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#HughJackman says “wear #sunscreen” I say “whatever you say HUGH!!”


#HughJackman says "wear #sunscreen" I say "whatever you say HUGH!!"

IMG_2090I had a amazing breakfast with The Moms at The Hunt and Fish Club in NYC, the breakfast was delicious, but meeting Hugh again was amazing. He is so dreamy, sweet, sexy, smells great  tall and a family guy. When he talks I don't think there was a women in the room that was not smitten with him. I'm so happy he survived his bout with skin cancer. The sun seems so much stronger now then I remember it as a child. As Mom's know we all need to cover up but man this hit home when I met and had breakfast with Hugh Jackman, he spoke about his skin cancer. He wants to raise awareness of the growing skin cancer problem. Hugh Jackman spoke about his native Australia, the ozone layer is thinner than in most other locations and the rates of skin cancer are higher. Shockingly in the U.S.A. the numbers are still high, with a chance of one in five Americans getting skin cancer, and a one in two chance among people who never wear sunscreen, according to Jackman.IMG_2364

“No one should ever have skin cancer; it’s all about protection and spotting it early,” he said.

My heart sank while he spoke about his conquering skin cancer and and about ways in which the number of skin cancer cases can be lowered. Simply wearing sunscreen on a daily basis and reapplying throughout the day. His newly launched sunscreen Pure Sun Defense is geared towards children. IMG_2444 The product line features Frozen®, The Avengers®, Spider-Man®, and Princesses®. Jackman hopes that having sunscreen with recognizable characters will make kids more excited about putting on lotion, similar to how toothpaste companies have made brushing teeth more appealing by including licensed characters. Jackman emphasized the importance of making applying suntan lotion a priority, even for people with darker skin tones and on cloudy days. I love how Pure Defense is geared toward children but what about us MOM's? I personally need  sun screen and anti aging. I found the perfect product, that I have been using and starting to see the results.  Proof of the sunscreen in this product screened me was sitting for hours in the hot sun at a Yankee Game, I was protected and beautifying with MD Complete Skincare I am addicted to MD Complete, it works! I was completely protected and my skin felt great! 

Hugh Jackman  had to go through multiple surgeries to remove the skin cancer He wants everyone to know dangers of the sun, nobody is safe!


IMG_2417 I am fair skinned and love being outside, swimming, tennis, golfing going to a ballgame. I worry about skin damage and wrinkles. Lets face it, at my age after years of being in the sun without protection. I do have damage and now want to pretty it up. I tried and found this product that has sunscreen and also helps with the lines and lots of other aging issues! BUT ladies, if you have a tendency to breakout with sunscreens you wont have that problem with this brand, they already figured it outfor us.




If you want to hear from others about all MD Complete product, read Total Beauty 

MD Complete Skin Clearing Breakout Spot Treatment by … › Reviews › Face › Blemish + Acne Control










 Rating: 10/10 – ‎3 reviews Review for MD CompleteMD Complete Skin Clearing Breakout Spot Treatment, Blemish + Acne Control. Read more MD Complete product reviews at Total …

Always wear suncreen! 


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A few easy ways to go green at home!

A few easy ways to go green at homeIMG_4439

Going green is an increasingly popular trend these days. Protecting our environment and staying healthy are important parts of our lives. Although everyone is reading/hearing about this craze, it seems that many are having trouble figuring out where to begin. Yes, recycling is a great way to start, but there are a number of easy ways you can make a difference in your own home

1. Grow and herb garden (good reminder of where our food comes from as well as one to stay away from processed food… dual function of serving environment and your self)

2. Switch all your light bulbs to CFLs

3. Stop using disposable shopping bags and invest in reusable ones, they can be found at any local food store

4. If you must buy water,buy an inexpensive reusable water bottle and stop buying the plastic ones. here in Westchester we have great water from the faucet

5. Always turn off the lights when you leave a room; try and wait as long as possible to even turn them on, natural sunlight is more enjoyable anyway

6. Turn off your computer completely at night

7. Pay as many bills as possible online

8. Wash your laundry in cold water instead of hot and then hang it to air dry 

9. unplug unused chargers and appliances

10. Use cloth napkins and towels instead of paper ones

11. Switch to “shade grown coffee” with a “fair trade” label on it 

12. Conserve water as much as possible! Try and shorten your showers, never leave the sink running when its not being used (aka when brushing your teeth), and fix all your leaky faucets! 

