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So your kid wants to visit THE CAKE BOSS in Hoboken,NJ, Mom to Mom heres the scoop!!

THE Cake Boss!! Every kid seems to know who Buddy is, my daughter loves this show. She had me watch back to back to back episodes. Being a very visual person, I was mesmerized by the beautiful cakes and the family dynamics. I did a "reality show" so I am very familiar with the manipulation and stagged antics, but who cares. This show makes a beautiful product and I loved all the personalities in the bake shop. They are not mean spirited, and all have one goal to satisfy the customer and create. So when my daughter said she wanted to visit Carlos's Bakery, in Hoboken  I was in.  The only thing I honestly knew about Hoboken, NJ is that's where Frank Sinatra's from. There is no doubt people are big fans of TLC's "Cake Boss" show. , so the excursion to Hoboken , Carlo's Bakery — home of the "Cake Boss" began.

We took the ferry from NYC,  SeaPort Authority and then walked to Carlo's City Hall Bake Shop, it was a long walk from the ferry to Carlos's bakery,  we stopped for lunch along the way at one of the many restaurants they have along Washington Street.

Carlo's City Hall Bake Shop

95 Washington St., 201-659-3671


Finally when we go there, I thought we could just walk in, and for some reason crazy thought we would see Buddy, get a tour, something..but when we arrived we were shocked SHOCKED to see a line across the street in front of CVS. A man from the bakery came out and handed us a number, I don't like to wait in lines (who does on a hot day) but for my daughter we waited one hour. I have to say it was not that bad waiting, we met people from all over the world who wanted to visit. I met a women from Finland and she knew all the episodes and said that this was on her to do list when she was visiting NYC.  On line the anticipation started to build, as crazy as that sound to taste this cake!! When our number was called, we went into the small store front bakery, packed with people buying cookies,  cakes. T-shirts, autographed mugs, DVD's.


No tour, No Buddy, No sisters just very nice people taking your order. We bought it all the cake, T-shirts, Mug, cookies (which were excellent). My daughter wanted the beach cake with the surf boards and brown sugar sand. It was one layer chocolate filled with fudge and the bottom layer vanilla. The cake was moist and very flavorful, it cost  $50.00 for a small cake…eeekkkk but her it was part of the experience. It was a full day event and IM glad we did it. Since then I have learned if you just want a Cake Boss cake, there is a store in Time Square, and supper markets carry them.


My advice would be to go very early in the morning, or near the end of the day the line will be less, also buy extra cookies because when you get home everyone wants to sample. I also hear that Buddy Valastro does visit occasionally but don't expect to meet him then the kids won't be disappointed.

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