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Why is Lady GaGa Naked with a Quartz Crystal?? I can Explain!! by Cherie Corso

Reiki & Crystal healing and Quartz Crystals

What is Reiki? and Why Quart

This is a picture of Lady GaGa feeling the healing energy from the crystal! It does work!

Lady Gaga embraces a healing crystal

Lady Gaga embraces a healing crystal


The word Reiki is derived from two Japanese words: rei meaning Universal Spirit and ki meaning life force energy. In Reiki, hands are the channels for energy (ki) guided by the Universal Spirit (Rei). Mystics of all cultures speak of the physical universe being made of an underlying form of energy which is subject to or affected by thought.

Reiki is a flexible, ever-evolving form of healing, relaxation and personal development. Practicing Reiki helps bring about harmony in the body, leading to a deep sense of relaxation. As well as having this wonderfully calming affect on the healee, the person giving a Reiki treatment also receives the healing effect of the Universal energy that flows through them. Many hospitals and Doctors use Reiki healers in conduction with traditional medicines.

This is said to be an intelligent energy in that it seems to know where to go for healing to take place and what is needed. It never does any harm. The energy does not come from the Reiki practitioner. The practitioner is a channel for the healing energy.

Some benefits of Reiki include:

  • a balancing of physical/mental/emotional and spiritual energies
  • enhanced personal awareness; reiki increases inner peace and mental clarity/emotional stability
  • improved creativity
  • suppressed feelings are released
  • a reduction of stress and tension and pain relief
  • aids positive thinking, its all about the energy flow
  • Reiki can therefore be used for many reasons including reducing stress or tension, relieving pain, headaches, back problems, respiratory problems, PMT, menstrual problems and more. Reiki should be used to compliment traditional medicine and not as an alternative.
It is a gentle non-invasive method of healing. Through Reiki, practitioners can also develop personal and spiritual growth.

The Differences between Reiki and Spiritual Healing

Reiki draws on the Universal spirit to heal however there are differences between Reiki and other methods of healing such as spiritual healing. Through Reiki, energy is channelled by an attuned person to empower the healee to cure themselves. The healer acts as a channel for the energy normally without being drained themselves. A spiritual healer is a person said to be gifted in the powers of healing who will channel energy to bring about a cure. Spiritual healers believe themselves to be vulnerable to other influences/entities and to picking up problems from the person they're working on when they open themselves to the energy. They take steps to protect themselves against this. Reiki attunement seems to protect and prevent Reiki practitioners from picking up any negative influences from the healee.

There are several different forms of Reiki. As knowledge is passed down from Master to student, students have developed and passed on their own understanding and individual methods. Even so the basic concept of channelling Universal energy is common to them all.

Different symbols are used in each Reiki practice. Some practitioners are trained in and use more than one form of Reiki. Each method has its place in healing.

Reiki is guided by the Universal Spirit/energy that sustains and balances all life on this planet. It is an intelligent energy of love and wholeness.

This is a picture of Lady GaGa feeling the healing energy from the crystal! It does work! She is feeling the energy

of the crystal.

Lady Gaga embraces a healing crystal

Lady Gaga embraces a healing crystal




Lady Gaga Is NSFW — Again — for Marina Abramović

We have no doubt that your interest in this video is based solely on its artistic merit and not Lady Gaga's shaved hooha. We therefore present to you a very NSFW video of Gaga "practicing the Marina Abramović method," a meditative technique requiring her to make prolonged Om-like sounds, walk naked and blindfolded through nature, embrace an enormous healing crystal, and finally lie in a bed of them. No, it is not a skit from Portlandia, but a promotion for the performance artist's Kickstarter campaign to raise $600,000 to start construction on the Marina Abramović Institute. We're pretty sure this will put her over the top…

Quartz Crystal's come with all G2 Organics Products! Because…..


QUARTZ crystals are  dynamic gems and so amazing !

I bet you did not know Manhattan is built on quartz, thats why I feel it holds the energy and power and attracts people from all over the world. Im not just saying this because I live in NewYork and love the city.

A great deal of scientific and metaphysical research has been done specifically, concerning these marvels of nature, and that the material is voluminous.

The information I am presenting here is essentials which should inspire you to do your own research to find out for yourself and see if you feel the energy!

Quartz is an igneous rock made out of molecules of silicon and oxygen atoms held together in a crystal pattern.

All of the silica and oxygen that make quartz came originally from theinsides of stars, and it shot out of the stars when the stars exploded as supernovas.

Then the silica formed a nebula, a dust cloud floating in space.

Nobody knows exactly how the silica got to Earth from the nebula, but once it did, it sank down under the lighter elements of the Earth ( oxygen, hydrogen and carbon), but stayed above the heavier elements (mainly iron).

So silica got stuck in the middle-not in the core, but not on the surface either. In the middle zone, it was hot enough to melt rock.

Most of the silica on Earth is still in the melted state. The vast majority of our precious  gemstones are nothing more than variations of quartz.

Quartz embodies an architectural and mathematical perfection based on the Golden Proportions, phi, just like the Great Pyramid.

The tips of all quartz crystals are angled exactly like the Great Pyramid at 36017 or 57.43 degrees.. The natural tendency of quartz is for harmony.

A quartz crystal takes over 10,000 years to form. Natural quartz crystals were often referred to by the ancient traditions as the veils of the earth", "frozen water" or "frozen light", combine the elements of silicon and water through a lengthy process involving heat and pressure.

Quartz crystals incorporate geometric precision and harmony which is why it's seen as the" Stone of Harmony".

The Ancient Egyptians well understood the mathematically precise and rigid structure of quartz and recognized it's ability to both harness and transmit spiritual power. 

A quartz crystal is a beautiful, perfect form. It contains within itself Harmony, Balance, Clarity and Perfection..

Now from the book Shifting Frequencies by Jonathan Goldman he says:

"Quartz crystals are considered sacred powerful tools in many different traditions and have been recognized as such for a very long time.

They have been utilized for their extraordinary abilities by magicians, shamans and light workers since recorded history and before as tools for healing higher consciousness and frequency-shifting".

"Quartz crystals have been found  as artifacts among the most ancient of archeological digs..and their use in Atlantis has been described by many writers".


From the most ancient of days quartz crystals have been used in metaphysical practices particularly as a strong talisman.

It was believed to have the power to ward off the "evil eye". As well as counteracting  and transforming negative vibes.

Metaphysical practitioners considered clear quartz as being the channel for metaphysical and cosmic energy.

The shaman, and other types of spiritual healers used clear quartz in their healing practices. I use the crystals everyday and do feel the energy from them. Naturally people always gravitate towards crystals, because they are not man made and do hold a energy.

Because quartz crystals in the main symbolized energy, and it helps the user to energize and focus on their prayers and thought, I personally know that when people receive a crystal they hold on to it, and years later, even thank me for it.  I always say it can't hurt can always help.



– See more at: http://www.cheriecorso.com/?page_id=12#sthash.uFHwK03y.dpuf

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