Simple right? Its so easy it makes you wonder why everyone is not’t doing it. Put in the extra effort to make these small changes. Spread the word to your friends and family as well. Every little thing counts! 

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Men Need to Cover Up Too! We can all use a little healing cover up!

Men Need to Cover Up Too!

Girls, ever given your guy a hickey? Guys, ever have acne you wish you could cover up?  Maybe a tattoo, scar we have you covered. Guys have acne, scars and hickies too! Don’t worry guys, G2 Organics has the perfect solution for you. 

The Hickey Stick isn’t just for women, it can be used by men as well. It’s packaged like a cigar so guys don’t have to feel feminine when buying and using it. Also, it’s small enough for guys to carry with them (since they obviously don’t use purses!) It’s a simple, easy-to-use cover-up that heals as it covers; the Hickey Stick has natural ingredients, like Vitamin E, to help heal what it is covering. It also contains ZINC which helps as a sunscreen.

“I had to go to court and hated to walk in with a sty on my eye. Not only did the Hickey Stick cover it, but it helped heal it too.”

The Hickey Stick is great at covering acne as well. It does double work as a spot treatment and as a spot

“The Hickey Stick can’t hurt, it can only help. Who wants to look at my pimple?”

No one likes having a pimple on their face, so why is it okay for only women to cover them up? Guys get acne too, and the Hickey Stick is here to cover it up.

Nobody’s perfect, so what do you have to cover? This is a perfect gift for your man! YES DAD"S will use, once they use it once they are hooked.

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My #hair was was just oiled by #BeverlyD. and it feels great!

WOW, this  stuff works instantly and its organic!

IMG_1803     BeverlyD Luxe Organic Hair Care – Appreciation Luxe Organic Infusion

Ladies, I am such a shower and shake type of girl with my hair, I do very little, because when Im on TV or at a event my hair is done with sprays and hot rollers. Beverly oiled my hair and it felt and llooked great seconds after the oil was aplied. You have to ck this product out.

Houston, TX May 1, 2015  BeverlyD Luxe Organic Hair Care unveiled a new image for the organic plant and food material ingredient healing hair product  at Kuhl-Linscomb in River Oaks. BeverlyD had been selling in several outlets including Amazon, salons, boutiques and

Appreciation, Kindness, Generosity and Attention are a few of the names given to these formulas that make hair young again with ancient remedies derived from organic plant and food sources.
How do you solve reactive hair in summer humidity situations?

Reactive hair is a result of over processing with chemicals, chemicals in water, excessive shampooing, alcohols in styling and suffocation due to synthetic use in hair products.
Appreciation Luxe Organic Infusion
is the initial remedy used with its easily absorbable molecular structure to feed the follicle and begin balancing, strengthening, hydrating extremely fine, dry, colored and over processed hair.  Feeding the follicle and shaft plant enrichments that build the strand and correct over processed conditions. It is no longer necessary to cut off excessively damaged hair.  The product disappears into the hair and can be added every day without shampooing.
Appreciation is applied to dry hair before shampooing, as oil and water repel, therefore is the antidote to keeping chlorine out of the hair, in the shower and in the pool. Appreciation adds value to relationships.  Relationships like the one with your hair, with your partner, with your family and friends.  Hair is not just about what you put in, it is the energy in which you treat it. Acknowledge your hair and the people around you.  You will begin to feel the Appreciation all around you from others and yourself. You will love your hair and everyone.
Plant ingredients included in the products are coconut, safflower, jojoba, & sesame oils, rye, wheat  & soy proteins. When you use plant ingredients there is no buildup, hair becomes lighter, softer. Customers have reported they shampoo less as hair stays cleaner longer due to the no coating or no synthetic approach.
Other products in this simple precise system are Collaboration Hair & Body Oil, Kindness Shampoo, Generosity Hair Masque Thickener, Yielding Detangling Conditioner, Attention Hair Gel- a soft application for curly dry hair, Playfulness Styling Spray, a wet and dry spray doubling as styling gel or hairspray.
Appreciation, as well as the other names, was selected as a name to build connection between humans to create more love in your life.  Instead of fear based selling we are using love to bring people closer and to create the hair you love.  BeverlyD Luxe Organic Hair building a love connection to the world one head of hair at a time. BeverlyD is a hairdresser and formulated these products with the assistance of chemists who specialize in aromatherapy and using plant, food and sea materials.  Testing and research occured with her clients and her clients say it best, ‘ BeverlyD made my hair young again!’
Apply 1-6 pumps or more as prescribed  into your hands and massage into hands well before applying to ends and working into the scalp. Hair will become shinier, more finished and movable calming the rough cuticle. Sleep with it or shampoo immediately. Appreciation has 12 uses in all and is the easy travel companion for skin moisturizer, hair pomade, eye makeup remover, as stated in the 12 Ways of Appreciation.

