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Hat Trick Magazine Cover: Cherie Corso Spiritual #Entrepreneur









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Ompa Lumpa’s , Mom’s, boys, Teens and Who’s all tried Tat2u, and we liked it!

IMG_4897When I was first introduced to this makeup, I immediately thought tween, teens,edgy, hipsters and  I'm too old to wear it!!  loved the packaging and colors. That  "Im too old" quickly changed after I used this makeup for the characters  in Willy Wonka and I was one of the makeup artist for the cast. The kids and Moms went crazy for the colors and packaging. Later that week I just had to wear it in public, I LOVE it! It truly brightened up my face and I wore less makeup too. Tat2U is the hot new trends of temporary body art and extreme color makeup. Tat2U Extreme Color is a line of edgy, vibrant makeup for the modern woman who wants a little pazazz. Extremely pigmented and formulated with only the highest-quality ingredients, Tat2U Extreme Color is like nothing else on the market today.IMG_4896

I am a Beauty Expert and personally try all types of makeup, and I loved this makeup.

Extreme Color gives you choices ranging from fabulous and fun neon colors to smoldering, sultry shades or shimmery, glittery glam. TAT2U Extreme Color has something for everyone who dares to be extreme and can take your look from fun to flirty with the stroke of a brush.tat001.01com-tat2u-tat2u-extreme-color

The Extreme Color line, with 17 categories and approximately 175 SKU’s, includes: blush, foundation, loose glitter, shimmer powders, mascara, brow powders, matte lipstick and lip gloss products, as well as 30 shades of eye shadow, some vivid and bright, some staple shades that most women use.IMG_4895

I think I gave the company the most wide range of users in a 24 hour period, from Uppa Lumpas to teenagers, Moms and Grandma's we all loved it. Try it and remember its just makeup, not plastic surgery and its never to late to try something new.IMG_4921


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