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Classic New York Beer & Wine enjoyed by all at NYFW

Sip and see, that what we all did at Small Boutique Fashion week. The guest enjoyed sampling beer and wine sponsored Gary Sze Kong of  and


President and Founder


Gary Sze Kong, J.D., was born in Fujian, China. After graduating from middle school in Hong Kong, he immigrated to the United States alone at the age of 16. When he was 19, he purchased his first apartment building through a sheer reliance on his own efforts and hard work. In a strange new land, Mr. Kong first started as a handyman in an American restaurant. As a 16 year old, he understood that in order to live he had to integrate himself into this new environment – and to do that, he had to work harder and do more than others.

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This outlook on life impacted how he would develop in his professional life, as he went on to attend the New York University School of Business, and then eventually graduate with a Bachelor of Laws, Master of Laws, and a Juris Doctor from the Law School of the Southwest International University.

Mr. Kong, armed with his professional training and expertise, began work in the life insurance industry. Eventually, through his own perseverance and personal determination, he was able to gain enough know-how in insurance marketing and law to become Assistant Solicitor, thereby becoming noticed by Avelino & Nitkewicz, LLP, a prominent law firm in New York City. It was in this capacity that Mr. Kong began to involve himself in a number of industries such as real estate, building materials, and storage. Through a series of shrewd investment home loans, he purchased properties all throughout the five boroughs of New York City, eventually forming Kong MGT, Inc., which to this day owns more than 90 percent market share of land titles in Flushing, New York.

The company currently has eight subsidiaries that own and manage more than twenty properties in New York, Texas, New Orleans, Nevada and other states – from commercial centers like hotels and malls to residential dwellings like condominiums and houses.

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I believe Jordyn Woods! Travis Scott NYC is waiting for you!

The drama, I never thought I would even be commenting on this until it hit my household. YES, this weekend is the long awaited Travis Scott concert at the Barclays in Brooklyn. I hear that Kylie Jenner is upset so Travis Scott canceled Buffalo concert and flew from NY back to LA. He even might be canceling his concert at the Barclays. Listen to me, Travis Scott, you worked to hard to get to this point, compartmentalize and get out there and give these kids a good show.

Let’s everyone calm down, we all know Tristen Thompson is a player, right now he does not want to be tied to one woman. Jordyn welcome to real life, maybe it’s time you stop living in Kylie’s guest house and get a place of your own. As for Khloe, your a single Mom, work on your business and give yourself a little time. As for Kylie & Jordan, I think you need to take a pause and redefine your friendship and time will heal. Travis Scott don’t get caught up keep making music.

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