BeverlyD Appreciation Luxe Organic Infusion Appreciation Organic Infusion – $35.00

BeverlyD Luxe Organic Hair Care is available at

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It’s time to change the kids menu! Stop with fries and fingers!

Its's about time, restaurants are changing the menu's I think they should just give 1/2 potions of menu items to the children at a discounted price. I can't stand when the children menu just offers, pizza, chicken fingers, grill cheese. The upper scale restaurants do offer better "kids menu" but the eating habits of children start when they are kids. Common sense says saute the veggies and cut them small, give a kid a toothpick and dig in and enjoy.IMG_1696

When Restaurants Offer Healthy Kids' Fare, Children Eat It


HealthDay+ More


By Randy Dotinga, HealthDay Reporter


FRIDAY, May 1, 2015 (HealthDay News) — Children ate healthier meals at a restaurant chain after the kids' menu got a makeover with healthy options replacing soda and fries, new research indicates.

"Our study showed that healthier children's menu options were ordered a lot more often when those options were more prevalent and prominent on kids' menus, highlighting the promise of efforts to shift the status quo and make healthier options the new norm," said study lead author Stephanie Anzman-Frasca. She is a research associate at Tufts University Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy in Boston.


"Given how frequently kids go to restaurants, and evidence that this can be linked with consuming excess calories, offering and promoting healthier menu options could play a role in reversing the childhood obesity epidemic," she added in a university news release.

The Silver Diner, a family restaurant chain in the eastern United States, made changes to its children's menu in April 2012. Healthy options, including strawberries, mixed vegetables and side salads, were automatically included with orders. French fries, soda and lemonade were taken off the kids' menu, though these items were still available if requested.

After the change, almost half of orders from the children's menu were for healthier options compared with just 3 percent before. Also, 70 percent of orders included at least one healthy side option compared with 26 percent before, the investigators found.

For the study, the researchers analyzed data from more than 350,000 children's meals and nearly 19,000 individual checks from before and after the changes.

The chain's overall revenue continued to grow despite the healthy menu changes, the study authors pointed out.

The study was published online April 28 in the journal Obesity. The restaurant provided no funding for the study.

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Happy Mother’s Day, the best gift is seeing your family eat healthy #LoveYoBaby #Stonyfied #NewHampshire #Organics!



From the time kids are born they are watching you, observing everything you do. I hear they do 90% of what you do and 10% of what you say. My daughter was born on Mothers Day, this year we share the day. Truly the best gift is seeing my family happy and healthy. 


Children model the behaviors of those around them, and when children are young, parents (and sometimes siblings) are the main role models in their lives. Children are likely to adopt the same eating habits as their parents. Since parents have the biggest influence  in a child’s life, it is important that they set good examples.  Raising children to adopt healthy eating behaviors may seem daunting, but it does not have to be. I think parents should expose their children to a wide variety of foods starting at an early age. Like Mommy like me, I love to eat a variety of foods and in our house the kids always see us enjoying and sharing healthy food such as Stonyfields yogurt. In our home it  started with YoBaby and  continues to smoothies,  plus a variety of healthy food. Nothing was outlawed, just in moderation, cookies, chips, candy all in moderation. Children who eat the same food as their parents rather than being indulged with 'kids' meals' are far more likely to have healthy diets, research has found. I had the best lunch celebrating sweet 16 of Yobaby at Bouley Botanical Resturant in NYC, with guest speaker and mother and registered dietitian, Sally Kuzemchak shared her own feeding troubles and offer her tips for raising a successful eater. I loved the communication specialist from Stonyfield, they were fantastic and had great energy. I can't wait to go to the farm and see them again.





Stonyfield is more then yogurt! Its the vibration of a healthy life and happy family! As a MOM thats all I want is a happy healthy family!



Mom Click Here feeling good! #LoveYoBaby This is the way I feel when I eat healthy!!



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