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IS #RAINBOW LOOM STILL IN style? Just ask #Jimmy #Kimmel!

wink SUMMER 2013 every kid in America wanted a HOT new toy RAINBOW LOOM  1 

Kimmel suit 16x9 608 Jimmy Kimmel Wears His Suit of the Loom and Its Mesmerizing


kids all over were making them on the beach sometimes you would even see kids selling them! Their are alot of stitches for example hexafish starburst and fishtail. every one was doing how to videos  you can buy at Rainbow Loom Kit – Rubber Band Bracelets and Rings | Michaels it won TOY OF THE YEAR 

this how to video stitch was the fish tail railroad created by JULIA CORSO but lately do see kids wearing them like they used to? My friend who lives in Florida says "they are really popular here everyone is wearing them'' . Are they popular in warm areas or just people in Florida are getting there news late . IMG_1161

The current craze for kids – Rainbow Loom bands and their usual knockoffs – has been alarming parents and child development experts since it broke out last summer and fall: In a business filled with crafts sold to girls, loom bands are the rare gender-neutral amusement that appeals to boys, too.

Why are they so popular?

“There’s a experience of accomplishment” that comes with finishing a bracelet, Tricia Ross says, and it’s enough to inspire her son to “sit there until it’s complete.” He’s begun taking orders for bracelets from his younger sister, cranking them out in the styles and color schemes she requests.


Loom bands are popular among children age 7 to 12, a key time for developing many of the skills that weaving crafts can teach.

“Right around age 7, you see fine motor skills taking off,” says Cynthia Edwards, expert of psychology at Meredith College in Raleigh, N.C. “Anything that helps them to use those hands together, left and right, helps to develop those areas of the brain and the muscles themselves. ”

Kids in this age group are also developing “executive function,” the ability to plan and execute tasks, Edwards says. With loom band weaving, kids must choose what to create, pick a color scheme and style of weaving, gather the materials and then do the necessary weaving steps in the right order.

Loom bands also seem to fit kids’ mobile lives: “They’re portable and wearable,” Edwards says, so younger kids can make them “in the backseat of a car waiting for one of their siblings to get out of ball practice.”

And they don’t involve a screen.

So, yes, it’s a fad. And yes, parents all over the country are getting tired of finding tiny rubber bands on their floors and in their washing machines.

But few are really complaining. 


Rainbow loom is very good for the brain and and it keeps kids busy I love it

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Review Republic of Pigtails bows! Perfect for all the Girls!

 I have always loved hair accessories since I've been a little girl, I always remember feeling special with the bows in my hair. Republic of Pigtails is a chic collection of handmade hair accessories for women, teens, and children. The collection is designed by Rika Gunawan, a former interior designer from Indonesia. The quality and craftsmanship used in the bows is good.  I just love ponytails, braids and bows.

My daughter and I even  wrote a book called Crazy Ponytails: Mrs. Cherie Corso, Ms. Julia Marie Corso: 9781453706602: Amazon.com: Books about hair  that comes alive and has its own personality,which everybody appreciates and then celebrates everyone individuality. What I love about Republic of Pigtails,  is that all their accessories  including the red bow  can be worn in  many different ways to create your own look.The following links Welcome to Republic of Pigtails – Designer Accessories for Women and Children $16.00 for this bow.

I always support entrepreneurs we will or all have been one one time in our life!! 


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Every Mom has a style! Westchester Mom meets Elizabeth St




  • Cherie Corso



    Cherie Corso is a blogger and mom of 10-year-old Julia. She is also a Reiki master and wears clothes according to her mood. “As a Reiki master and energy reader, I dress how I feel that day. If I want more attention, I wear certain colors,” she tells us. 

    Elizabeth Street: How has being a mom changed your style?
    Cherie Corso: Being a mom, I dress more comfortably. I also like to coordinate with my daughter—we love it and have a lot of fun with it.

    ES: If you could have one designer dress you for the rest of your life, who would it be?
    CC: Ralph Lauren or Karl Lagerfeld

    ES: Are there any moms whose style you really admire?
    CC: Elle Macpherson. I love her edgy classic style. We are the same height, so I get ideas.

