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Do children get to much homework? I say YES!!


The standard, endorsed by the National Education Association and the National Parent-Teacher Association, is the so-called "10-minute rule" — 10 minutes per grade level per night. That translates into 10 minutes of homework in the first grade, 20 minutes in the second grade, all the way up to 120 minutes for senior year of high school. The NEA and the National PTA do not endorse homework for kindergarten.

Kids are getting  to much homework, I feel because the teachers don't get a chance to cover all the  required material in class. Homework should be a review of what the children cover in class.

To much homework effects family life, causes stress anxiety and test prove that even with more homework, test scores don't go up.

Here are my tips:

1. Draw up a plan, on what homework to do first, know when projects are due and subjects that require more attention for your child.

2.Overcome Procrastination, do the homework after school, have a snack and just get it done, while the brain is still in "school mode"

3.Create a homework space, have all materials, pens pencils, computer workbooks everything needed for homework in the same spot. A desk, a table and quiet area.

4.  Create a Support System with study groups, tutors if needed, after school help programs. Parents your not alone!

5. School Website, most schools have homework and assignments listed which is always a good idea to check to make sure you are in the loop of assignments.

6. Speak to teacher in a Nonconfrontational way make sure your on the same page, with assignments and requirements for class.

7. Family dinners are so important, even if you feel the schedules are "crazy" make time to sit down together and discuss the rose and thorn of the day. This always helps children deal with conflicts and problems and a space to brag too:)



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Back to School Shopping, look good, feel good and save money!

  • back-to-school-party-apples
  • Back to School Shopping is one of the biggest retail events, next to holiday shopping. I say make it fun a
  • educational and  STRESS FREE!!!
  • Have FUN and Save Money! 
  •  Take Inventory of what u need and what fits, I was thrilled that my daughters UGGs still fit from last year
  • Watch Sales on the staples of the wardrobe jeans, stretch pants, socks, underwear 
  • Use a Debit card, great way to teach kids fiscal responsibility http://www.cheriecorso.com/?p=983  
  • Have kids also make a list of  needs and wants, then go through list
  • Don't buy everything at once, kids like to see what the other kids are wearing
  • Everyone love one status piece like expensive sneakers, Vineyards so make room in the budget
  • tumblr_n4v12elj7g1rn9qioo1_500

    Back to School – Vineyard Vines

    www.vineyardvines.com › Kids








    Niketown-New York. Nike.com










  • When supplies use coupons and make it fun
  • School Supplies & Office Supplies : Target
  • www.target.com/c/school-office-supplies/-/N-5xsxr



  • Organize, before school starts, closets and draws must be cleaned and organized, I have some great tips. For example keeping socks downstairs in
  • maxresdefault
  •  coat closet right next to shoes
  • Host back to school swap, its a a great way to get together and exchange clothes and books. It's a lot of fun! Have a party!!
  • Super markets also have great deals on school supplies 
  • Plan lunches, balanced and healthy ones using the warehouse stores and local super market 


    stew Leonard's offers parents back-to-school lunch ideas that …


    Trader Joe's shopping hacks – Business Insider





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