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Secret’s Clinical Strength deodorant has completely changed my routine!

Secret's Clinical Strength deodorant has completely changed my routine! by Catherine N. Franks

I don't know about anyone else, but for some reason I sweat a lot more during the winter. I always carry around a deodorant in my bag and usually touch up about four times a day…needless to say, very annoying! But, the Secret's Clinical Strength deodorant has completely changed my routine! I actually like sweating now because the deodorant absorbs any odors and releases a yummy clean scent! Confessions of a chronic sweater: after using Secret Clinical Strength I can't stop smelling myself! 

Extra bonus points: I can workout during my lunch break without worrying about smelling for the rest of the day! 




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Sterling Silver, Antibacterial? Wellness and Beauty in one bracelet! by Cherie Corso

DID YOU EVER WONDER WHERE THE EXPRESSION "born with a silver spoon in her mouth" came from  This is why, silver is a antibacterial!Silver plays a big role in alternative medicinal usages particularly in the form of colloidal silver, though its safety has been surely in doubt in medical practices. The main reason why sterling silver chains are effective for medical usages is because the silver ion (Ag+) is of bioactive nature which essentially means that sufficient concentration of silver when used in a proper manner is good enough to get rid of harmful bacteria in vitro.

an active role in killing of harmful bacteria that resides in external wounds thereby allowing its usage in wound dressings. The disinfectant properties of silver also stands out in a big way that allows its usage in medical applications for urinary catheters and endotracheal breathing tubes as well where the silver composition plays a key role in reducing incidences of all these type of infections. 

To order Sterling Silver got to:



Article Source:


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SOLO Eyewear, Sunglass gives back to the environment & donates glasses to people around the world in need! All always Fashionable !


SOLO Eyewear, Sunglass  gives back to the environment & donates glasses to people around the world in need!  They are also sexy and fashionable and functional! by Cherie Corso (sunglass enthusiast)



I put these glasses on and fell in love, they feel great, very light, even smell good. I have always been a eye glass junkie, I have so many pairs, but always seem to wear my RayBans, I just like the classic style, but these are my new favorites, because they carry a vibration and energy that makes me feel good. No makeup, crisp white shirt and my Solo, and I'm ready for NYC, Hamptons or CapeCod. Made with recycled Bamboo, which is very. We can all feel the energy when you feel good you look good. Its a win for everyone with Solo Eyewear.

SOLO Eyewear is a line of handcrafted sunglasses made with recycled bamboo and CR-39 lenses that have 100% UVA/UVB protection. They feel GOOD bamboo wood look with the different color and style options (classic, aviator and artisan). Plus, they’re light in weight,  fit comfortably on the face, have spring-loaded hinges, start at $78, and come in brightly colored pouches that can also be used to clean the lenses. Each pair of these eco sunglasses purchased also gives back and funds eye care for people in need. Did you know that according to the World Heath Organization “approximately 1 billion people do not have access to eye care and nearly 80% of the world’s blindness is preventable?” Since launching in 2011, SOLO Eyewear helped to restore vision to more than 6,540 people in need across 19 countries. SOLO Eyewear's goal for 2013 is to restore vision for 12,000 people in need by funding prescription eyeglasses and cataract surgeries. Here is a discount, treat yourself! This is the link.




I love these glasses, and wear them all the time, this is a sponsored link but Im buying a few more pairs!

Reader Discount Code: SOLOten

Readers discount code 10%off

Please include the Reader Discount Code in your post. The Blogger Discount Code is not to be shared publicly.

Note: Expiration for promo codes is 12/31/13.


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New Campaign To Prevent Maternal Death, Star Showers, Launches With Star-studded Soiree Honoring Daphne Oz

New Campaign To Prevent Maternal Death, Star Showers, Launches With Star-studded Soiree Honoring Daphne Oz

Celebrity moms and moms-to-be come together for an evening of celebration with a goal of expanding life-saving medical care to pregnant women around the world.

Published: Thursday, Nov. 14, 2013 – 9:10 pm

/PRNewswire-iReach/ — Last night, the White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood (WRA), Kangu, The MOMS (Denise Albert and Melissa Musen Gerstein), and Weinstein Carnegie Philanthropic Group launched Star Showers, a series of baby showers for expecting celebrity moms, which will raise awareness of and funds for pregnant women in need of medical care in the developing world.

