness product you can go wrong. A portion of all our products go to towards cancer research. So we all win, and feel good! These herbs look like tea in a jar so keep out of reach of children my daughters babysitter did sprinkle a little on her pizza and liked it…but that's not what is is used for, so don't use it for food. And don't smoke it!! Funny huh!! You will be able to scoop a little out and pour hot water on it and steam. Its wonderful and it helps skin also. All the boxes are gift wrapped in a brown box that looks like leather and with a beautiful pink and green ribbon on the jar and around the box. The ribbons also are seasonal so it makes a perfect gift ready to go . Its perfect gift for men too. $24.95 Enjoy and let me know how you like it! – See more at:

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Every Mom has a style! Westchester Mom meets Elizabeth St




  • Cherie Corso



    Cherie Corso is a blogger and mom of 10-year-old Julia. She is also a Reiki master and wears clothes according to her mood. “As a Reiki master and energy reader, I dress how I feel that day. If I want more attention, I wear certain colors,” she tells us. 

    Elizabeth Street: How has being a mom changed your style?
    Cherie Corso: Being a mom, I dress more comfortably. I also like to coordinate with my daughter—we love it and have a lot of fun with it.

    ES: If you could have one designer dress you for the rest of your life, who would it be?
    CC: Ralph Lauren or Karl Lagerfeld

    ES: Are there any moms whose style you really admire?
    CC: Elle Macpherson. I love her edgy classic style. We are the same height, so I get ideas.

    ES: What is your most treasured accessory or article of clothing?
    CC: Stuart Weitzman’s over-the-knee bootsblack stretchy pants, and a black turtleneck

    ES: Who are your favorite new designers?
    CC: Victoria Beckham.

    ES: Items currently on your wardrobe wish list:
    CC: A Valentino coat. Any will do!










Cherie Corso

Look as chic as Cherie Corso with this selection.





– See more at:

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