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The Pro’s and Con’s of children spending 7 hours a day on media!!

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Review Republic of Pigtails bows! Perfect for all the Girls!

 I have always loved hair accessories since I've been a little girl, I always remember feeling special with the bows in my hair. Republic of Pigtails is a chic collection of handmade hair accessories for women, teens, and children. The collection is designed by Rika Gunawan, a former interior designer from Indonesia. The quality and craftsmanship used in the bows is good.  I just love ponytails, braids and bows.

My daughter and I even  wrote a book called Crazy Ponytails: Mrs. Cherie Corso, Ms. Julia Marie Corso: 9781453706602: Amazon.com: Books about hair  that comes alive and has its own personality,which everybody appreciates and then celebrates everyone individuality. What I love about Republic of Pigtails,  is that all their accessories  including the red bow  can be worn in  many different ways to create your own look.The following links Welcome to Republic of Pigtails – Designer Accessories for Women and Children $16.00 for this bow.

I always support entrepreneurs we will or all have been one one time in our life!! 


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