Every day, 800 girls and women die needlessly from a complication related to pregnancy or childbirth. Nearly all deaths could be prevented with access to skilled medical care and a safe and clean labor environment. Donations raised for Star Showers will provide pre- and post-natal medical care for women who otherwise wouldn't have access.

"Star Showers is about making sure that one day every woman has a safe birth," said Betsy McCallon, Chief Executive of White Ribbon Alliance. "We want to pass on celebration and togetherness and ask that people – as well as thinking of expecting women in their life – give a donation as a global baby shower gift, passing on their thoughts to moms-to-be around the world."

Last night's shower honored mom-to-be Daphne Oz, a natural foods chef, New York TimesBestselling Author, and co-host of ABC's hit lifestyle series "The Chew," as well expecting mothers worldwide. Special guests Hilaria Baldwin, Georgina Bloomberg, Georgina Chapman, Amber Sabathia and Latham Thomas joined together to honor Daphne's approaching birth and to foster a conversation about the issue of preventable maternal mortality.

"Being part of Star Showers is like being part of a baby shower for the world where we are all celebrating and uniting for something bigger," said Oz. "It's a powerful feeling of global sisterhood when we join together to make birth safe for women everywhere."

Star Showers includes a virtual baby shower powered by Kangu, at, where anyone can make a donation towards life-saving medical care for a pregnant woman in need – and can do so in honor of a special mom-to-be in their life. 

"We are thrilled to leverage our technology platform forStar Showers," said Casey Santiago, Kangu's Founder and CEO. "Star Showers builds on our efforts to create a global community that expands high-quality healthcare services to pregnant moms around the world."

Produced by The MOMS with media partner, the Star Showers launch brought together celebrities, brands, and every day moms. Co-founders of The MOMS, Denise Albert and Melissa Musen Gerstein, saw this campaign as an exciting extension of their already vast mom-related programming.

"The MOMS was created to broaden parenting conversations found online, via social media and on The MOMS Sirius XM radio show," said Albert and Musen Gerstein. "We strive to empower millions of moms every year through our Mamarazzi events, our fashion show, Strut, and with our new handbag line Musen Albert. Working with other moms with the same goals to help women around the world is a mission we are proud to be a part of."

The founding partners of Star Showers saw a need to bring this often overlooked issue to light, and realized engaging passionate celebrity moms-to-be enabled them to give this cause a voice.

"By creating a campaign centered around celebrity, we've attracted brand support, which will result in increased donor interest as the campaign grows." said Sara Weinstein, Partner at Weinstein Carnegie Philanthropic Group.

Rainbow Light sponsored last night's baby shower soiree. "Rainbow Light has been celebrating prenatal leadership for 25 years, by providing clinically researched, food-based vitamins that nourish and protect pregnant and nursing mothers and their babies before, during and after conception," said Michael Galef, Vice President of marketing at Rainbow Light. "Through our participation in Star Showers, we're thrilled to not only help raise awareness for an important issue, but also team up with like-minded organizations."

To learn more about Star Showers, or to make a donation to a pregnant woman in need,  


About White Ribbon Alliance Healthy mothers make a healthy world. White Ribbon Alliance unites citizens to demand the right to a safe birth for every woman, everywhere.

About Kangu Kangu is the first crowdfunding platform to support safe births for pregnant women and their babies worldwide. At, see profiles of pregnant women in India, Nepal and Uganda and fund a specific woman's access to high-quality healthcare before, during and after childbirth.

About The MOMS The MOMS (co-founders Denise Albert and Melissa Musen Gerstein) is a multi-platform lifestyle brand. The MOMS are the creators, producers and hosts of Mamarazzi® events, handbag line Musen Albert, Hosts of The MOMS with Denise & Melissa on Sirius XM Stars, Co-Founders of Strut, The Fashionable Mom Show, a fashion show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at Lincoln Center, and journalists and bloggers at the Huffington Post.

About Weinstein Carnegie Philanthropic Group (WCPG) Weinstein Carnegie Philanthropic Group (WCPG), founded by Sara Weinstein and Harrie Bakst, offers seamless and comprehensive philanthropic advisory services. WCPG specialize in the representation of non-profit organizations, corporate brand social responsibility, fundraising events, athlete and celebrity foundations, and 501(c)3 management and registration. Current clients include Sean Penn's charity J/P Haitian Relief Organization, The James Blake Foundation, and CC Sabathia's PitCCh In Foundation.