    ES: What is your most treasured accessory or article of clothing?
    CC: Stuart Weitzman’s over-the-knee bootsblack stretchy pants, and a black turtleneck

    ES: Who are your favorite new designers?
    CC: Victoria Beckham.

    ES: Items currently on your wardrobe wish list:
    CC: A Valentino coat. Any will do!










Cherie Corso

Look as chic as Cherie Corso with this selection.





– See more at: http://www.elizabethstreet.com/streetstyleview/7876?section=home#sthash.qs7zllqb.dpuf

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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week NYC Spring 2014 Runway to My World, I love PANTS!!!!

   I love MBFW, I love the kaleidoscope of colors and individual style. I get inspired and appreciate, so lets all keep creating!                             






 Week Day 1: It’s all about the pants 

BCBG Max Azria, Nicholas K, Desigual, Tadashi Shoji and Richard Chai LOVE kicked off Day 1 of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, Pants, Slacks Trousers..clam diggers, peddle pushers

whatever you want to  call them its all over the runway!  I have always loved crazy pants, yes deep down still a Prep from the 80's I certainly wore my share of maddress, whale, wide whale and Lilly. So IM loving this.

The pants all look very comfortable to wear. In my world up 10 or down LBS, I can still wear some of these styles, so all good. When I watch the beautiful tweezered legged models glide down the runway and all look fab. I

 always say if they don't look good on them NONE of us have a chance in hell to wear them. So I have to say  all the pants were a hit in my mind. Tall or petite you will be able to find a pair of fun stylish pants.

Its a must to the spring, resort shopping.








From left to right: Nicholas K; Marissa Webb; Richard Chai; Richard Chai.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week kicked off at Lincoln Center Thursday with spring/summer 2014 collections from big names BCBG Max Azria, Nicholas K, Desigual, Tadashi Shoji and Richard Chai LOVE.

Spring I know I will be still wearing "loud" pants but we will be seeing it all over. From printed palazzo pairs to silk trousers and high-waisted chambray options, both loose and leggy and fitted tailored styles will be on the racks. The low waited, thong underwear showing is so OVER. I just had to add that when talking about pants.

From left to right: Nicholas K; Desigual; fringe skirt at Tadashi Shoji; clutch at Creatures of the Wind; Tadashi Shoji.





From left to right: Nicholas K; Desigual; fringe skirt at Tadashi Shoji; clutch at Creatures of the Wind; Tadashi Shoji.





From left to right: Tadashi Shoji; Desigual; Nicholas K; BCBG Max Azria.





From left to right: Tadashi Shoji; Design; Nicholas K; BCBG Max Azria.




Other BCBG highlights included a super soft tunic dress, in a soft  a khaki sleeveless trench dress and sheer peek-a-boo panels on dresses and jackets.I can certainly see this on a lot of women all shapes and sizes. Cropped tops for the younger girls are still being shown, if I could I would but I will leave that up to the under 25 ladies, oh oh  this time in a tuxedo-type top styled with breezy oversized trousers

From left to right: Costello Tagliapietra; Desigual; Costello Tagliapietra; BCBG Max Azria.





From left to right: Costello Tagliapietra; Design; Costello Tagliapietra; BCBG Max Azria.




Richard Chai  layering lean pants with shirt dresses and jackets, but one look a model  did let all the fabric get the best of her, stumbling on wide leg pants.HEY lets give the model a break, its not easy and sometimes the floor or shoes are slippery, yes its happened to me when modeling, not fun and very embarrassing. Adds drama to the collection, "don't worry honey"!!! One must also remember that the concept is inspiration and will be scaled down. Runway is theater! THEATER, and Madison Ave is your runway or maybe its just your driveway, but when you feel good you look good.

The designer is making it all work without making the model look like a sack of potatoes . And he did it by mixing it up with brilliant, green and some really lovely blues. And his navy matte sequin combo made glimmer seem modern. Leather lovers will have trouble resisting the sumptuous white quilted Andrew Marc x Richard Chai moto jackets. I love leather jackets, for style purpose u can even go pleather 1/4 of the cost.

