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#Acupuncture Facelift, what is it and does it work?


 #Acupuncture Facelift, what is it and does it work?  IMG_4859 Acupuncture Facelift, what is it and does it work?  I had to give it a try, its natural, no chemicals NO cutting, sound right up my alley, this type of facial facelift has been praised in VOGUE (http://www.vogue.com/871420/vd-maggie-betts-is-obsessed-facial-acupuncture) I sought out the best in the biz, her name is Darien Lamb, RN, LAC, MS she was highly recommended. When I first  met Darien,  I was impressed by her credentials, and institutional  knowledge, she treats the whole body, not just the face. I had my first appointment  at  Nicholas Day Spa, in Pelham NY http://nicholasdayspa.com she explained the treatment in detail, its natural way to help the aging process a cosmetic facial acupuncture is a healthy alternative to invasive Western medical injectable, fillers, and surgical procedures. it enhances muscle tone, strengthens and firms skin appearance, and improves overall health and well-being. The treatment takes 10 visits to see the full results, but I immediately felt the relaxation effects from day one, and saw the cosmetic results after the 3rd visit. The lines were softer and plumped.  This cosmetic facial acupuncture left me looking and feeling relaxed and glowing. It is an effective treatment for people of all ages. Western Medicine (WM) views cosmetic facial concerns like wrinkles, loss of muscle tone, sagging skin, and skin problems as the result of factors such as habitual muscle movement, aging, genetics, and climatic factors. Although Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) agrees with Western Medicine, more importantly, TCM believes that aging is directly influenced by physical, emotional, and spiritual health. As I relaxed on the table with acupuncture needles in my face and legs, I felt a deep relaxation come over my entire body, it was hypnotic. After a section I felt like I had just woke up from a nap.IMG_3263

 Before the treatment I did have a comprehensive exam which included  questions concerning your digestion, sleep patterns, diet, stress level, family health history, and cosmetic concerns. The practitioner looks at the tongue, feel the pulse on your wrists, and possibly press or massage various body parts. She will inserted fine, sterilized acupuncture needles into specific acupuncture points on your face and body. The purpose of the treatment is to restore internal health to naturally lift, tone, and strengthen muscle integrity and skin. The result is healthy toned face muscles, tighter skin, reduced fine lines and wrinkles, refined skin, even skin color , and improved health and well-being. I love before and after pictures, check out these!IMG_5031IMG_5036

IMG_5038I highly recommend this treatment not only for beauty but for internal relaxation and all the health benefits that come with acupuncture. When you feel good you look good, and when you look good you feel good.Make a apt at  Nicholas Day Spa,203 Wolfs Lane 914 738 3838 or 140 Lockwood Ave, New Rochelle



I do feel great, no filters here! Cost $1,500.00 for 10 sessions far less expensive and easier then surgery.


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Instant Long Lashes, no fuss, NO Mascara needed, Nova Lashes takes a expert! Instant Long Lashes, no fuss, NO Mascara needed! To good to be TRUE ?

IMG_4878You know how they say that the eyes are the windows of the soul. And I truly believe in this statement, hence, some  beauty tricks we all use  to enhance  the eyes are eyeliner, shadow, wear colored contacts, false eye lashes, mink lashes, darken bows and more. I don't like   the fake lashes because they  are applied on the lash line, it might inhibit the growth of my own natural lashes overtime. What’s more, much care must be taken when removing the lashes. As frequent tugging and pulling will result in wrinkles and saggy,droopy lids. I also believe mascara is like putting tar on your eyes. I'm tired of seeing black clumps on women. Eyelash Extensions by NovalashIMG_4873Lash extensions are the way to go in my opinion, I have been using them for years. My first application was 3 years ago at Nicholas Day Spa in Pelham NY,  Nicholas Day Spa and Salon | Pelham NY 914 • 738 • 3838    cost $200.00 for full set, then just fill in when I needed it. No fuss, no problems, my lashes are not harmed in anyway and I swear but them. Each lash is attached to your own lash so your lashes can grow. You can stop anytime without damage to your natural lash. Try it this summer no more clumps, and black little residue hanging from your lashes. We all see it, yuck!  IMG_4874Celebrities  Gisele Bundchen False Eyelashes – Gisele Bundchen Looks – StyleBistro and makeup artist have been using these for years, give it a try instant eye opener! You will love them! I personally find it very relaxing to have done. It does not hurt and Adrienne, at Nicholas Day Spa is fantastic!

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