About The Bump is the fastest growing, multiplatform resource giving first-time moms the inside scoop on fertility, pregnancy and new mommyhood, reaching millions of moms each year through and The Bump local guide. The Bump is part of XO Group Inc. (NYSE: XOXO), a global media and technology leader. Follow The Bump on Twitter @thebump.

About Rainbow Light® Founded in 1981 in Santa Cruz, Calif., Rainbow Light® is a pioneer of the natural industry's number one-selling women's and prenatal multivitamins. For more information, visit, and

Read more here:
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Disney’s changes its formula, FROZEN starring Idina Menzel sings live for the kids at premier!

My personal REVIEW of Disney's Frozen 

What was your favorite quote at ? Refresh everyone's memory! Here is my review!!!

 Disney,  is stepping out of it's box getting modern!! They seemed to change the formula of the  fairy tail movie in this one. Okay we've seen parents die, betrayal but this one had a lesson of sisterhood. “Frozen,”in a stunning big icy screen comedy adventure. I have to say this movie even had a "rat bastard" as we like to say in NYC. I don't want to give it away but, ladies we all know one of these guys and its great when he gets smacked down. The poor  sheltered and optimist Anna (voice of Kristen Bell) sets off on an epic journey—teaming up with rugged mountain man Kristoff (voice of Jonathan Groff) and his loyal reindeer Sven—to find her sister Elsa (voice of Idina Menzel), whose icy powers have trapped the kingdom of Arendelle in eternal winter.  Encountering Everest-like conditions, mystical trolls, which was my favorite part. The sweet hilarious snowman named Olaf, Anna and a hunky Kristoff battle the elements in a race to save the kingdom. Yes the kingdom gets saved, but no wedding. I guess with all the high rate of divorces these days Disney is even holding off on the big wedding. I rate this movie a 8 but give Idina Menzel a 10 plus.  At the end of the movie Idina Menzel was interviewed and answered questions. This women, this MOM sang on the spot, sitting down and was UNBELIEVABLE!! Watch this video, this is what I call sustainable and authentic talent, Idina has the goods, and delivered!! The kids all loved her as much as the adults. 


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11-12-13 what does it mean for you?


What does it mean today for YOU?? 

Everyone is saying today is luckiest day of the year. Many marriages performed today, even planned births, lottery tickets, Vegas crowded, so why?? I believe its the energy of the fluency of the numbers, fondness for particular numbers, and meaning.

We all love order, and I think 11, 12, 13 give us all a feeling of security in this unbalance time. Lets look at each number.

11 Eleven means: balance sensitivity, clarity even fertility, Angel winking at you, when some people see the number 11 they feel peace. Just looking at the number you see balance.

12 Twelve – THE NUMBER OF GOVERNMENTAL PERFECTION. There were 12 tribes of Israel; 12 Apostles, 12 foundations in the  Twelve is the completion of the natural cycle of one year and four seasons. There are twelve people on a jury, 12 in a dozen, this number hold the energy of order. 

13 Thirteen Some people feel very uneasy with this number, I don't and not just because I'm a Catholic girl. I believe the number is sending energy to keep us from feeling discouraged, and encouragement to stay focused on the true goals of our soul. The number "13" is a number of great blessings given by God. You can Google, research, the number but I feel that 13 is a blessing.

Have fun with it and maybe today you will take a few more chances, try something new, feel better, feel hopeful. Go for it  I'm sending you good energy, that what it means for all of us today, look at the positive.





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Loose 7 lbs with my 7 Tips and NO exercise required!

                     Loose weight the easy way!! Just a few tips that I Know to be true and work!



I like to share, when I have a good thing. I do love to talk about diets, and look in peoples shopping carts, just to see, what what are they eating?? I've seen foods that are screaming, "IM PINK and Foamy, I'm loaded with chemicals" and people buy and feed to there kids. ‘Health and Wellness’ is becoming  a trillion-dollar global industry. ‘Obesity is expensive in terms of health-care costs,’ it said before adding, with a consultant chuckle, ‘dealing with it is also a big, fat market.’ Obviously, if animals are getting heavier along with us, it can’t just be that they’re eating more MUFFINS and Candy bars and driving to work most days. On the contrary, the trend suggests some widely shared cause, beyond the self control of individuals, which is contributing to obesity across many species.