It was a mixed bag at Tadashi Shoji, where ultra feminine lattice, lace and floral embroidery collided with feathers, sequin fringe and embroidered tulle. While the girly gowns could earn a spot or two on the red carpet during awards season, the feathers  looked like a arts and craft project  from Micheal's  Craft Store. BEST been best left on the birds they came from or in the craft box. 


Barcelona-based Desigual injected some much-needed frothy fun with models skipping, shimmying and blowing kisses as they made it down the runway. The brand’s bold prints, as happy and bright as the models, embodied the company’s “La Vida es Chula” – or “Life is Cool” – philosophy. Even the most serious fashion faces couldn’t feel the happiness of the clothes, including the kooky Barcelona-city printed dress and raincoat,  floral bomber jacket with harem trousers and black and white geometric prints, proving you’re never fully dressed without a smile. I also feel the clothes can set the mood and the energy for the day. So even if your feelin "blah" these clothes will make you smile! If they made me smile watching the show they will make you smile wearing them.





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Nolcha Fashion Week , soon MBFW Again!!

Nolcha Fashion Week         
         G2 Organics  had the pleasure of attending Nolcha Fashion week. This event is dedicated to independent fashion designers and allows them to showcase their collections to an audience of press, retailers, stylists and industry influencers.



            One of their popular events, the Fashion Brunch hosted by RUSK, took place at Yotel on the Upper West side of Manhattan. Simply walking up to the hotel was an experience on its own. The exterior design features a modern honey-combed pattern appearance, and is illuminated by a purple glow.



            The event featured over fifteen different retailers, but it felt very intimate being that each vendor had their own room designated as their space. In the center of the venue, hair stylists were offering free blow-outs, styling and even make-up application. After some pampering, one can take a walk over to theHydration by Nature vendor which features all natural, no sugar added, no preservatives coconut water. Out of their six featured flavors G2 Organics had our hearts set on the Pineapple and Mango Coconut Water.






            Other retailers who attended the event included Lilly Lorraine Inc., Restore NYC, Manufacture NY, Michelle Pajak-Reynolds and CAT Footwear.



            Lilly Lorraine Inc., based out of Austin, Texas, was started by Christi du Mesnil Craven who’s main philosophy for the brand is to give women a full-wardrobe that offers a collective versatility to a women's lifestyle. Our goal is to engage in the woman's emotion, femininity and confidence. Christi does just that by featuring exclusively designed textiles such as an exclusive bamboo textile, which is currently patent pending.



Lilly Lorraine Inc. bamboo textile dresses from her Fall 2013 collection, featured at Nolcha Fashion Week 2013.




            G2 Organics had the pleasure of talking with Amy Delson, owner and designer of Amy Delson Jewelry. We learned how she came about starting her jewelry line and her true inspirations. Amy Delson would come about unique pieces of jewelry in different antique shops and would create her own pieces. She recalls getting stopped in public many times by people asking about her jewelry and where they could buy it. After all the positive feedback from the public, Amy decided to pursue her own business. Amy mentioned the energy and inspiration that she gathers through nature, and shared with us that often times she will sit in Central Park and gather new ideas for her pieces by observing the surrounding nature. Amy also features custom design where one can bring in a meaningful piece of jewelry, such as an antique family ring, and Amy will create a modern piece from the antique piece. G2 Organics loved the detailing of the clasps on each of Amy’s pieces which are engraved with, “Made with Love in NYC.”





 Amy Delson, wearing one of her original designs featuring a vintage brooch on a modern-styled necklace.
Here are some more picture from the fabulous event!
Rosalie Cooper, owner and founder of Esarsi shoes, along with her daughter Stacey Cooper were at the event with their unique designs. 





A glimpse of Amy Delson's jewelry table.


Michelle Pajak-Reynolds' elaborate jewelry designs were also present at the event. They are truly works of art.



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