1. DON'T fall for the label that says "HEALTHY" Use  your common sense, just because it's labeled "healthy" it still could contains  food coloring etc. AVOID heavely packaged food!

2. NO Soda, just water, ice tea, sparking water or Vodka or Wine ( all in moderation)

One recent model estimated is that eating a mere 30 calories a day more than you use is enough to lead to serious weight gain. Given what each person consumes in a day (1,500 to 2,000 calories in poorer nations; 2,500 to 4,000 in wealthy ones), 30 calories is a trivial amount: by my calculations, that’s just two or three peanut M&Ms, after my Halloween calculations as I licked the butter fingers. If eliminating that little from the daily diet were enough to prevent weight gain, then why are we getting fatter and fatter, everyone of every economic level is always talking weight gain or loss. Why is something so primal has become so out of wacky?

3.Get Sleep, you consume more calories when tired, people consume 300 more calories when over tired. (like me now!!)

4. Hang out with people who watch what they eat..bad habits do rub off.

 BUT I do believe stress  can makes you eat,‘empty calories’ ‘a calorie is a calorie is a calorie’ if you overeat it will add fat to your frame. The badness of a ‘bad’ food such as a processed potato chip is that it makes calorie intake easier than it would be with broccoli or an apple. I have just lost 7 lbs and did not hit the gym once. It was a experiment I wanted to try, and it worked. Let me share my tips and why they worked.

5.Turn the thermostat down, feel a little cooler you will burn more calories (just a couple degrees lower, and be conscience)

Yet a number of researchers have come to believe, the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, that ‘all calories are not equal’. The problem with diets that are heavy in meat, fat or sugar is not solely that they pack a lot of calories into food; it is that they alter the biochemistry of fat storage and fat expenditure, tilting the body’s system in favor of fat storage. example, that sugar, trans-fats and alcohol have all been linked to changes in ‘insulin signaling’, which affects how the body processes carbohydrates. You know how some people say. "I look at cheese cake and gain weight". I do believe that the way our body metabolizes is also a  direct link to weight gain. I also think that if your body has to many chemicals in it the elimination of fat is harder.

6. NO heavy creams or makeup, the less products used the better, reduces chemical build up, and easier elimination.

More importantly, ‘things that alter the body’s fat metabolism’ is a much wider category than food. Sleeplessness and stress, for instance, have been linked to disturbances in the effects of leptin, the hormone that tells the brain that the body has had enough to eat. Yes some people just never feel full. For example at "tailgate parties", when everyone just keeps eating and eating all day…I know its fun, but I often wonder if some people ever get that full feeling??

In my research. working with chemist and Doctor's when creating and producing cosmetics and beauty products for my business G2 Organics, (picture below in magazine) I concluded that industrial chemicals have all entered our bodies, for example wax and toxins from creams that are not eliminated. When I personally  did my complete organic, no chemicals, no processed food detox, the weight fell off. It was work, but I did feel great and loved when people said you look "too thin", I LOVED IT!!! Reality is that I could not keep up with just eating 100% clean, but the self education  still effect my food and product I use.


  For example, a study by the Environmental Working Group of the umbilical cords of 10 babies born in US hospitals in 2004 found 287 different industrial chemicals in their blood. Beatrice Golomb, professor of medicine at the University of California, San Diego, has proposed a long list of candidates — all chemicals that, she has written, disrupt the normal process of energy storage and use in cells. Her suspects include heavy metals in the food supply, chemicals in sunscreens, cleaning products, detergents, cosmetics and the fire retardants that infuse bedclothes and pajamas. I agree with this 100%.


Chemicals and metals might promote obesity in the short term by altering the way that energy is made and stored within cells, or by changing the signals in the fat-storage process so that the body makes more fat cells, or larger fat cells. They could also affect the hormones that spur or tamp down the appetite. In other words, chemicals ingested on Tuesday might promote more fat retention on Wednesday. 

Just to double down on the complexity of the question, a number of researchers also think that industrial compounds might be affecting these signals. For example, Bruce Blumberg, professor of developmental and cell biology at the University of California, Irvine, has found that pregnant mice exposed to organotins (tin-based chemical compounds that are used in a wide variety of industries) will have heavier offspring than mice in the same lab who were not so exposed. In other words, the chemicals might be changing the signal that the developing fetus uses to set its metabolism. More disturbingly, there is evidence that this ‘fetal programming’ could last more than one generation.A good predictor of your birth weight, for instance, is your mother’s weight at her birth

 There is a ‘thermoneutral zone’ in which a human body can maintain its normal internal temperature without expending energy. Outside this zone, when it’s hot enough to make you sweat or cold enough to make you shiver, the body has to expend energy to maintain homeostasis. Temperatures above and below the neutral zone have been shown to cause both humans and animals to burn fat, and hotter conditions also have an indirect effect: they make people eat less. A restaurant on a warm day whose air conditioning breaks down will see a sharp decline in sales (yes, someone did a study). Perhaps we are getting fatter in part because our heaters and air conditioners are keeping us in the thermoneutral zoneWe are increasingly understanding that attributing obesity to personal responsibility is very simplistic I believe we are surrounded by hidden forces that are contributing to the weight gain, by the choices we make.


The chemicals, the stress, the air conditioning, the elevators-instead-of-stairs, foods and beverages that are ‘metabolic disturbers’this is what's making us fat.

But that’s not the worst of it. The human body’s response to its nutrition can last a lifetime, and even be passed on to the next generation. If you or your parents – or their parents – were undernourished, you’re more likely to become obese in a food-rich environment. Obese people, when they have children, pass on changes in metabolism that can predispose the next generation to obesity as well. Like the children of underfed people, the children of the overfed have their metabolism set in ways that tend to promote obesity. This means that a past of under nutrition, combined with a present of over nutrition, is an obesity trap.  I think we all know this, news stories, magazines, books. But I do know just eat a few bites less everyday, and it will add up to lost lbs. Its all about being mindful and making just a few changes.

7. Eat a few bites less at every meal, leave a little food on the plate!! leave a spoonful less thats 30 calories each meal x 3 = 90 saved calories a day.smiley

Try these tips, won't hurt you in any way and do work!


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Entrepreneurs, Influencers, Fashion & Style CELEBRATES Raine Magazine #17 Reality Show

Tis was right before Halloween!!  Take a look we all love mags!
IMG_2547IMG_2559IMG_2557As a entrepreneur, I  work hard and trust the process,  I have owned real estate, managed my own hotels, modeled, created award winning beauty products G2 Organics, and now combining everything I love with blogging….. and  being social media influencer. I feel odd saying "social media influencer", as I just had to call my 10 to show me how to use something on the computer….

Last week I went to the launch of Volume 17 Raine Magazine, this magazine highlighting ENTREPRENEURS and their business in a high end glossy fashion and style magazine.

Celebrate Raine's Fall Fashion & Style Issue! 
I meet and mingled with the Raine team and key influencers from the worlds of fashion, entertainment and culture – at the very sleek EVR Lounge in NYC.  IMG_2548
LOVED!!!Cover Star Maria Valentino!! She is a designer and multi talented in all fashion and style.I adore her family, her sisters are gorgeous and sweet but I especially I liked meeting her parents, her Dad was a absolute  gentleman and her MOM exquisite and gracious.   It was a little more crazy then usual launch because they were also filming this for her new reality show  for BROVO  I did say REALITY SHOW,  as a entrepreneur, l know the power of reality TV. I did go that route once, it was a educational experience, but today a entrepreneur has to try every media to get the word out. WOW I met some exciting  people.You could feel the beat of the entrepreneur’s spirit pulsing against an eveningIMG_2560
  • The Voice star Jermaine Paul
  • Double Emmy winning violinist Damien Escobar IMG_2554
  • Singer Deon Young
  • Pop Dance Recording Artist Sariah
  • Singer-songwriter Eric Hall 
  • Broadway star Jake Boyd
  • Alex Rhone Sr. Rhone Records
  • Keishaw Williams, Modeling Management
  • Patrice Y. Gardner Lifestyle Management

    This is the covergirls's DAD…nice man!

Model and Broadway Star, Jake Boyd, posing with his fall issue spread.IMG_2558


Actor featured ,personality Jake Boyd


 Founder and Editor in Chief Nova Lorraine

I think I get in  way too many pictures..but all in all it was a fabulouse evening  in the BIG APPLE, a city of seduction and dreams! 





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